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About Parad

Significance of Parad

Parad is the purest of all the metals and as per Indian mythology, it is the semen of Lord Shiva. It is considered to be the most powerful metal to wear and imbibe the healing benefits. Pure Parad is beneficial for physical as well as mental health and it has been mentioned in ancient texts. It aids meditation and a great tool for spiritualists who want to connect with the Divine power Lord Shiva.

Parad Benefits and Meaning

Parad is the solidified Mercury used for making idols and accessories. It protects the worshipper from evil eye and negative energies. It activates the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra and brings peace. The wearer feels happier and more focused. It enhances the spiritual path and the power of meditation too. It brings good fortune and harmony in the worshipper’s life. Those who want to be victorious in legal matters can wear Parad. On a physical level, it gives relief from physical ailments like heart disorders, fatigue, body ache, vision problems and frees from diseases. The results may vary from person to person depending on the issues.

How Parad is solidified and made as per Parad Samhita?

There are 8 stages of Parad purification according to Parad Samhita. This process involves removing the Saptakanchuki to make the Parad beads 100% hygienic and medicated. The first step uses medicinal and exotic herbs to cleanse the Parad. Secondly, medicinal herbs are used to solidify the Mercury/Parad. Afterwards, the Parad is in a semi-solid state. It is crushed in herbal liquids to extract the impurities. The Parad is then treated with heat to resist warmer temperatures. The next step in the process is to heat the Parad with herbal oils for to complete its purification. The purified and solidified Parad is then poured into the desired mould for to form different sacred articles.

Composition of Parad in our Sacred articles

All our Parad is procured from Pandit Dinanath who is the only family in the country to know the Vedic art of solidifying Parad. Our holy objects have 73% of Parad and the rest are herbs to solidify it. If more amount of Parad is used then it will be in liquid form and it will not solidify. Details about the herbs used is not specified as solidifying Parad is a secret science and not everyone knows or is told about it.

Sacred articles made from Parad – Gutika, Mala, Bracelet, Shivling, Pyramid.

Parad Bracelets

We have a great collection of Parad Bracelets with different combinations like Parad and Sphatik, Rudraksha and Parad, Parad and Gemstones, etc. These bracelets are designed in the most straightforward style and they are appropriate for men and women. You can get a variety of options in our range of Parad bracelets including Parad bracelet accentuated with designer gold polish caps, Punchdhatu, strung in thread and more. The bracelets are available in different sizes of the Parad bead.

Parad Siddh Gutika

Parad Siddh Gutika is a Parad bead prepared after undergoing 8 samskaras which means 8 stages of purification. It is potent of bringing peace of mind and enhancing concentration. The Parad Siddh Gutika is available in rounded and Lingam shape. It can be worn as a pendant or as a bracelet. We also have an exclusive Hanging Parad Gutika for home, office, vehicle and shop. It clears negative energies and keeps the dwelling with positive vibes.

Parad Shivling

Buy Parad Shivling from Rudra Centre for blessings of Lord Shiva. Parad is the most auspicious metal which makes the Parad Shivling even more special. The Parad Lingam is generally installed with a Yoni base made in Brass, Gemstone or pure Silver. Worshipping the Lingam in Parad (Mercury) is good for overall well-being, long life, health and prosperity. It blesses the childless couples with fertility and offspring. You can find Parad Lingam in various sizes and Siddh Parad Shivling without Silver coating, Parad Lingam in Brass Yoni, Parad Lingam on pure Silver Yoni Base, Parad Lingam on Sandalwood Yoni Base, Parad Lingam with Red Jade Yoni base, Parad Lingam with Green Jade Yoni base, Parad Lingam adorned with Divine apparel and more in our collection.

Parad Deity Lockets

Lockets of various deities in Parad are available at Rudra Centre. Paradeshwar Durga Locket, Parad Hanuman Pendant, Parad Ganesh Pendant, Parad Om Pendant, Parad Shiva Pendant and Paradeshwar Shiva Locket can be found in our collection. These lockets are strung in a thread and designed beautifully for everyday wear. They give the combined blessings of the deity engraved on the Locket and Parad. Both men and women can wear these lockets with casual, ethnic and formal attire. The deity figures are etched on Parad and cased in Silver locket for a long-lasting use.

Parad Pyramid

Parad Pyramids are a source of positive energies and placed in the dwelling for removing negative forces. Our collection has Parad Plate and Parad Power Pyramid made of pure medicated Parad. It can be kept on work desk, study table, living area, inside a vehicle, etc. This enables the flow of positive frequencies and purifies the surrounding area. It elevates the aura and brings luck. Parad Pyramids are also used for removing Vastu defects and malefic effects of planetary Dosha.

Parad Ring

Made of 100% antiseptic Parad, the Parad Ring has two variants for men and women each. The Parad Ring is so powerful that the wearer can skip wearing other gemstones. It is effective for healing the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra. Order online Parad Ring from Rudra Centre for bringing the grace of Lord Shiva.

Parad Malas

Siddh Parad Malas are worn for attaining spiritual growth and mental peace. There are different types of Mercury Bead Malas like Siddh Parad and Rudraksha with Sphatik, Pure Siddha Parad Mala, Pure Siddha Parad with Sphatik Mala and Pure Siddha Parad Mala with 54 + 1 beads. These malas have an elegant design for to wear every day.

Buy Parad items online at Best Prices

At Rudra Centre, we have the best Parad items at reasonable prices. The quality of products is absolutely according to the cost and worth it. Each item is priced moderately and available for sale only at Rudra Centre. You can also get the certificate of authenticity to be sure of the genuineness of Parad. In case of any queries, please connect with us at contact@rudracentre.com