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About 1 - 14 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelets

Buy Rudraksha bracelet online from Rudra Centre:

Rudraksha is a bead which is obtained from the Rudraksha tree which is an evergreen Elaeocarpus ganitrus species. The Rudraksha beads hold immense healing powers and offer a range of therapeutic benefits. ‘Rudraksha’ literally means tear drop of Lord Shiva. There are various mukhi (faced) Rudrakshas available in Nature. Each of the Rudraksha is ruled by a certain deity, works on a particular body chakra and has a ruling planet. Each Rudraksha has the power to cure certain ailments and balance specific chakras. The rudraksha bracelet when strung as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy offers tremendous benefits to cure physical, emotional and financial issues. Buy original rudraksha bracelet from Rudra Centre, the best place to buy rudraksha. Rudraksha work best when worn on body. The method of wearing the real rudraksha bracelet plays an important role in healing and achieving the desired results. Just as gems work when worn on specific fingers, similarly Rudraksha work when worn at the specific parts of the body in a specific manner. We at Rudra Centre have a wide range of Rudraksha combinations based on Chakra Therapy. These combinations are specially designed for particular chakras and help in opening the blockages in chakras.

Significance of wearing rudraksha beads bracelet:

Rudraksha beads emit electromagnetic energies that work on various aspects of our life. They help gain good health, offers satisfaction, enhanced creativity, intuitive ability, nirvana, and affluence; it helps attract material pleasures, harmony in relationships, and promotes self-empowerment and courageous life. When the Rudraksha beads come in contact with the body, it energizes and balances the Chakras. Rudraksha beads work on all aspects of life and offer a range of benefits. Order the rudraksha bracelet online from Rudra Centre, we offer a wide range of rudraksha mens bracelet and rudraksha bracelet for women ranging from 2 mukhi Rudraksha bracelet to 14 mukhi Rudraksha bracelets. We also offer Ekadash Rudra Bracelets and Gauri Shankar Bracelet. These bracelets are strung in uniform Rudraksha beads from Java origin. It is also important to wear the Rudraksha bracelet as advised by our counsellor’s. We assist you by referring a perfect Rudraksha combination which is strung as per RRST which aids in mental, physical and emotional support.

Rudraksha bracelet benefits:

  • ● Alleviates the effects of karmas
  • ● Offers protection against unfortunate events like accidents and mishaps.
  • ● Pacifies the malefic of planets
  • ● Aids in memory retention and helps in decision making
  • ● Regulates blood pressure
  • ● Helps relieve stress and calms the mind
  • ● Attracts riches and abundance
  • ● Helps in awakening of Kundalini
  • ● Promotes harmony and peace.
  • ● Promotes self-power.
  • ● Enhances intellect.
  • ● Helps to balance the chakras
  • ● Wards of many diseases

If you are wondering where to buy original rudraksha bracelet from, stop searching as we at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of authentic and original rudraksha bracelets which are strung as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST). The rudraksha bracelet designs that we offer are very alluring. You can choose from a variety of rudraksha bracelet in gold, silver rudraksha bracelet, rudraksha beads bracelet strung in traditional design and Rudraksha with Gemstone bracelets. The original rudraksha price differs based on the origin and the number of mukhis. All the Rudraksha bracelets that we offer are energised and blessed by the highly experienced and learned pandits of Rudra Centre.