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Green Jade Stone

Green Jade gemstone is an intriguing stone with many mysteries and legends associated with it. The intense green color of the stone comes from the chromium salts contained in jadeite. The jade stone was a symbol of the Chinese imperial dynasties and was used in China even 5000 years ago.

Green Jade gemstone was considered a sacred stone, a stone for royalty. It symbolized absolute power. Jade refers to two minerals: jadeite and nephrite. They both belong to the family of silicates. Jadeite consists of sodium aluminum silicate, nephrite of calcium magnesium hydroxy silicate. With a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale, jadeite is harder than nephrite which is 6 on the Mohs scale. Their density is quite similar, ranging from 2.8 to 3.3. It is their color that differentiates them the most. Jadeite can be blue, red, purple, white, yellow and from pale green to intense green.

Green Jade is a symbol of serenity and holiness. It represents wisdom gathered in tranquility. It increases caring and affection. A protective gemstone, protects the wearer from harm and promotes peace. Green Jade draws in good fortune and friendship. It stabilizes the personality and encourages independence. It calms the mind, freeing it of negative thoughts. Stimulates thought. Green Jade, a "dream stone", induces insightful dreams. It aids in the release of emotions, particularly irritation and encourages you to be your true self.

To be good with others, you have to be good with yourself. The green Jade stone promotes harmonious relationships. It is a symbol of honesty, Jade leads to a healthier and more sincere emotional life. It is a stone that removes the feeling of guilt, and facilitates contentment. Green Jade also helps calm the nerves and helps one find inner peace and emotional stability.

It is said that when the heart is healed, all is healed. The Green Jade gemstone contributes to this aspect in a major way. When studded in gold or silver rings or as jewelry, and if kept in contact with the skin, is believed to unblock the Anahata (Heart) Chakra. This chakra is the zone of forgiveness, trust, compassion and love. When this Chakra is blocked, problems of grief, depression, loneliness and fear appear. A distressed person feels unhappy with the mundane life.

The green jade gemstones enhance the wearer's affection and sensitivity toward nature and the world. It alleviates heart and lung conditions and promotes happiness in life. Green jade aids the organs of filtration and elimination. Highly effective for treating kidney and adrenal problems. Green Jade eliminates toxins, re-establishes the connection between the skeletal and cellular systems, and heals wounds. It encourages fertility and pregnancy and restores fluid equilibrium.

Green Jade comes in Jadeite and Nephrite varieties, but Nephrite and Jadeite have distinct differences in their physical effects. Green Nephrite Jade is an effective heart physical healer. Additionally, it helps to strengthen and calm the nervous system. Green Jadeite assists with detoxification and tissue regeneration following trauma or surgery.

The most magnificent Green Jade stone is the Emerald Green Imperial Jade which is a rare semi transparent to translucent Jadeite, which is said to be the costliest among all Green gemstones. The Imperial Green Jade has traces of Chromium which lends it the colour and Emerald Green Imperial Jade originates from Burma.

An important Green Jade meaning comprises its natural healing properties for which it is appreciated and used to wear all over the world.

Other Names:Dream Stone
Green Jade Gemstone Planet:Budh
Vedic Rashi (Moon Sign):Aries
Lagna (Ascendants):Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Green Jade Zodiac Sun Sign:Leo
Green Jade gemstone Chakra:Anahata (Heart) Chakra
Birthstone of which Month:August


Although Green Jade gemstone can be worn by anyone for its healing, mystic and other benefits, it is highly recommended that an astro and chakra expert consultation is sought before wearing Iolite. In Chakra science, it helps open and balance the Heart Chakra. Thus, it is highly recommended for those looking for cordial and harmonious relationships.

One may also consult a Chakra analyst or a Vedic astrologer to check the compatibility of the stone. This gemstone blesses user with understanding, contentment and unconditional love. You can take advantage of our expert advice on the suitability and compatibility of wearing this stone.

Green jade heals broken hearts thus it is recommended to be worn by those who have experienced a breakup or divorce in order to restore their emotions, as well as by anyone who desires happier relationships.

