Tirupati Balaji in Lemon Topaz - 291.55 Carats


INR 30,615.00


Lord Venkateshwara Idol carved as same as in Tirumalai Tirupati Balaji Temple in natural Lemon Topaz gemstone is a blissful sight to behold. Its blissful clear radiance resembles the radiance of the sun and the magnificent detailed carving beautifully depicts the extravagant clothing and ornaments. Lord Venkateshwara is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu. By the divine grace of Lord Balaji, desires get fulfilled and one is relieved of miseries and sufferings. Lord Venkatesh in lemon Topaz brings strength, fortune and growth. Meditating upon the Idol will enhance focus, intellect and affection and give you a bright outlook towards life. Place the Idol in your Puja altar or on work desk for divine blessings and auspiciousness.

Height - 2.6 inches.
Base Dimension - 1.9 (L) x 1.8 (W) Inches
Weight - 291.55 carats 


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