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Shubh Labh Sticker - Set of 3


INR 90.00


This Shubh-Labh sticker is in a set of 3 (three) attractive pieces. They are shaped like flowers with Red being the primary colour and the petals have Golden decorative pieces set on the Red petals. The word Shubh (auspicious) is written on one and Labh (profit) written on the other with Golden colour. Surrounding the words is a circle of white studs. The third piece has a Golden Lord Ganesha's head on it, which makes this Subh-Labh set more auspicious. The benevolent Lord Ganesha is respected and worshipped by Hindus to help in removing obstacles and bring in the energies of abundance. These three piece set of

Shubh -Labh is perfect for using in festivals like Diwali or any other auspicious occasion like Girha- Pravesh (entering a new house) of a house /shop/office. This Shubh-Labh set is meant for sticking on walls, entrance doors of house, office, shops.

Weight of set: 43 gms


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