Siddh Mahalaxmi Kavach


INR 5,750

INR 6,625


The Siddh Maha Lakshmi Kavach is the most powerful prosperity Kavach which can be worn as a bracelet or amulet. Made in pure Silver, it encases 16 Yantras in a single Kavach, which are, Shree Yantra, Durga Yantra, Mahalaxmi Yantra, Kanakdhara Yantra, Indrakshi Yantra, Laxmi Beesa Yantra, Gayatri Yantra, Saraswati Yantra, Karyasiddhi Yantra, Manokamna Yantra, Vishnu Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Shani Yantra, Buddh Yantra, Venus Yantra and Rahu Yantra. They are made of Copper and are energised by Vedic rituals to provide optimum benefits. Maha Lakshmi image is embossed on top of the Kavach as the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, good fortune, luxuries, beauty, material fulfilment, success, name, fame and abundance.

The Siddh Maha Lakshmi Kavach invites new opportunities at all levels, turns around losses into financial gains and relieves the wearer from debt and miseries. The positive energies of the 16 Yantras, in the Kavach act magically along with the grace of Maha Lakshmi and help the wearer to enhance his self worth and creativity to manifest wealth and abundance. It is a popular kavach and has various testimonies of people.

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