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Sr. No. Goddess Ganga Names Meaning Mantra
1 Ganga   One who flows Om Gangay Namah  
2 Vishnu-padabja-sambhuta One who is born from the lotus feet (toe) of Lord Vishnu Om Vishnu-padabja-sambhutai Namah
3 Hara-vallabha   Dearest to Shiva Om Hara-vallabhai Namah
4 Himacalendra-tanaya Daughter of Lord of Himalaya Om Himacalendra-tanayai Namah
5 Giri-mandala-gamini   One who flows through the mountains Om Giri-mandala-gaminai Namah
6 Tarakarati-janani   Mother of Karttikeya (Demon Taraka’s enemy) Om Tarakarati-jananai Namah
7 Sagaratmaja-tarika One who liberated 60,000 cursed sons of King Sagara Om Sagaratmaja-tarikai Namah
8 Saraswati-samayukta   Meeting Saraswati at Allahabad  Om Saraswati-samayuktai Namah
9 Sughosa Being Sweet and Melodious Om Sughosai Namah
10 Sindhu-gamini   Flowing and meeting the ocean Om Sindhu-gamini Namah  
11 Bhagirathi   Associated with Bhagiratha Om Bhagirathi  Namah
12 Bhagyavati   One who is fortunate Om  Bhagyavati  Namah
13 Bhagiratha-rathanuga   One who followed  the chariot of Bhagiratha  Om  Bhagiratha-rathanugaiNamah
14 Trivikrama-padoddhuta   Emanating from the foo (toe) of Vishnu Om  Trivikrama-padoddhuta Namah
15 Triloka-patha-gamini Flowing through the three worlds (i.e.Heaven, earth and the atmosphere or lower Regions). Om  Triloka-patha-gamini Namah
16 Ksira-subhra   As good as milk Om  Ksira-subhr Namah
17 Bahu-ksira   Just like a cow which gives a lot of  milk Om  Bahu-ksirai Namah
18 Ksira-vrksa-samakula Filled with trees such as Nyagrodha (Banyan). Udumbara (glamorous figtree), Asvattha (holy-fig- tree),and adhuka (Bassia Latifolia). Om Ksira-vrksa-samakula Namah
19 Trilocana-jata-vasini Residing in the matted locks of Shiva. Om  Trilocana-jata-vasini Namah
20 Rna-traya-vimocini   One who liberates you from  debts like Brahma-carya to the guru, sacrifice and worship to the gods and birth of a son to the Manes. Om  Rna-traya-vimocini Namah
Sr. No. Goddess Ganga Names Meaning Mantra
21 Tripurari-siras-cuda One who is the tuft on the head of Shiva's enemy (Tripura is another name of Lord Shiva) Om  Tripurari-siras-cudaiNamah
22 Jahnavi   Associated with Rishi Jahnu or dauther of Rishi Jahnu Om  Jahnavi Namah
23 Nata-bhiti-hrt One who drives away all fears Om  Nata-bhiti-hrtai Namah
24 Avyaya One who is imperishable, eternal  Om  AvyayaiNamah
25 Nayanananda-dayini Pleasing to one's eyes Om  Nayanananda-dayini Namah
26 Naga-putrika   Daughter of the mountain. Om  Naga-putrikai Namah
27 Niranjana   Colourless, Crystal Clear Om  Niranjanai Namah
28 Nitya-suddha Purest, Eternally Pure Om  Nitya-suddhaiNamah
29 Nira-jala-pariskrta One who is adorned with purity of water Om  Nira-jala-pariskrtaiNamah
30 Savitri Mother, or related to the divinity of Sun Om  Savitrai Namah
31 Salila-vasa Residing in waters Om  Salila-vasa Namah
32 Sagarambusa-medhini   Increasing the waters of the Ocean. Om  Sagarambusa-medhinai Namah
33 Ramya One who is delightful Om  Ramya Namah
34 Bindu-saras A river made of crystal water-drops Om  Bindu-sarasai Namah
35 Avyakta   One who isUnmanifest Om  Avyaktai Namah
36 Vrndaraka-samasrita   One who is Resort of the Eminent Om  Vrndaraka-samasritai Namah
37 Uma-sapatni   One whose husband (Shiva) is same as Uma. Om  Uma-sapatni Namah
38 Subhrangi   One who has a stunning body Om  Subhrangi Namah
39 Shrimati One who is beautiful, auspicious Om  Shrimati Namah
40 Dhavalambara   One who wears a white garment. Om  Dhavalambara Namah

