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Sphatik and Rudraksha Mala in silver wire - 54 Beads - 8mm


INR 1,650


A beautiful Mala strung with smooth round beads of Sphatik(Crystal Quartz) and 9 Mukhi Rudraksha from Java in sturdy Silver wire, is excellent in balancing the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, which is the centre for connecting to the Supreme Divine, the seat of consciousness. The 9 Mukhi and Sphatik gemstone are associated to the Crown Chakra, act on it to cleanse and balance it. A balanced Sahasrara Chakra aids in spiritual advancement, expansion of awareness and consciousness, enhances focus, gives clarity and bestows the intellect to attain complete understanding of self.

Therapeutically, balanced Crown Chakra aids in healing Migraine, depression, skin problems, Alzheimer's disease and other ailments and diseases connected to this Chakra.

The popular Sphatik(Crystal) gemstone is endowed with many healing properties, clears negative energies from the aura of the wearer and amplifies the positive vibration, gives clarity of mind, , calms and soothes the nerves, heals several physical ailments and 9 mukhi Rudraksha brings blessings of power, dynamism, courage, fearlessness, bravery, victory, knowledge, prosperity, invincible protection, abundance, which are additional benefits derived from wearing this Mala.

No of beads: 54
Length: approx. 28 inches
Silver Used: 8 gms