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Good Health Yantra

What is a Good Health Yantra?

Lord Dhanvantari (an avatar form of Lord Vishnu and God of Good Health) Yantra can be also referred to as Good Health Yantra because of its miraculous power to heal its sadhaks/worshippers. As the God of Health, Lord Dhanvantri is related to Ayurveda and has the nectar of immortality, His mystical diagram or the sacred geometry in the Yantra radiates positive energies that are capable of bringing healing to its sadhaks/worshippers.

We have a variety of options of the Dhanvantri Yantra in our diverse collection. One can find pocket-size Dhanvantari Yantras with gold and antique finish, big-size yantras in different types of finish, and more. The designs are simple and traditional with the yantra engraved on a high-quality copper sheet. Some of the variants of the yantra have the God-image besides the yantra diagram. They are available with various holding accessories such as wooden stands with elegant design, wooden frames, brass stands, etc. You can buy Dhanvantri Yantra online from Rudra Centre today and carry a healing and protective talisman with you.

Why buy Good Health Yantras?/ Dhanvantri Yantra Benefits

Health is an important aspect of human life and to stay safe from diseases and unknown unhealthy elements present in the atmosphere, it is essential to worship Health Yantras. The Health Yantra is ruled by Lord Dhanvantri who carries a pot of nectar of healing and immortality. The purpose of creating Dhanvantri Yantra is to build a healing and protective shield and safeguard yourself from any kind of unhealthy elements. It can also be called the Yantra for prosperity. It blesses the worshipper with not just good health, fitness, boosts immunity but also attracts meaningful opportunities to reach prosperity. The devotees are bestowed with a long and healthy life. It gives physical and mental strength as well as peace of mind. It avoids illnesses and helps healing and recovery from harmful diseases. Worshipping this Yantra ensures overall well-being and gives a sense of confidence. This Yantra is also apt for gifting to colleagues, dear ones or friends as a token of care. It will only give positive benefits if handled properly.

What material do we use for the Good Health Yantras?

The Yantras are made of pure copper and etched with perfection by the finest craftsmen in the field. There are variants of the Yantra which have an antique finish and gold plating as well. Their superfine embossing is long-lasting and very effective in the long run.

Why buy Energized Good Health Yantras?

Energized Yantras are beneficial and help in tapping the 100% potential of a Yantra. The worshipper can experience quick results within less time. Our Rudra Centre Karmkandi pundits energize the Yantra as per Vedic rituals to make them alive and more powerful. We have a great range of Good Health Yantras that are energized and blessed with the energies of the associated deity.

Placement day or Vidhi

Ideally, the Dhanvantri Yantra should be installed on Thursday for best effects. To begin with, purify yourself and the surroundings. Place the Yantra on the puja altar and offer fresh flowers to it. Burn incense sticks and pray to the Yantra by chanting the correct associated mantra. Praying to the Yantra on a regular basis energizes it and enhances its effectiveness. It can be placed on the puja altar, car dashboard, office desk, reception area or even hung on the wall or at the entrance. The pocket size version of the yantra is convenient for carrying in a purse/handbag/pocket or wallet.

Why buy Good Health Yantra from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre presents a wide range of Yantras of all Gods and Goddesses for bringing their divine grace and blessings. These Yantras are energized and available for selling only after a systematic quality check. Buying such energized Yantras is recommended because of the great results they show. We deliver around the world safely so one can order Good Health Yantra or Dhanvantri Yantra online from us from the comfort of their home. The Yantras benefit the sadhaks/worshippers tremendously due to the precise etching of Yantra diagrams that is done after proper research and our expertise in Vedic rituals and items. With 22,000+ positive testimonials from happy clients, we aim at providing more such authentic spiritual products. Get everything including items for puja, natural gemstones, copper bracelets, gemstone jewellery, meditation accessories, sacred Rudraksha beads, vedic gemstones, etc. Also, our experts are available on live chat and call if anyone needs assistance while buying the products.

Good Health Yantra Price

The price of Dhanvantri Yantra in our collection is variable depending on its size, design, finish and the additional accessories like wooden frame, stand, etc. All the Yantras are inscribed with precision and highly energized which makes them worth the price.

Mantra for Good Health Yantra

Dhanvantri Yantra Mantra- Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Dhanvataraye Amritha Kalasa Hasthaya Sarva Maya Vinasanaya Trilokya Nathaya Sri Maha Vishnave Namah