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About Cowry Shell Mala

About Cawry Shell Mala

The Cawrie (Cawry) Shell Mala is a necklace strung with Cawrie Shells of different colours and types. The Cawrie Shell is a Snail, found in the Sea. The top Shell of the Snail serves as the Cawry. They mostly get washed on to the seashores. However, the Cawry Shells are not found easily. Down the ages, Cawrie Shell necklaces have been worn as jewellery, as they look beautiful and also as it is known to usher good luck, fertility, protection etc.

For the Hindus, Cawrie Shell Mala is worn, used to chant Mantras of Goddess Mahalaxmi and offered to the Goddess to wear. The Cawry Shell is said to represent Goddess Lakshmi/Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, good fortune, fertility, beauty and abundance. The Cawrie Necklace is a harbinger of all the qualities of the Goddess, it is considered very auspicious. The Cawrie Shell Mala is often kept in the Puja Altar with the Deities during Diwali Lakshmi Puja, Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya Puja

The Cawrie Shell has a smooth convex top with a mouth in the bottom, which is a slit. They are available in different colours like, White, Yellow, Tiger Cawrie Shell Malas. Cawry Shell are available naturally in various sizes, from tiny ones to big sizes. They are widely found in the Indian Ocean. South Asia, Sri Lanka, African coasts, India are some of the countries where it is produced.

History of Cawrie Shell Mala

As per Mythology, the Cawry Shell was one of the items which was churned out of the Samudra Manthan, the celestial churning of the Comic Ocean for Amrit. The Cawrie Shells is believed to have come out along with Goddess Laxmi or Lakshmi, who also emerged from the Cosmic Ocean.

The Cawrie Shells were also used as currency in many countries including India. The Africans used it widely, in ancient times, for protection and fertility.

How are Cawry Shell Malas Made

The real Cawrie Shell Necklace or Mala is strung on string. Each Mala has Cawrie Shells of the same colour and Shells of uniform size. The string is passed through the mouth of the Shells, in a line. Every Shell is individually wrapped with the string and knotted on both sides of the Shell, to securely keep it in place. As the Kauri Shell Necklace or Mala is used as Japamala (rosary), offered as adornment to Goddess Lakshmi or worn by devotee for its spiritual qualities, the Cawrie Shells need to be whole. The Shells should not be cracked or should not be tampered with while stringing. They can be easily strung by the devotee at home with loose Cawrie Shells.

For the purpose of costume Jewellery, the Kauri Necklace has different methods of stringing. The men’s Cawrie Shell necklace and woman's Cawrie Shell Necklace are strung in different styles. The Shells are sometime painted with different colours and look trendy.

Benefits of Cawry Shell Mala

The Cawrie Shells are used for different purposes across the globe. However, the common factor for which the Cawrie Necklaces are worn is because it is a harbinger of good luck, fertility and prosperity. As per the Ancient Hindu texts Cawrie Shells are endowed with Goddess Lakshmi's energies and it is said that She loves to be offered Cawrie Shell Mala. Some prominent benefits of Cawry Shell Mala are:

  • The presence of Cawrie Shell Mala at home brings auspicious energies.
  • It brings good luck and fortune.
  • The Cawrie Shell Necklace Mala denotes feminine energy and bestows fertility, it helps in child birth. It is about menstruation, sexuality and the female reproductive system. The healing power of the Mala brings positive energies to these aspects. It also brings fertile ideas.
  • Cawrie Shell Mala usher money, prosperity, wealth, luxuries, name, fame, success in ventures and abundance, by the grace of Maa Lakshmi.
  • The Kauri Necklace when worn shields from harm, danger, Black Magic, Evil Eye and other lower energies. This quality has also added to the popularity of Cawrie Necklaces in many other countries, since centuries.
  • The Malas bring new profitable opportunities and take care of unnecessary expenditure.
  • Kauri Shell Necklace or Mala pleases Goddess Lakshmi when offered to Her. The benevolent blessings of Maa Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu (consort of Lakshmi) are received by the devotee.
  • Chanting Goddess Laxmi Mantras on the Cawrie Shell Mala helps to imbibe the positive energies of the Goddess and fulfil the desires of the worshipper.

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Rudra Centre has a collection of original, natural Cawrie Malas of different colours, strung securely in thread with a Sumeru Bead of Cawrie Shell and a Tassel in the middle. The Cawry Shells used in the Malas are handpicked and strung by our in-house artisans perfectly.

The Kauri Shell Necklace or Mala have 36+1 beads as they are ideal for chanting Goddess Lakshmi Mantras, worn or offered to the Goddess. We offer the powerful Tiger Cawry Shell Malas and Yellow/White Cawry Shell Malas for you to choose from.

Our clients across the world swear for the benevolent results of the real Cawrie Shell Necklaces which they purchased from us. Select your choice and book your Cawrie Shell Mala online with us. We offer the best quality Cawry Shell Mala at the best price in the market. When you book online with us, our efficient team ensures you receive your Cawrie Shell Necklace in a few days, safely packed.

Type of Cawry Shell Malas in Our Collection

  • White Cawrie Shell Mala - Strung with 36+1 Cawry Shells and a lovely Tassel in the middle, this Mala. These Mala can be offered to appease Goddess Laxmi, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Baglamukhi (one of the Mahavidya Devis). The Mala is excellent for Japa of Maa Mahalaxmi. It attracts the qualities of Goddess Lakshmi and blessing of Lord Vishnu. It brings good luck, auspiciousness.
  • Yellow Cawrie Shell Mala - The Mala protects from financial losses and brings prosperity, wealth, fertility and abundance.
  • Tiger Cawrie Shell Necklace - The Tiger Eye Cawrie Shells has marks like the Tiger skin on it and looks mesmerising. The Tiger Cawry Shells possess the energies of Goddess Kali. It is highly protective and protects from all lower energies, harm including Black Magic, Evil Eye, Evil Spirits etc. Provides strength, courage and removes fear. It is recommended to be kept in cash box, Puja Alter, Lockers and Safes. It is also used as Rosary to chant Maa Kali Mantras.