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Coral Bracelets

Coral bracelets meaning bracelets made of Red Coral gemstone beads are worn to imbibe valor and self-confidence. We have a wide range of natural Coral Bracelets of high quality. This gemstone is widely found in the reefs in Italy, China, and Japan. It is beautiful, comes in a vivacious red color, and looks very stunning. Our bracelet collection has a combination of Coral and Rudraksha as well as Coral and Pearl. These gorgeous bracelets look great and are appropriate for daily wear.

Astrological Importance

Coral is worn to pacify the negative effects of Mars as it instills confidence and courage in the wearer. If Mars is ill-positioned on the birth chart or Kundali, Coral is said to be effective in negating its malefic. Planet Mars rules Coral gemstone and has intensely strong power as it is the God of warfare. The Coral bead bracelets give energy and help in getting out of laziness. Also, it helps in being victorious over others by giving the zeal and motivation required. It is suggested to consult an astrologer before wearing Red Coral if the planets are not in a proper position on your Kundali.

Coral Bracelet Benefits

Among so many benefits of wearing a Coral bracelet, here are some of the best ones listed below:

  • It bestows the qualities of determination and grit along with the courage to solve problems.
  • It helps in removing the hindrances and gives strength to the wearer in tough times.
  • Wearing a Coral bracelet makes sure that you get victory over the enemies.
  • It takes away lethargy and the habit of procrastination.
  • Marital conflicts or issues are resolved by wearing the Coral bracelet.
  • Also, it helps in building a harmonious marital relationship.

Health Benefits:

  • Red Coral is said to aid problems related to blood and bones.
  • A coral bracelet for babies is beneficial if they are suffering from rickets or stomach ache, etc.
  • Problems like fever and piles are believed to be treated by wearing a Red Coral stone bracelet.
  • It might also heal ailments like arthritis, rheumatism, and knee problems.
  • Issues like impotency, smallpox, typhus, etc. are also believed to be cured.
  • Treating pregnancy-related problems and prevention of abortion are also said to be some of the major health benefits of Red Coral.

Chakra Benefits:

Red Coral helps in balancing the Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra which is located at the base of the spinal column. It is responsible for the functioning of our skeletal system, excretory system, hips, pelvis, and legs. If this Chakra is imbalanced, it leads to varicose veins, prostate problems, arthritis, and obesity as well. Red Coral bracelets can help energize the Muladhara Chakra since its gives a good sense of security and fit body if it’s balanced

Where to buy Coral Bracelet?

Always buy gemstones from a trusted seller to be sure of their originality. You can ask for a certificate of authenticity to make sure that the gemstone is real. Do not buy treated or heated gemstones as treating them reduces their effectiveness and the quality also degrades. To get the best results, you should buy natural gemstones since they have original properties.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Being a world-renowned brand of gemstones and spiritual items, Rudra Centre has over 22,000+ positive testimonials from satisfied clients. We only have the original and non-treated, non-heated gemstones and their accessories to provide you all the good benefits. We source gemstones from authentic suppliers and our artisans skillfully make such lovely Red Coral bracelets. Also, we customize the gemstone accessories and you can get in touch with us for the same. We can even personalize a Gold Coral bracelet at your request. You can always seek advice from our experts in case you have any doubts while buying the bracelet.

Original Coral Bracelet Price

The Red Coral bracelet prices vary depending on the design, no. of beads used, and the shape of the beads. Every bracelet is unique and there are so many different Red Coral bracelet designs made perfectly by using the natural Coral beads so the cost varies accordingly. You can buy the Coral bracelet online of your choice from Rudra Centre today. Get the best men’s coral bracelet and red coral bracelet for ladies from our collection.