Important Details: 

Note that one should only wear natural, unheated, untreated Green Jade gemstones so they can experience healing and empowerment. Rudra Centre only deals in 100% natural, unheated, untreated Green Jade gemstones.

How many carats?5-10 Carats
Which metal for the ring?Silver & Gold
Color of Blue Jade:Green
Which finger to wear in:Consult Our Experts to know the correct finger.
When to wear (Day and Time):Wednesday morning
Mantra For Blue Jade Stone:Om Bum Budhaya Namah (108 Times)

Green Jade Buying Guide

Check its Origin:

The main deposits of Jade are in China, Russia, Canada and New Zealand. Recently deposits of jadeite have been discovered in Italy too. The Green Jade Nephrite variety is chiefly found in China, Burma, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Zimbabwe, the USA and New Zealand. Deposits of Green Jadeite are in Burma mainly, with countries like Canada, Japan, Russia and the USA too producing it.

Observe their Color:

The best quality green jade gemstone is almost transparent with a vibrant emerald-green color. The colors are vibrant and the saturation and tone is not too dark or light. The color should be evenly distributed with no visible color-zone.

Notice their Clarity:

Best quality green jade gemstones have maximum clarity and little to no visible inclusions. Also no cracks or scratches should be visible.

Examine their Inclusions:

Because green jade is not actually faceted, inclusions do not affect its value. Imperial green is the most prestigious hue, and only the jadeite variety occurs in this color. The highest quality green jade ranges from opaque to translucent.

See their Shape:

Green Jade is usually polished into oval and cabochon shapes but it can be found in all sorts of love-inspiring shapes as hearts too.

Check the Carats:

For Green Jade of gem quality, the raw Green Jade is divided and polished into smaller stones of variable carat weight. In general, Green Jade weighing between 5 and 10 carats are appropriate for jewelry. Because Green Jade is sold by weight, Green Jade prices are calculated per carat. Stones of comparable dimensions but distinct varieties vary greatly in price. The more carats and clarity Green Jade has, the higher its price.

Avoid Heated & Treated Green Jade

Due to treatments the Green Jade stone loses its natural composition and thus loses its natural frequency. These heated and treated Green Jade do not offer any healing benefits and should be avoided.

Check for Lab Certificate

It is recommended that you should purchase Green Jade gemstones along a lab tested certificate which can determine its authenticity, treatment status and origin. Rudra Centre has been dealing in natural unheated untreated lab certified gemstones for the past 25 years. Our Green Jade are certified from trusted labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

Why buy Green Jade from Rudra Centre?

We only deal with untreated and unheated gemstones from their natural sources, which we energize in accordance with Vedic Vidhi, after more than 20 years of research and 100.000+ satisfied, healed, and empowered customers.

Can I give my used Green Jade gemstone to someone else?

You should avoid it if you are wearing it. However, if you have not used it for an extended period, you can pass it on to someone else. It is recommended to not wear it for at least 2 weeks before giving it to someone else. You can also follow the cleansing and reenergizing process mentioned in the benefits section.

General Benefits of Green Jade

  • It brings calm, peace and serenity.
  • It harmonizes and balances internally.
  • It brings harmony to our relationships.
  • It protects from harm and toxic emotions.
  • It helps to release negative energies and irritability.
  • It exudes energies of love and compassion.
  • It attracts friends and heals relationships.
  • It manifests the innermost desires of the wearer.
  • It is said to be a stone which increases longevity.
  • It stimulates the wearer with fertile and innovative ideas.
  • It imparts knowledge gained in mental tranquillity.
  • It aids in connecting with the spiritual realm and self-realization.
  • It promotes self-sufficiency.
  • It attracts good luck.

Health Benefits of Green Jade

  • It heals cardiovascular and heart diseases.
  • It relieves asthma and respiratory diseases.
  • It releases the feelings of grief and loneliness.
  • It provides relief in allergies and fever.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Green Jade

  • It opens the Heart chakra.
  • It soothes an overactive Heart chakra.
  • It appeases all sorts of relationships.
  • It enhances emotional balance.
  • It soothes the nervous system.
  • It promotes spiritual sadhana.

Astrological Benefits of Green Jade

It removes the commonly found negative afflictions of Budh in the natal chart and it enhances the benefits of the movement of the progressed Budh through the houses as the time goes on.

