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About Parad Ring

What is a Parad Ring, how to wear and use it?

Parad is a Holy metal which is derived by solidifying Mercury. Turning Mercury into a solid Parad form is a tough method as Mercury is a unique natural metal which is available in liquid state and which is volatile in nature. Mercury has to undergo tremendous pressure and pass through eight different stages as stated in the Parad Samhita in order to form Parad. Once Mercury turns into Parad which is solid in state, it is given various shapes and designs and used in multiple forms. Thus, when a Parad fixed in a ring, it is known as Parad Ring. Parad is a divine metal which is highly revered in Hinduism. It is also used in many Puja rituals. Parad is an auspicious metal which is known to offer a range of benefits and healings.

We at Rudra Centre bring to you a wide range of Parad rings which are exclusively designed to offer a diverse range of benefits and healings. We only deal in Parad Rings which are made in Pure Silver. According to Parad Samhita, a Parad ring made in Silver is as powerful as wearing any gemstone ring. You can buy Parad ring online. The Siddh Parad ring cost that we offer is the best. Thus, if you wish to purchase Parad mani ring which is also known as Rasamani ring online, then browse through our online gallery and buy the pure Parad ring of your choice.

Parad Ring Benefits – Health, Astrological and more

Parad is an auspicious metal which holds divine energies that offer a range of Health benefits. The Parad Gutika (bead) when worn as a Parad ring also helps to pacify the malefic of all the nine planets and it offers relief from other problems that tend to create obstacles and hinder your growth, therefore, offering astrological benefits. Let us understand a few of the many health and Astrological benefits the wearer of the Parad mani ring is blessed with.

  • The wearer of the pure Parad ring is blessed with an enhanced memory.
  • It helps in removing fatigue and makes the wearer energetic.
  • An individual suffering from heart diseases must wear a Siddh Parad ring as it offers relief from ailments of the Heart.
  • The wearer of the Rasamani ring is protected from evil spirits as it wards them off.
  • It helps in awakening the Kundalini.
  • Helps to boost will power.
  • Offers relief from body pain.
  • Helps to cure many diseases.
  • People who are fighting court cases are suggested to wear the Siddh Parad ring as it offers success.
  • Offers relief from Fistula and Long Foot.
  • Helps to cure diseases related to the eyes.
  • Helps to offer relief from body pain.

There are many other benefits that a Parad mani ring aids the wearer with. If you are in search of a genuine and pure Parad ring, you can browse through our divine collection of rasamani ring or Parad ring online and purchase the one that you like. The Parad ring cost may differ depending on the size of the Parad Gutika (bead) and the weight of the Silver used to make the ring.

Significance of a Parad Ring

Known as the sperm of Lord Shiva, Parad is a divine metal which is made by hardening the Mercury in a solid state. For Mercury to transform into Parad, many procedures are done on the Mercury. According to ancient Holy Scriptures, Parad possesses the divine energies of Lord Shiva, and if the Parad is worn on the body it offers a range of benefits and therapeutic healings. It also helps to heal the mental blockages, heals ailments of the physical body and makes one develop inclined towards spirituality. The Parad helps to get rid of all the afflictions which are caused by all the nine planets. The wearer of the Parad ring safeguards the wearer from negative energies, evil eye and ailments related to respiratory system. Wearing a Parad Ring is said to cleanse and open the Sahasrara Chakra most commonly known as the Crown Chakra.

Parad Ring FAQ

  • What is a Parad?
    Parad is a metal which is obtained by solidifying the Mercury according to 8 samskaras which are mentioned in the Parad Samhita.
  • Can we wear Parad on body?
    Yes, we can definitely wear Parad on our body in form of rings, bracelets and necklace.
  • In which finger can Parad be worn?
    If you are a right-handed person, you must wear the Parad ring on the index finger of your right hand.
  • Can we install a Parad Shivlingam in the puja altar of our home?
    Yes, you can definitely install a Parad Shivalingam at home and offer puja and perform Abhishekam on it. It will bring positivity, peace and happiness in life and also attract wealth and riches and give success in all undertakings.

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