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About Pooja Bell

What is a Puja Bell?

A pooja bell also known as the temple bell is a divine instrument which produces the cosmic sound ‘Om’ when rung. The bell which is played before the puja could commence and also during the puja is known as a Pooja Bell. A temple bell is placed in the puja altar of the house or in a temple and plays a significant role while performing a daily prayer or an aarti. There are various types of temple bells, for example, the hanging bells which are suspended from the ceiling of the temple and which hang in the air are known as temple bells or temple ghanta.

If you want to buy pooja room bells or small bells for pooja mandir or decorative bells for pooja room or a temple ghanta, look no further as we at Rudra Centre have a divine and large collection of Puja mandir bells that are available in attractive designs. Puja bell is a divine medium that helps the devotees connect to the divine through the medium of sound energy and creates an ambiance of serenity and divinity. The vibrations created by ringing a pooja bell at home or ringing a temple bell makes the mind alert and focused.

What is the Puja bell used for?

A Puja bell is used to invoke the divine cosmic energies of the Gods and Goddesses through the act of ringing it. A puja bell functions on the energies of the sound vibrations. The sound waves that are generated when we ring a bell spread in the atmosphere and amplify. The amplified sound vibration that is generated by ringing the bell wards off negativity and negative energies and makes one feel the power of positivity and divinity. It unknowingly makes all the people attend the puja ceremony participate in the puja and fills each individual attending the puja with devotion and spirituality.

Benefits of puja bell?

Ringing a puja bell is one of the most important rituals performed in the puja ceremonies. All the rituals that are performed in the puja ceremony have a specific purpose and these rituals offer a range of benefits. Below are a few of the many benefits a sadak receives by ringing a temple bell.

  • The sharp and loud sound that is generated when a bell is rung helps to awaken the chakras in the body
  • Ringing a puja bell helps to create harmony between the right and left lobes of the brain
  • The sound of the puja room bells helps to ward off energies which are negative and evil
  • It clears the mind of confusion and negative thoughts
  • Removes all negative thoughts
  • As mentioned earlier the sound that is produced by ringing a temple bell or a pooja bell at home acts like an awakening that makes one alert and focused in the present
  • The divine sound of the ringing bell helps the sadhaks/worshippers to get closer to the divine inner Guru that resides within us and thus helps the devotee to connect to their inner Guru and be one with the Divine
  • The sound of the temple bell also makes one rejuvenated

You can buy the pooja bell online from Rudra Centre by browsing through the variety of puja bells we have displayed on our website.

Some facts about puja bell

  • A puja bell or a temple bell is crafted carefully, keeping in mind its significance which is why the metals that are used to craft the temple bells or pooja mandir bells are accordingly chosen taking into consideration their distinctive healing properties
  • Did you know that every part of the pooja bell or temple bell is associated with the Supreme deities? Interesting! isn’t it?
  • The handle of the bell symbolises Prana Shakti
  • The body of the bell which looks like a dome shape represents the Ananta
  • The tongue or the clapper of the bell signifies Maa Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, arts and wisdom.

Thus, the Puja bell is a divine instrument and an important puja item that helps one to connect with self and the Supreme.

Pooja bell price

The price of the puja bell varies depending upon the metal used to make the bell, the weight of the metal, size and design of the pooja bell.

Where can I buy a puja bell for home?

You can buy the puja bell for the home altar or the decorative bells for the pooja room online from Rudraksha Ratna at the best prices.

Why should you buy puja bells from Rudra Centre?

We at Rudra Centre are one of the renowned and trusted names globally. We are the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for Sacred Rudrakshas and Vedic Gemstones. We deal in a wide range of spiritual and religious products and services. We are the pioneer and the market leader who deal in supplying authentic, natural and genuine gemstones and gemstone ornaments across the globe. We have more than 20,000 happy clients and our family of clients is growing every day. Offering genuine and quality products and apt customer service is what helps us to be the market leader.

What materials are used to make puja bells?

The puja bells that we at Rudra Centre offer are made in Brass, German Silver and Pure Silver. All the bells that we offer are energised and blessed by our in-house pudits before being dispatched to the clients.