Swetark Ganesha kit


INR 2,200


Swetarka Ganesha is a pure and rare sacred item. Svetarka Ganapati is made from the root and bark of a shrub called white Aankada (Ark) in sanskrit. Flowers of Aankada are favourite of Lord Shiva. Those who keep this idol of Ganesh in their homes, enjoy the presence of Devi Laxmi and Lord Shiva. As per ancient texts, Jaap of Moolamantra of Lord Ganesh before this idol ensures His darshan.
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Mantra: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Benefits of keeping Shwetark Ganesha:
  • Blessings of Shiva and Ganesha
  • Gives knowledge and concentration power
  • Promotion in job and increase in business
  • Maintains harmony in married life
  • Eliminates illness and diseases
  • For Prosperity and growth
  • Get rid of hardship or insufficiency
  • Activates positive energies in the house
  • Protection against enemies
Kit contents: Swetark Ganesh idol, Ganesh - The Essential Prayers CD, Ganesh Stotrani book and Altar cloth.
Height of idol: 2.75 inches
Base dimension of idol: 1.75 (L) x 1 (W)