Shivling in Brass - I


INR 5,725


This Shilving along with a serpent coiling and forming a canopy above Lingam is made in shining brass. The carving of Om at base of Yoni and the Bel Patra and Third Eye carving on Lingam makes Lingam even more auspicious. Shivaling from time immemorial have been worshipped as a form of Lord Shiva. Installing and worshipping Shivlingam in puja altar of home or office promotes energies of unity, harmony, bliss, peace and spiritual elevation. The Shivling is to placed such that the Yoni base faces north direction and west face of Lingam is worshipped.

Shiva in form of Lingam and Shakti in form of Yoni base together represents two-in-oneness energy of the passive space and active time from which all living being originate. Shivling worship includes the Abhishek ritual done usually with water, milk and bel leaves and commonly with Panchamrit which is combination of honey, sugar, ghee, curd and cow milk.

Height: 6 inches
Base Dimension: 5.5 (L) x 3.5 (W) inches
Weight: 2070 gms