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Since ancient times Gunja beads, cowrie shells, Gomati Chakra and other seashell products have been believed to be harbinger of luck, prosperity and wealth. They were used to prepare jewels, artefacts and used as charms. Being beautiful in their appearance, they add beauty to the décor while enhancing positive energies of the surrounding place. Placing them in cash box, purse or wallets or locker or altar is believed to bring luck in finance. Carrying these fortune bestowing charms along with you especially while travelling helpsprotect from negativity like stress and worry and creates a protective shield against evil eye, spells and negative influences.

Significance of Sea Shells and Fortune Items

Seashellsare associated with the sea, the place from where Goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune, Maa Laxmi had emerged during the event of Samudra manthan (churning of ocean).Thus seashells are believed to carry the divine blessings of Maa Laxmi. Cowrie shells are seashells with smooth shiny top and slit bottom which is representational of feminine energies which associates with birth, sexuality, birth. They are three types, yellow, white and Tiger cowrie. In Tantric rituals, Cowrie is used during worship for Dus-Mahavidya, ten wisdom Goddesses. They are believed to bring wealth, fame, power of destiny and all-round prosperity. Gomati Chakra are shells with spiral appearance which resembles Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu. It is obtained from Gomati river in Dwarka, it carries blessings of Lord Vishnu and His consort Goddess Laxmi. Chirmi also known as Gunja are natural beads obtained from the forest of Aravali mountains. The beads carry mystical properties andare believed to choose its possessor and would not be with a person who is unlucky thus possessing them are omen of luck. The white Chirmi beads are associated with Goddess Saraswati, while red beads are associated with Goddess Laxmi and black with Goddess Kali.

Benefits and Uses of Fortune Items

Gomati Chakra shells: These shells are generally used in the numbers of 11 which is associated with 11 Rudras. It is placed in cash box for financial stability. It can be worshipped on the evening of Laxmi Pujan festival for blessings of the Goddess Laxmi throughout the year. It can be worn as jewel or carried along for relief from NaagDosha or Kaal SarpaDosha. Placing it near the entrance of house, place of business or building gives financial support. It can be placed in foundation of building/house/shop for enhancing Vastu and attracting prosperity. Wrapping 11 Gomati shells in red cloth and keeping in rice/wheat container brings prosperity and prevents wastage and excessive expenses. To recover money from a debtor or fulfil any wish, you can place 11 Gomati Chakras wrapped in yellow cloth in South-west corner while repeating your wish with each Gomati Chakra.

Chirmi Beads: The beads can be carried along in purse or kept in lockers or cash box as good luck charm. The beads are believed to take physical harm or mishap of the possessor upon themselves thus provide protection especially during travel. They can also be worn on the body held in silver locket as protection talisman to ward off negativity, evil or effects of black magic. They bring good health and attract fortune, wealth and prosperity.

Yellow Cowrie:It bestows wealth, prosperity and attracts new sources of income and helps attract blessings of Jupiter. It is best wrapped in yellow cloth. Keeping 11 yellow cowrie shells in cash box gives protection from financial debacle and attracts luck and wealth. Placing 21 pieces of Cowrie in North-west helps increase savings.

White Cowrie: The white Cowrie can be wrapped in white cloth to derive maximum benefits. It can be kept in puja altar on Akshaya Treetiya for blessings of wealth, money and good health. A mala made of 36+1 Cowrie shells can be used for attracting blessings of Maa Laxmi.

Tiger Cowrie:These shells are used in astrology for balancing effects of planet Saturn, Ketu and Rahu. Placing 11 Cowries in altar attracts blessings of Maa Kali. When wrapped in black cloth and kept in puja altar on the night of Amavasya including Laxmi pujan, it helps provide protection from black magic, evil eye and spirits. Placing the shells in South-west corner of room of a person suffering from mental illness, depression or chronic disease is helpful in providing relief.

Buy fortune items and Sea shells Online at Best Prices

You may find seashells for sale which are not natural and made using plastic or combination of calcite crystals with polystyrene particles. These artificial and cheap seashells are majorly created for decorative and jewel making purpose. Though they have ductility to mould into any shape and durability in comparison to brittlereal seashells, they do not carry any spiritual or healing benefits like the natural and original seashells. People not knowing the mystical benefits of such shells or fortune beads usually end up buying artificial shell items only for their beautiful appearance. Opting for decorative shell items made of real shells serves as beautiful décor item and fortune charm for your home. The artificial seashells price is lower than that of real seashells most of the times due to the rarity of natural shells. So,some sellers might provide fake and cheap seashells for sale out of greed. It is best to buy such natural items from certified sellers in stores or online, who have been in this business from a long time.

Why Rudra Centre is the best place to buy seashells online

Rudra Centre has assorted range of original and natural fortune items containing Chirmi and seashells for sale. Our assorted range of fortune items include yellow/white/tiger shells on silver coated natural oyster shell plate. Red/white/black Chirmi beads in beautiful container, Gomati Chakra hanging, decorative seashell bowl holding shells/Chirmi beads and decorative tree containing original shells. Having established since the year 1997 and being an accredited organisation dealing in finest quality and authentic spiritual and healing products, we are one of the best places to buy sea shells online. Right from placing order to product being delivered at your doorstep, we provide best service in the industry.