Tulsi Garland


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Fresh green garland of auspicious Tulsi leaves are supplied at your doorstep. A magnificent traditional Tulsi leaves mala made of handpicked fresh Tulsi leaves is best offered to Deity during Prayer Ceremony. It will fill up your altar with divine and serene vibrations. Tulsi garland is also used in Kerala wedding ceremony.

Tulsi is beloved of Lord Vishnu and Lord is adorned with garland made of Tulsi leaves. Tulsi leaves are compulsorily offered to Lord Vishnu, Krishna and Vithala with Prasad (blessed food offering) or water. Offering Tulsi leaves in worship invokes blessing of various deities and brings prosperity, optimism, bliss and spiritual progress.

Length: Approx. 33 inches

Dimension of plants, leaves and flowers may vary as per availability.

Fresh items are dispatched on Monday/ Tuesday to reach you by Wednesday/ Thursday.

Delivered in 2-3 days in any part of the world. Please inform the date of delivery on checkout, so that we could dispatch it accordingly.

Refund policy for fresh items: If order is delayed in customs and the fresh items get stale/spoilt, we will give you refund of the product value and not of the courier charges.