How to Energize & Recharge Green Jade Gemstone?

Green Jade purification alone is insufficient to obtain its desired benefits. Its energization is likewise essential. One must energize his or her Green Jade stone jewelry prior to wearing it.

Perform the activation or energization rituals following the completion of the purification process.

To Cleanse your Green Jade Dip it in Salt Water Solution (If possible, use unprocessed sea salt) OR you can perform the smudging technique using Sage or Palo Santo.

Keep it under Sunlight or Under Full Moon Rays for 10 – 15 mins.

Hold the Green Jade in your hand and Chant the Green Jade gemstone Mantra:

Om Bum Budhaya Namah || ॐबुं बुधाय नम || 108 times.

While chanting the mantra you can visualize white color positive energy surrounding your Green Jade and restoring its powers.

Other Mantras of Lord Mercury (Budh) you can chant are mentioned below

Vedic Stotra Mantra for Budh Planet

|| Priyangukalikashyamam Rupenapratim Budham Somyam Somyagunopaytm Tam Budham pranamamyaham ||

The One who is the colour of  wheat and the bud of the Priyangu Plant, One is a beautiful and full of calmness and tranquillity- I bow down to such Lord Budha.

Tantrik Beeja Mantra for Mercury/Budh

Om Braam Breem Broum Sah Budh Namah ||

You can choose to reenergize the Green Jade on a Wednesday.

Now, wear your Green Jade to appease Lord Mercury and receive its blessings.

How to check if Green Jade suits you?

Preferably, a powerful gemstone such as Green Jade should only be worn after consultation with an RRST specialist. Nevertheless, it will be appropriate if worn according to RRST, and we will add bhasm and energize it for only positive effects.

You can also give yourself at least 72 hours after embracing a Green Jade to determine whether or not you are experiencing any negative effects. If after 72 hours of embracing the Green Jade stone you do not feel even the slightest effect, you are safe to use Green Jade, as this shows it is safe and sure for you and it will not negatively affect you in any way.

If after a few days of wearing you feel completely energized, inspired, and normal instead of confused, drowsy and numb, Green Jade is a good choice for you. You will soon receive a subtle indication that wealth and good fortune are abundant in your life. Green Jade has been considered a gemstone of luck and prosperity for centuries.

How to know if Green Jade is working?

Within 10 days of wearing, you should notice how Green Jade can help you achieve peace and tranquility in your often chaotic environment. It will also dispel negative energies, allowing positive, uplifting energies to flow. It will help you keep your cool under pressure and give you the confidence to speak up for yourself.

Furthermore, it will neutralize any negative influence as well as any unhealthy emotional issues that may be associated with them. It is an extremely supportive and beneficial stone for adjusting to new environments and resolving negative situations, especially in your personal life. It will keep you optimistic and strong when you are in a bad relationship, and it will encourage you to be happier and more optimistic. Green Jade will also help you process your grief, rage, and sorrow. These are signs that your Green Jade is effective.

How long do the effects of Green Jade last?

If cared for properly, a Green Jade can be worn as jewelry for generations. You must wear it until your chakras are balanced. Typically, experts advise wearing gemstones for four years, after which they are no longer necessary.

For the best results it is highly recommended that one wears only 100% natural, unheated, and untreated Green Jade gemstones. As per the Vedic scriptures, a heat treatment harms its sattvic nature, rendering the stone less effective and beneficial. Like other gemstones, the quality of Green Jade is also determined by the four Cs (Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity). 


The best quality green jade gemstone is almost transparent with a vibrant emerald-green color. The colors are vibrant and the saturation and tone is not too dark or light. The color should be evenly distributed with no visible color-zone.


Best quality green Jade stones have cuts that maximize the effect of hue, tone, saturation and surface area.


Green Jade of 5 – 10 carat is most popular in Vedic Astrology. Significant smaller and larger Green Jade are used in contemporary jewelry. Generally, the price of Green Jade rises as the size/weight/carat increases


Best quality green jade gemstones have maximum clarity and little to no visible inclusions. Also no cracks or scratches should be visible.

