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When is Akshaya Tritiya? Date, Time and Tithi

Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, (Saturday, April 22, 2023) is a highly auspicious and sacred day for the Hindu and Jain communities. Since it is considered to be the most auspicious day, all the activities (spiritual or material) undertaken on this day bring desired results. It offers the best time especially for those engaged in spiritual activities like meditation, yoga, japa, reading scriptures and the like.

As per Vedic literatures, any auspicious day must be utilized for cultivating spiritual strengths. This is done through reading of scriptures, special pujas, the family deity worship (Ishta Dev), charities, offering homage to one’s ancestors, associated with devotees, feeding Brahmins, planting and watering trees, feeding the poor, sponsoring education and the like. When these activities are performed on this day, one acquires spiritual strengths to perform their prescribed karmas. And as a result, one gradually attains both, spiritual wealth and material opulence.

Akshay Tritiya is falls on the third lunar day of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha Month (April-May). ‘Vaishakha’ in Sanskrit also means a churning stick. It is the month to churn out the essence, the substance, the most auspicious or the purest. All the festivals falling in Vaishakha Month focus on purifying through the auspicious means. Parashurama Jayanti is celebrated in this month because Lord Vishnu incarnated as Parashurama the Warrior to purify this mother earth of the unruly kings that had plagued her with their atrocities. Ganga Saptami is celebrated in this month because she had descended through Shiva to purify the ancestors of King Bhagirath. Chaitra Purnima in this month is dedicated to Lord Yama purifies the sinned. On this day Sun and Moon are at the height of their brightness on this day. Brightness of the Sun is like consciousness in the body and that of the Moon is like that strength of one’s mind (Moon rules your mind). Both, the mind and the body, can quickly be purified on this day. Once purified, the mind and the body are harmonized to produce a blissful state that everyone in the world aspires to have.

Akshaya Tritiya Significance:

The Sanskrit word
‘Akshaya’ comprises of
‘A’ (not) and ‘Kshaya’
(erode). It means that
which does nor decay,
diminish or erode.

The Sanskrit word ‘Akshaya’ comprises of ‘A’ (not) and ‘Kshaya’ (erode). It means that which does nor decay, diminish or erode. Results of an activity on this day do not diminish. Instead, they multiply. According to scriptures, there are two kinds of activities. One pertains to one’s body (physical/material) and the other to one’s soul (spiritual). The former is subject to erosion (impermanent in nature) and the latter is associated with eternal bliss (permanent in nature). Results from activities associated with the body are not permanent where those from activities associated with one’s true nature (soul) are permanent and never diminish. Therefore, the benefits of performing Meditation, Japa, Yajna, Pitra-Tarpan (offerings to one’s ancestors), Dan-Punya (Charities) on this day are permanent because they satisfy one’s inner self (soul).

What to Do on Akshaya Tritiya Festival?

What to do on Akshaya Tritiya? How To Celebrate? Buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is considered one of the most auspicious festivals since it is the day of manifold blessings. It marks the setting of Treta Yuga among the other three Yugas (Satya, Dwarpa and Kali). Any good work performed on this day will surely invoke manifold Divine results. Buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya is believed to invite endless fortune into one's life. 'Endless fortune' means auspicious presence of Lakshmi.

Reasons to buy gold:
  • When it comes to buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya, there are many reasons. The commonest reason is that it is the most auspicious time to purchase wealth especially gold for akshaya means never-ending one who buys wealth on this day sees the increase in opulence.
  • It is believed that on this day Kubera attained the post of the treasurer. Therefore, buying and worshiping gold pleases him.
  • However an important reason to buy gold on this festival the month of Shravana (July-August). Period between these months is favorable for engagements and marriages. Families in the Hindu society buy gold and ornaments on Akshaya Tritiya two months before Shravana. It makes the most logical sense to buy gold and ornaments in advance. Even marriage ceremony performed on Akshaya Tritiya is considered very auspicious and brings stability and harmony.

When is Akshaya Tritiya / Akshaya Tritiya Muhurat Details 2023

Puja Muhurat

Particular Date & Day Time starts Time ends
Akshaya Tithi April 22, 2023

07:49 AM  
Puja Muhurat

April 22, 2023 07:49 AM 12:37 PM
Akshaya Tithi

April 23, 2023   07:47 AM

Auspicious time (Muhurat) to buy Gold

Date & Day Time starts Time ends
Tuesday, April 23, 2023 07:49 AM 06:16 AM

Akshaya Tritiya Puja and Yagna

Akshaya Tritiya Puja and Yagna

Akshaya Tritiya is said to the most auspicious day of the year. Any charity or good act performed, or gold purchased or puja conducted on this day never diminishes and continues to grow or appreciate. It is day is ruled by Lord Vishnu. He is worshipped along with Laxmi and Kuber on this day. According to Hindu mythology Treta Yuga began on Akshaya Tritiya day.

