Shani Shanti Pack/Shani Graha Puja item


INR 451

INR 451


For the propitiation of Shani/Saturn.

ITEMS: Black cloth, Shani yantra on bhojpatra, Coin, Black til, Black grams, Black Agate, Black horse shoe ring, Indian Rupees 51.

MANTRA: Om pram prim praum sah shanaisharaya namah.
To be chanted on Saturday, two hours and forty minutes before sunrise, especially during major or minor Saturn periods.

DAY: Saturday, 06 to 07.30 pm or 09 to 11.30 pm
On the designated day and time , chanting mantra 27 times and donate Shani shanti pack to Shani/Hanuman temple. Also donate some Fried/oily food products to beggars thereafter.

FASTING: On Saturday during Saturn transits, and especially major or minor Saturn periods.

RESULT: The planetary deity Shani is pleased insuring victory in quarrels, over coming chronic pain, and bringing success to those engaged in the iron or steel trade.