Dealers deal in green jade stones which are synthetic to natural but which are treated/heated and color enhanced, so it is immensely important to purchase only from a reputed dealer with certification from a reputed lab.

Green Jade Gemstone Price

The price of Green Jade gemstone depends on its size, its cut, as well as its origin in terms of color and clarity.

Green Jade stone price is not excessively high, but rather moderate. For making jewelry, Green Jade stone beads, artifacts, and other similar items. Avoid treated gemstones.

When a gemstone is heat-treated or undergoes the dying process, its healing properties are lost when it is worn. Green Jade has numerous curative properties; to maximize its curative effects, only untreated Green Jade stone should be worn.

The price of genuine, natural and unheated, untreated Green Jade Necklaces at Rudra Centre ranges from INR 1,515 to INR 7,565 (USD 18 to USD 94).

How to Identify or Test Original & Authentic Green Jade?

The best way to check the authenticity of Green Jade is by getting a Lab tested report from a reputed laboratory. Rudra Centre only deals with Vedic Astrology approved gemstones that are natural, untreated, and unheated. All our Green Jade are certified by reputable labs like GIA, GLI, IGI and IGITL.

Look for flaws along with inclusions. Use a magnifying glass with at least 10x magnification to examine the Green Jade carefully. Look for specks and blemishes, as they form with minute particles of other material. These flaws are strong evidence that a Green Jade is genuine. Lab-created (fake) Green Jade have no inclusions of this nature, and neither do natural Green Jade, but if you find flaws, then your Green Jade is genuine.

Examine the gemstone for air bubbles. Essentially, lab-created Green Jade are glass that has undergone a process similar to that which forms natural Green Jade. Since they are made of glass, they retain miniscule air bubbles after formation. If there are bubbles within the Green Jade, it is not genuine. Be sure to inspect your Green Jade from every angle by turning it over. There is a possibility that bubbles of air will only be evident from a single angle.

Look at how light is reflected by the Green Jade. Turn off all the lights and shine your flashlight on the Green Jade. If it is genuine, it will only reflect light of the same hue as itself. If it is a fake, made of glass, it will reflect colors other than the natural color of the gem.

Green Jade Cleaning & Maintenance

It is essential to give your gemstone a thorough cleaning in order to preserve its luster, as regular use can cause it to become dull. This washing enables it to purge itself from negative energies as well.

The maintenance of your green jade is simple. Due to the standard wax applied to all jade after polishing, the majority of jewelry cleaners and techniques can cause issues. The correct method for cleaning green jade is to apply a mild, soapy water solution.

The best toothbrush for cleaning the crevices of carvings and settings is one with soft bristles. Attempt to limit the amount of water your jade jewelry is exposed to.

No, Green Jade will activate and work only if it is in contact with your body at the correct position. To experience 100% results from Green Jade you have to wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for guidance.

No, heated Green Jade does not work.

If you have worn the Green Jade continuously you may not need to re-energize it. It is advisable to energize it if you have not worn it for an extended period of time. You can follow the steps mentioned in the Benefits Section.

The best way is to get a lab test certificate from reputed labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

With proper care, the effects of Green Jade will last for generations. The majority of the time, they balance the chakras, we learn the lessons and align with the planets, and we may no longer need them after a period of time.

Green Jade weighing between 5 and 10 carats are appropriate for harnessing its properties.

You can wash it with soapy water and use a soft toothbrush or cloth to remove stains, dirt, etc. You can read in detail in the Quality & Price Section.

For the best results, use the stone as a Ring or Pendant and it has to be worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy, RRST, which is a scientific healing method devised by Sakhashree Neetaji. To know the right placement of Green Jade gemstone, you may contact us as our team of experts will guide you.

You do not need to follow any precautions if you are wearing the Green Jade as per RRST.

You can wear Green Jade gemstone everyday as per RRST and ideally start to wear it on a Wednesday morning.

Those who experience the psychological and physical issues described in the Benefits section, as well as those whose Heart chakra is out of balance.

Yes, Green Jade will suit you if you wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for proper guidance and how to wear the gemstone.