Benefits of this Puja:
● For divine grace of Vishnu, Laxmi and Kuber
● For undiminishing wealth and good fortune
● For success in career with name and fame
● For spiritual upliftment and desire fulfilment
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How to do Akshaya Tritiya Puja at Home

The significance of Akshaya Tritiya is to usher infinite abundance of prosperity, wealth, good health and more. Lord Vishnu is the main Deity to worship along with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera. At the Akshaya Tritiya muhurat, perform the puja to gain maximum benefit, though every moment of this glorious day is considered auspicious, a day of Sarvasidhi Muhurat.

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Vidhi

After having a bath in the early hours of the morning preferably in a river or mix a bit of Gangajal with your bathing water. Clean your room and Puja altar and place the idols of Lord Vishnu, Maa Laxmi, Lord Kuber. Perform Abhishekham of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi with a mixture of Cow Milk, Honey, Curd, Ghee, Sugar and Water. Tulsi leaves soaked in water is offered to the deities. Offer Akshat, Sandalwood paste to Lord Vishnu and Kumkum to Goddess Lakshmi. Offer Barley, Wheat, Sesame Seeds, Chana Dal, Sweets made of Milk, Kheer and other home-made vegetarian food as Naivedyam. Light Kapur, Ghee Diya, Incense. Lotus and other flowers should be offered in honour of the Divine Deities and pray with a pure heart. Through the Akshaya Tritiya pooja, keep chanting Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Kuber Mantras.

Gather all family members and perform Aarti. Gold coins, jewellery bought on Akshaya Tritiya should be placed in front of the deities in Puja altar to garner Divine blessings.

Mantras for Akshaya Tritiya

On the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya chanting of Mantras is an integral part of performing Akshaya Tritiya Pooja. While performing Abhishekham and later too, keep chanting Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber Mantras.

Some Akshaya Tritiy Mantras:-

While bathing in the morning this is a Mantra which can be chanted, honouring Ganga and other Rivers of India.

Gange Ca Yamune Caiva Godaavari Sarasvati |
Narmade Sindhu Kaaveri Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru ||

Lord Ganesha Mantra -

Om Gam Ganapataya Namaha ||
Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha |
Nirvighnam Kurume Deva Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada ||

Lord Vishnu Mantras-

1) Om Namo Narayanaya।।
2) Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya।।
3) Shantakaram Bhujagashayanam Padmanabham Suresham
Vishvadharam Gaganasadrisham Meghavarnam Shubhangam
Lakshmikantam Kamalanayanam Yogibhirdhyanagamyam
Vande Vishnum Bhavabhayaharam Sarvalokaikanatham।।

Chanting the Vishnu Saharanama, is highly recommended as it is a Stotram with the thousand (1000) names of Lord Vishnu and is one of the best way to please, worship and honour Him.

Goddess Lakshmi Mantra -

1) Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhayo Namah॥
2) Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dheemahi
Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om॥

Lord Kuber Mantra -

Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhanadhanyadhipataye
Dhanadhanyasamriddhim Me Dehi Dapaya Svaha॥
"Kubera Twam Danadesam Gruha Te Kamala Sithta
Tam Devam Prehayasu Twam Madgruge te namo Namah ॥

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Why is Akshaya Tritiya Celebrated?

Akshaya Titiya is considered a very powerful and auspicious day and is celebrated by Hindus and Jains in India, Nepal and rest of the World. Akshaya Tritiya importance as a day is mainly to get Divine's blessings of infinite wealth, prosperity and abundance. Akshaya Tritiya festival has many significant events/incidences connected to it.

1) The iconic Indian Epic Mahabharata, which was narrated by Rishi Veda Vyasa to Lord Ganesha to write. It was on the day of Akshaya Tritiya that the narration and writing commenced.

2) Lord Krishna's close childhood friend, Sudama, was extremely poor and the Lord was the King of Dwarka. An interesting Akshaya Tritiya story says, once Sudama decided to visit his friend Lord Krishna to request for some financial help. As they were meeting after several years Sudama carried a gift. The gift was some Poha(flat rice) made by his wife. When Sudama arrived, Lord Krishna personally went to receive him from the gates and presented with a Royal treatment and hospitality. It is depicted in the story that Lord Krishna washed Sudama's tired feet Himself. Sudama was extremely conscious of his gift but Lord Krishna with child like enthusiasm snatched it from him and ate happily ate the Poha. The two friends spent some memorable time together. Upon returning Sudama found his mere hut of a house was transformed into a proper house, his children and wife were in good clothes and there was money and wealth, which never diminished. Thus Sudama was gifted by Lord Krishna with unending prosperity and wealth. This happened on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, a day of unending wealth, by grace of Lord Krishna.

3) Legend has it that when the Pandavas were in exile in the jungle, Yudhishtira, the eldest of Pandavas was presented by Surya Devta (Sun God), with a Akshaya Patra, a bowl which could produce an inexhaustible supply of food. Thus the Pandavas never had to go hungry, even though they were in the jungle.