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Sr. No. Goddess Ganga Names Meaning Mantra
41 Akhandala-vana-vasa  One who is has Mahesha (Shiva) as hermit Om  Akhandala-vana-vasai Namah
42 Khandendu-krta-sekhara One who is having the crescent moon as a crest. Om  Khandendu-krta-sekhara Namah
43 Amrtakara-salila   One whose water is as good as nectar  Om  Amrtakara-salila Namah
44 Lila-lamghita-parvata   One who is leaping over mountains Om  Lila-lamghita-parvatai Namah
45 Virinci-kalasa-vasa   Residing in the water-pot of the Divine Om  Virinci-kalasa-vasai Namah
46 Triveni   One who is tri-braided  Om  Triveni Namah
47 Trigunatmika   One who is possessing the three gunas. Om  Trigunatmikai Namah
48 Sangataghaugha-samani Destroyer of mass of sins of Sangata. Om  Sangataghaugha-samanai Namah
49 Sankha-dundubhi-nisvana As noisy as a conch-shell and drum Om Sankha-dundubhi-nisvana  Namah
50 Bhiti-hrt   One who takes way all the fears Om Bhiti-hrt   Namah
51 Bhagya-janani   One who brings joy Om Bhagya-janani   Namah
52 Bhinna-brahmanda-darpini One who prides in the broken Cosmic Egg of Brahma. Om Bhinna-brahmanda-darpini
53 Nandini Giving pleasure Om Nandini   Namah
54 Sighra-ga One who flows with a force Om Sighra-ga   Namah
55 Siddha Divine, perfect Om Siddha   Namah
56 Saranya One who protects Om Saranya   Namah
57 Sasi-sekhara One who is Moon-crested Om Sasi-sekhara   Namah
58 Sankari One who is owned by Shiva Om Sankari   Namah
59 Saphari-purna One who is filled with fish Om Saphari-purna   Namah
60 Bharga-murdha-krtalaya Resting on the head of Shiva Om Bharga-murdha-krtalaya   Namah
61 Bhava-priya Beloved of Bhava (Lord Shiva) Om Bhava-priya   Namah
62 Satya-sandha-priya Beloved of the faithful devotees Om Satya-sandha-priya   Namah
63 Hamsa-svarupini Personifying the divine swans. Om Hamsa-svarupini   Namah
64 Bhagiratha-suta   Divine Daughter of Bhagiratha Om Bhagiratha-suta   Namah
65 Ananta Endless, eternal  Om Ananta   Namah
66 Sarac-candra-nibhanana Just like the autumn Moon. Om Sarac-candra-nibhanana   Namah
67 Om-kara-rupini One who resembles OM Om Om-kara-rupini   Namah
68 Atula Priceless  Om Atula   Namah
69 Krida-kallola-karini   Sportively Large Om Krida-kallola-karini   Namah
70 Svarga-sopana-sarani One who is like a ladder to  Heaven. Om Svarga-sopana-sarani   Namah
71 Ambhah-prada Bestowing the blessings in the form of water. Om Ambhah-prada   Namah
72 Duhkha-hantri One who drives way all sorrows Om Duhkha-hantrai    Namah
73 Santi-santana-karini One who brings peace Om Santi-santana-karinai   Namah
74 Darirya-hantr   One who drives away poverty. Om Darirya-hantai     Namah
75 Siva-da   One who blesses happiness. Om Siva-dai Namah
76 Samsara-visa-nasini  Destroying the illusion. Om Samsara-visa-nasinai Namah
77 Prayaga-nilaya   Residing at Prayaga Om Prayaga-nilayai Namah
Sr. No. Goddess Ganga Names Meaning Mantra
78 Sita   Furrow Om Sitai Namah
79 Tapa-traya-vimocini   One who liberates from threefold miseries Om Tapa-traya-vimocinai Namah
80 Saranagata-dinarta-paritrana One who protects the sick and seeks shelter Om Saranagata-dinarta-paritranai  
81 Sumukti-da   Liberating from material existence Om Sumukti-dai Namah
82 Siddhi-yoga-nisevita   Resorted to (for acquisition of successor magic powers). Om Siddhi-yoga-nisevitai Namah
83 Papa-hantri   Destroyer of sin. Om Papa-hantrai Namah
84 Pavanangi  Having a pure body. Om Pavanangai Namah
85 Parabrahma-svarupini Embodiment of the Supreme Spirit. Om Parabrahma-svarupinai Namah
86 Purna   One who is full. Om Purnai Namah
87 Puratana   One who is ancient. Om Puratanai Namah
88 Punya One who is auspicious. Om Punyai Namah
89 Punya-da One who is auspicious bestowing merit. Om Punya-dai Namah
90 Punya-vahini One who is possessing merit Om Punya-vahinai Namah
91 Pulomajarcita One who is worshipped by Indrani (the consort of Indra). Om Pulomajarcitai Namah
92 Puta One who is pure. Om Putai Namah
93 Puta-tribhuvana   One who is purifier of the Three Worlds. Om Puta-tribhuvanai Namah
94 Japa One who is muttering Om Japai Namah
95 Jangama One who is moving, alive. Om Jangamai Namah
96 Jangamadhara   One who is the sustainer of all Om Jangamadharai Namah
97 Jala-rupa   Divine form of water Om Jala-rupai Namah
98 Jagad-d-hita   One who is a friend or benefactor of what lives or moves. Om Jagad-d-hitai Namah
99 Jahnu-putri One who isDaughter of Jahnu. Om Jahnu-putrai Namah
100 Jagan-matr   One who is Mother of Bhisma. Om Jagan-matai Namah
101 Siddha   One who is holy. Om Siddhai Namah
102 Ramya   One who is delightful, beautiful. Om Ramya Namah
103 Uma-kara-kamala-sanjata   One who is bBorn from the lotus which dreaded Uma (Parvati)  Om Uma-kara-kamala-sanjatai Namah
104 Anjana-timira-bhanu One who isA light amid the darkness of ignorance. Om Anjana-timira-bhanuai Namah
105 Sarva-deva-svarupini One who is embodies about the continuance of peace Om Sarva-deva-svarupinai Namah
106 Jambu-dvipa-viharini One who delights in the Roseapple tree Island (Shiva) Om Jambu-dvipa-viharinai Namah
107 Bhava - patni One who is Wife of Bhava (Siva) Om Bhava - patniai Namah
108 Bhisma - matr   One who is Mother of Bhisma Om Bhisma - matrai Namah

