Tiger Cowry Shell Mala


INR 1,400


Cowry Shells are originally found in the islands of the Indian Ocean and are considered to be very auspicious. Historically, the cowry shell has been a symbol of wealth and religious accessories.

These cowry shell are in the shape of tiger eye with tiger prints on the top and are ruled by Goddess Kali.

Purpose of this mala:

  • It attracts abundance and prosperity
  • May be worn during meditation time or offered to Durga Idol
  • It wards off evil and black magic and protects the wearer from physical harm.
  • It provides strength and courage to the wearer.
  • In the realm of sympathetic magic and sorcery, the cowry shell is powerful force.
  • It is highly recommended to be kept in Puja altar, lockers, money safe or cash box.

    Design: Made in black thread with knots between the shells.
    No. of beads: 36
    Average Size of Cowry: Approximately 30 to 36 mm
    Length: 40 inches