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About Cats Eye India Stone

The Cats Eye stone also is known as Lehsunia, is a semi-precious gemstone which has profound Astrological benefits in India. It got its name because of its striking resemblance to that of the eye of a Cat, caused by the single slender band of light known as Chatoyance effect, due to the inclusions in the stone, that runs in on the surface of the stone. This band of light keeps shifting if the gemstone is turned in a different direction. This stone is composed of Aluminate of Beryllium and it is also known as Chrysoberyl, Cymophane, Vaiduryam (Vaidooryam) in the gemstone world. It is commonly available in colours like Green, Honey, Gray, Brown, Yellowish Green and Black, and so on.

This gemstone is found in countries like India, Brazil, Ceylon (Srilanka), China, Zimbabwe being major producers. Its benefits possess the attributes of protection from the evil eye, brings the luck of instant monetary gains, physically may help to heal disease connected to the stomach, heart, brain and is considered effective in healing fatal diseases like Cancer. It also supports progress in the spiritual path and is said to aid in attaining Moksha.

Price of Cats Eye Stone

The intensity and clarity of the band of light, Chatoyance, that is seen in the gemstone is the most significant factor in deciding the original stone beside the weight, colour, cut, clarity and other factors of the gemstone. If the band is strong and straight, the price increases automatically. It can be said that there are fine quality Cats Eye gemstone and standard quality stone available. Cats Eye stone cost in India is lesser in India, compared to the Siloni Cats Eye stone price, as the finest quality is said to come from Srilanka.

Astrological Benefits of Cat's EyeStone

In Vedic Astrology, the Cats Eye(Lehsunia) stone is ruled by the planet Ketu, a shadow planet, which is the South Node, the tail of the Snake, the head being the Planet Rahu. This gemstone is valued in the world of Vedic Astrology and is worn as a Ring or Bracelet for maximum effect. If the native’s Birth Chart has a weak placement of the planet Ketu, Astrologers generally advice to wear the stone to protect the native from the malefic effects of Ketu. It may be worn by those who have Ketu malefic in their chart. It is primarily to nullify all the ill-effects caused by weak Ketu and also is advised by Astrologers. It works on the Muladhara (Root) Chakra.

The market has varying original stone price, depending upon the quality of the gemstone. Dull colour, cracked or with web formation inside it and other faults in the stone are not suitable to be worn as they fail to give benefits and may cause negative effects. Wearing the best quality is advised. It is of utmost importance to buy this stone from a trusted, genuine gemstone dealer or shop.

Rudra Centre has an array of superior quality natural Cats Eye collection of different weights and colours. Our stones are flawless, Vedic Astrology approved, certified and have proved to give optimum positive results when worn. You may browse our site to see the display of Cats eye stone along with cost, to find your requirement and choice. When you buy from us, is the best in the gemstone market price.

Our in house jewellers can make its Ring or Bracelet, with your choice of design. We recommend not to wear the stone as a Pendant as it does not give desired benefits for Astrological reasons. When you get it made from us will include the cost of Gold/Silver, with adjustable size. We sell energized gemstones which makes it ready for you to wear when it reaches you. Buying this stone from us online from us is a convenient way which you may choose. Our efficient services are appreciated by customers who have taken this service, which includes safe and timely delivery of the product.

Lehsunia stone for which Rashi (Zodiac)?

The Lehsunia is a suitable gemstone for individuals of Vrishchik or Scorpio Rashi. Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces and Leo ascendants. However, it is better for these Rashi individuals to first consult an Astrologer before buying.

Benefits of Cats Eye or Lehsunia stone

The intriguing Cats Eye gemstone is a powerful Astrological gemstone and acts positively in favour of natives who want to be protected from malefic Ketu effects. Along with this, the gemstone has many other attributes of wearing Cats Eye gemstone Rings or Bracelets. With money struggles, sudden unlucky incidences, the courage and confidence of the native takes a beating when Ketu is weak in Horoscope.

  • It brings stability, will power and confidence.
  • It brings sudden flow or gain of money.
  • It benefits by healing physical ailments related to the nervous system, aches and pains in knees or bones.
  • It is effective in healing night vision and other eye issues, skin diseases, asthma, paralysis and also some cancers like mouth cancer etc.
  • Spiritually it is a stone who brings awareness, and aids in spiritual growth.
  • It is favourable for those in the speculation profession, like stockbrokers, businessmen, medical field, writers, actors etc.

Why Buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantras and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience. When you buy the Cat's Eye from us, you get astrological approved, flawless gemstones with a certificate. The stone you buy is energized by following all Vedic rituals and is ready to use.