Panch Bhoota Mala in silver


INR 3,450

INR 2,400

INR 1,875


Five elements mala made in silver to balance the panchtatva in the body. 5 Mukhi Rudraksha represents "Rudra Kalagni", the five divine forms of Lord Shiva, associated with optimism, knowledge as well as spiritual growth. Crystal is a stone that energizes all the Energy Centres of the body. Lotus seeds stand for growth amid circumstances of any sort. Tulsi is the most beloved devotee of Lord Krishna and aromatic Red Sandalwood beads unleash vibrant energies.

Panch Bhoot are the five prime elements by which our physical body is made up; namely Prithvi, Vaayu, Jal, Agni, and Aakaash (meaning earth, air, water, fire, and sky). The Panch Bhoot mala combines the auspicious energies of Sandalwood (Red chandan), Lotus seed (Thamarai Mani), Rudraksha, Quartz crystal (Sphatik) and Tulsi beads. These divine substances attract many positive energies while protecting from negative energies.


  • Promotes good health and uplifts spirituality.
  • Offers peace of mind and keeps the body cool
  • Wards off negative energies
  • Improves speech and concentration
  • To develop vibrant energies and to enhance willpower

  • Design: Made in silver with knots between the beads.

    Bead Size: 7 mm - 15 mm