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Green Jade - 5.25 Carats - IGreen Jade - 5.25 Carats - I
Green Jade - 5.25 Carats - I
INR 1,575Product Code: GS25AD Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.30 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.30 Carats
Green Jade - 5.30 Carats
INR 1,590Product Code: GS25AG Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5-6 Carat - RectangularGreen Jade - 5-6 Carat - Rectangular
Green Jade - 5-6 Carat - Rectangular
INR 1,650Product Code: GS25CO Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5-6 Carat - OvalGreen Jade - 5-6 Carat - Oval
Green Jade - 5-6 Carat - Oval
INR 1,650Product Code: GS25CN Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.57 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.57 Carats
Green Jade - 5.57 Carats
INR 1,675Product Code: GS25AI Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.65 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.65 Carats
Green Jade - 5.65 Carats
INR 1,695Product Code: GS25AJ Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.20 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.20 Carats
Green Jade - 5.20 Carats
INR 1,710Product Code: GS25AX Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.75 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.75 Carats
Green Jade - 5.75 Carats
INR 1,725Product Code: GS25AK Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.74 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.74 Carats
Green Jade - 5.74 Carats
INR 1,725Product Code: GS25AL Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.85 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.85 Carats
Green Jade - 5.85 Carats
INR 1,755Product Code: GS25AM Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.88 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.88 Carats
Green Jade - 5.88 Carats
INR 1,765Product Code: GS25AP Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.9 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.9 Carats
Green Jade - 5.9 Carats
INR 1,770Product Code: GS25AN Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.39 CaratGreen Jade - 5.39 Carat
Green Jade - 5.39 Carat
INR 1,770Product Code: GS25AY Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.43 CaratGreen Jade - 5.43 Carat
Green Jade - 5.43 Carat
INR 1,780Product Code: GS25AZ Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.95 CaratsGreen Jade - 5.95 Carats
Green Jade - 5.95 Carats
INR 1,785Product Code: GS25AO Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6 caratGreen Jade - 6 carat
Green Jade - 6 carat
INR 1,800Product Code: GS25BZ Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.04 Carats - IGreen Jade - 6.04 Carats - I
Green Jade - 6.04 Carats - I
INR 1,815Product Code: GS25J Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.05 caratGreen Jade - 6.05 carat
Green Jade - 6.05 carat
INR 1,815Product Code: GS25CD Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.04 CaratsGreen Jade - 6.04 Carats
Green Jade - 6.04 Carats
INR 1,815Product Code: GS25AQ Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.13 CaratsGreen Jade - 6.13 Carats
Green Jade - 6.13 Carats
INR 1,840Product Code: GS25AS Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.25 caratGreen Jade - 6.25 carat
Green Jade - 6.25 carat
INR 1,875Product Code: GS25CB Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.35 carat (I)Green Jade - 6.35 carat (I)
Green Jade - 6.35 carat (I)
INR 1,905Product Code: GS25CF Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.35 caratGreen Jade - 6.35 carat
Green Jade - 6.35 carat
INR 1,905Product Code: GS25CE Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.55 carat (I)Green Jade - 6.55 carat (I)
Green Jade - 6.55 carat (I)
INR 1,965Product Code: GS25CG Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.70 caratGreen Jade - 6.70 carat
Green Jade - 6.70 carat
INR 2,010Product Code: GS25CH Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.75 caratGreen Jade - 6.75 carat
Green Jade - 6.75 carat
INR 2,025Product Code: GS25CI Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 7.10 caratGreen Jade - 7.10 carat
Green Jade - 7.10 carat
INR 2,130Product Code: GS25CJ Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 7.11 CaratsGreen Jade - 7.11 Carats
Green Jade - 7.11 Carats
INR 2,135Product Code: GS25K Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 7.20 caratGreen Jade - 7.20 carat
Green Jade - 7.20 carat
INR 2,160Product Code: GS25CK Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 7.30 caratGreen Jade - 7.30 carat
Green Jade - 7.30 carat
INR 2,190Product Code: GS25CL Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 7.31 CaratsGreen Jade - 7.31 Carats
Green Jade - 7.31 Carats