Client Testimonials

Nina Nahata
Neetaji has transformed my life. She showed me how to handle the greatest sorrows, disappointments and move on in life. When my 28 year-old son died, I was completely broken. I tried many therapies. I completed Chakrayogi Level I and level II workshops with her, then I wore Rudraksha. There was such a transformation with Rudraksha. I regained my confidence, began teaching, resumed with my business again. My outlook on life changed completely. Earlier, I would miss my son and constantly ask: why me? I have never done anything wrong, never hurt anyone in life. I got all the answers after completing Chakrayogi Level II workshop with Neetaji. I will continue with my workshops, never let go of Neetaji's hand. I'm very thankful to God and to Neetaji. Another great thing about the workshops is Shailandraji's music, with which he opens up the Chakras. I had a vision of Lord Narayan while listening to his music. It was an unforgettable experience.

Piyush Shah
I am here for the Chakrayogi workshop. I learnt a lot from Neeta Ma'am. There were many unanswered questions, lot of things I couldn’t understand earlier. She helped me understand things and situations. She helped me understand a lot about spirituality. She corrected a lot of my definitions. More importantly, she helped me focus, identify my purpose in life. It's a beautiful feeling, attending the seminars conducted by her. I thank her for what she's done.

Daphne Gracias
It was a very enlightening workshop. A lot of our wrong beliefs got shattered by her enlightening words. Best part is, she explains the problem from all the angles, not just one. And we are able to see how the wrong definitions are formed and how wearer supposed to relieve them. The workshop was really beneficial. It makes you come in the Now. I was never a person who lived in the Now, was constantly swinging in all directions. But in this workshop, I was able to be in the Now. It was a beautiful workshop, Thank you Neetaji!

Shefali Shah
I want to thank Neetaji, for enabling me to know myself. For the last 15 years, I had many questions in my mind where have I come from? What is the purpose of my birth? Why was I born? Neetaji helped me know my real self. I feel like I have been reborn again, just now. I want to thank her from my heart. As humans, we have many unanswered questions in our hearts. If you want answers to these questions of life, you must meet Neetaji.

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    - Shaji Kuniyil
  • I have to say Indra mala and Gauri Shankar katha java malas is indeed very powerful put together by my Guru Neetaji

    Good morning Namaste My Dear GuruNeetaji This is updates on mom conditions after she wore the recommendations from you. Its about seven days now her condition improve tremendously. She is not confuse, she realize her own name and able to use her spoon to feed herself. She recognize who I am and able to remember my name as her daughter while I was feeding her. I am very very thankful for the Divine Grace of Lord Shiva and Guru Neetaji and the rest of rudra centre for helping healing my mom illness no words is enough to say thank you. I been with rudra centre since 2010 and still very satisfied close

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  • I must say that no other Rudraksha so far has given me the effect same as '1 mukhi java Rudraksha'

    I have been very grateful to RR team for over many years in helping me showing the path towards devotion of Lord Shiva. I must say that no other Rudraksha so far has given me the effect same as '1 mukhi java Rudraksha'. You do not need any other Rudraksha once you have 1 mukhi java. Within a year after wearing it following things happened: -After 4 years of struggle suddenly got Finances enough to purchase own house. -Got salary raise in the beginning of the year. -Got blessed with baby boy. -Got promotion few days back with good salary raise again. -Younger sister got a good match and got mar close

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