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About Rudraksha Kanthas, Bracelets from Nepal


A Kantha mala is a set of similar mukhi rudraksas strung in the form of a necklace. Wearing a Kantha mala helps to give stimulated energies of the same mukhi. Since ancient times Kanthas are worn by saints and maharishis for meditation as well as health benefits. Apart from their traditional aspect, they look rich when worn. Rudraksha kanthas has many health, prosperity and wealth benefits. Rudra centre has many different kanthas and bracelets for different purposes which when worn as per RRST gives faster results.

Mahajwala kantha is a 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala used for dissolving past birth karmas. It heals stomach ailments and liver related disorders. Those who suffer from inferior complexes, subjective fear, guilt and depression should wear this mala. It also cures diseases of plague, small pox, digestive problems, blood pressure, weakness etc. It nullifies malefic effects of planet Mangal (Mars).

Mangal kantha is a 6 mukhi rudraksha mala for wisdom, knowledge and artistic creativity. 6 mukhi represents Lord kartikeya who adds youthfulness to wearer. It balances Muladhara chakra and gives grounding, stability and focus. 6 mukhi are also available as mangal bracelet 12-15 20mm beads to be worn in wrist. They exhibit same benefits as kantha.

Mahalakshmi kantha of 32+1 large size 7 mukhi rudraksha from Nepal has 28-32 inches length. 7 mukhi represents Goddesses Mahalakshmi who bestows wearer with wealth, prosperity, growth in career and good health. It is also used for stomach, liver and pancreas ailments. 7 mukhi opens and balances Manipura Chakra. Mahalakshmi kantha brings wealth, new opportunities and give abundance to wearer. Mahalakshmi Bracelets are available in Rudra Centre.

Ganesh Kantha represents Lord Ganesh who is obstacle remover and Lord of Riddhi and Siddhi. It also nullifies the malefic effects of planet Ketu and opens Muladhara chakra and balances it. Ganesh kantha removes obstacle, brings success and gives wearer grounding and stability.

Narayan kantha consists of 32+1 large size 10 mukhi of Nepal origin. 10 mukhi represents Lord Vishnu. It’s a protection bead and gives energy of creation and perseverance to wearer.

It opens and balances Swadisthana chakra also known as Sacral chakra. It cures all sex related diseases and removes anxiety, worries and psychic attacks. Narayan kantha and bracelet are widely used for protection and to nullify all planetary effects.

Rudra centre has been serving Shiva followers with most authentic, beautifully crafted and genuine shivlings across the world for last 15 years and unlike other companies has never failed in quality or delivery issues. Rudra centre is an ISO certified organization with largest distribution network in world. The handicraft work of highly experienced artisans has unique quality of creativity and longevity.