INR 2,195Product Code: GS25M Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 7.71 CaratsGreen Jade - 7.71 Carats
Green Jade - 7.71 Carats
INR 2,315Product Code: GS25L Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 8.27 CaratsGreen Jade - 8.27 Carats
Green Jade - 8.27 Carats
INR 2,480Product Code: GS25AT Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 9.10 caratGreen Jade - 9.10 carat
Green Jade - 9.10 carat
INR 2,730Product Code: GS25BN Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 9.30 caratGreen Jade - 9.30 carat
Green Jade - 9.30 carat
INR 2,790Product Code: GS25BO Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 9.45 caratGreen Jade - 9.45 carat
Green Jade - 9.45 carat
INR 2,835Product Code: GS25BQ Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 9.55 caratGreen Jade - 9.55 carat
Green Jade - 9.55 carat
INR 2,865Product Code: GS25BP Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 10.45 caratGreen Jade - 10.45 carat
Green Jade - 10.45 carat
INR 3,135Product Code: GS25BM Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.15 caratGreen Jade - 11.15 carat
Green Jade - 11.15 carat
INR 3,345Product Code: GS25BA Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.15 carat (I)Green Jade - 11.15 carat (I)
Green Jade - 11.15 carat (I)
INR 3,345Product Code: GS25BB Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.20 CaratGreen Jade - 11.20 Carat
Green Jade - 11.20 Carat
INR 3,360Product Code: GS25BE Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.25 Carat (I)Green Jade - 11.25 Carat (I)
Green Jade - 11.25 Carat (I)
INR 3,375Product Code: GS25BD Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.25 CaratGreen Jade - 11.25 Carat
Green Jade - 11.25 Carat
INR 3,375Product Code: GS25BC Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.30 CaratGreen Jade - 11.30 Carat
Green Jade - 11.30 Carat
INR 3,390Product Code: GS25BF Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.40 CaratGreen Jade - 11.40 Carat
Green Jade - 11.40 Carat
INR 3,420Product Code: GS25BG Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.40 carat (I)Green Jade - 11.40 carat (I)
Green Jade - 11.40 carat (I)
INR 3,420Product Code: GS25BH Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.45 caratGreen Jade - 11.45 carat
Green Jade - 11.45 carat
INR 3,435Product Code: GS25BI Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.55 caratsGreen Jade - 11.55 carats
Green Jade - 11.55 Carats
INR 3,465Product Code: GS25W Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.65 carat (I)Green Jade - 11.65 carat (I)
Green Jade - 11.65 carat (I)
INR 3,495Product Code: GS25BK Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.65 caratGreen Jade - 11.65 carat
Green Jade - 11.65 carat
INR 3,495Product Code: GS25BJ Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.95 caratGreen Jade - 11.95 carat
Green Jade - 11.95 carat
INR 3,585Product Code: GS25BL Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 15.70 Carats
INR 4,710Product Code: GS25BV Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 16.05 caratGreen Jade - 16.05 carat
Green Jade - 16.05 carat
INR 4,815Product Code: GS25BR Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 16.05 caratGreen Jade - 16.05 carat
Green Jade - 16.05 carat (I)
INR 4,815Product Code: GS25BS Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 16.44 CaratGreen Jade - 16.44 Carat
Green Jade - 16.44 Carat
INR 4,930Product Code: GS25CM Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 16.45 caratGreen Jade - 16.45 carat
Green Jade - 16.45 Carats
INR 4,935Product Code: GS25BT Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 16.60 Carats
INR 4,980Product Code: GS25BU Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 25.21 caratsGreen Jade - 25.21 carats
Green Jade - 25.21 Carats
INR 7,565Product Code: GS25X Origin: Brazil
Green Jade 25.55 caratGreen Jade 25.55 carat
Green Jade 25.55 carat
INR 7,675Product Code: GS25BW Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 26 caratGreen Jade - 26 carat
Green Jade - 26 carat
INR 7,800Product Code: GS25BX Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 26.40 Carats
INR 7,920Product Code: GS25BY Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 24.53 Carats
INR 7,360Product Code: GS25Z Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 11.74 Carats
INR 3,525Product Code: GS25AW Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.30 carat
INR 1,890Product Code: GS25CC Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 6.15 carat
INR 1,845Product Code: GS25CA Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.1 Carats
INR 1,530Product Code: GS25AB Origin: Brazil
Green Jade - 5.05 Carats
INR 1,515Product Code: GS25AA Origin: Brazil


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