4) Lord Kuber was granted the prestigious post of being in charge and control of Heavenly wealth and treasures on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. Though Kubera was a Demon or Rakshasha, He was promoted to the status of Lordship. Thus Lord Kubera is worshipped on Akshaya Tritiya to be blessed with opulence, wealth, treasures, luxuries and to ensure the increase and protection of wealth.

5) One of the ten Lord Vishnu's Avatar, Parasurama was born on Akshaya Tritiya, in the Treta Yug.

6) On the Day of Akshaya Tritiya, Goddess Ganga(River Ganga) agreed to descend to Earth,being pleased with King Bhagiratha's austere penance. Her force of flow was so strong that it could have flooded the Earth. Bhagiratha then requested Lord Siva to help. Lord Shiva contained Goddess Ganga's flow in His matted hair. Thus Ganga flowed down to Earth with a controlled force, and till now keeps us in India supplied with limitless water and food.

7) Lord Rishabha, the first Jain Tirthankara, broke His year-long fast on this day by sipping on Sugarcane juice. Lord Rishabha was actually a King who renounced everything when He realized the truth that death is inevitable. This day is celebrated by the Jain community in honour of Lord Rishabha.

Details about Fasting on Akshaya Tritiya and its Benefits

Observing fast on this day is considered meritorious. The fast has to be kept afterhaving bath early in the morning. Offer water to the rising Sun. Then post carrying out the rituals of offering Akshat, Sandalwood paste, Flowers, Naivedyam and chanting Mantras, take the Sankalpa of keeping the day long fast. You may observe a dry fast or a fast in which you drink water but abstain from food. It is also believed that the fast should not be broken on this day, so many devotees break the fast only on the next day. Remain in a spiritual mode, keep chanting Mantras and Stotras of Supreme Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi through the day.

Akshaya Tritiya Fast Benefits -

Observing fast on this day is said to benefit the worshipper and his/her family with increasing wealth, good health, happiness, luxuries, harmonious relationships, peace, abundance and all round well being. The devotee is showered with profitable opportunities, good luck, protection of wealth are gifts of keeping a fast on this day. Immense blessings of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Kubera is gained and the desires of the devotee are fulfilled easily.

Rudra Centre Puja Services performed Akshay Tritya Maha Puja on Tue, May 3, 2022

Rudra Centre Puja Services performed Akshay Tritya Puja on Tue, May 3, 2022 with 11000 recitations of Vishnu Shantakaram mantra, recitation of Laxmi Suktam & Kuber Strotra. Prayers were offered to Vishnu, Laxmi & Kuber for showering their blessings of prosperity and abundance.

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Akshaya Tritiya in Jainism, Story of King Rishabha Deva

King Rishabha Deva

The Jain community in India commemorates Lord Rishabha’s ending his one year fast by drinking sugarcane juice in his cupped hands on Akshaya Tritiya. Lord Rishabha was the first tirthankara (one who takes others to Tirtha or a holy place across the river of birth and death).

According to the Jain texts, when King Rishabha ruled the earth millions of years ago, people under his rule always prospered because the earth had countless kalpavriksha, the wish-fulfilling trees. There was practically not a single sign of unhappiness, distress or anxiety. When the ager owing to its natural order progressed, the efficacies of those trees diminished and the people started experiencing mental, emotional and bodily discomfort. Soon, they approached the King seeking His help. The King in order to maintain their state of contentment or inner satisfaction taught them six professions:

Lord Rishabha, the first
tirthankar of Jainism,
broke His fast by
sipping sugarcane juice
on Akshaya Tritiya.

  • Asi (swordsmanship for protection) for those inclined toward protecting the innocent: Kshatriyas
  • Masi (writing skills) for those inclined toward sharing their observations, experiences etc.: Poets, Thinkers and Philosophers.
  • Krishi (agriculture) for those inclined toward honoring Bhumi (earth), nature and feeding others: Farmers.
  • Vidya (knowledge) for those inclined toward enlightening and spiritualizing others: Brahmins, Seekers, Yogis, Jnanis and Devotees.
  • Vanijya (trade and commerce) for those inclined toward earning livelihood for their families and also for sense-gratification: Vaishyas or mercantile communities.
  • Shilp (crafts) for those inclined toward finding beauty in natural materials and preserving the cultures: craftsmen, potters and sculptors.

By engaging His people in these activities, King Rishabh ensured that these occupations helped them keep their impermanent bodies (occupied in the prescribed work) and permanent soul (the real unending self) in a complete harmony with each other.

Once, Lord Indra organized a dance performance by the celestial dancers in the royal assembly of King Rishabha. One of the dancers was Nilanjala who, due to vigorous, intensive dance, fainted and died. Shaken by the event, King Rishabha realized that everything in the world is temporary and is destined to be destroyed in due course of time. After this, he renounced everything and wandered as an ascetic until he realized the permanent eternal nature of his real self (soul which does not diminish) and took sugarcane juice, offered by his great grandson, as the first ahara (alms) on Akshaya Tritiya to break his fast.

Akshaya Trititya and Birth of Parashurama

Akshaya Trititya and Birth of Parashurama

This festival marks the birth of Lord Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. ‘Parashurama’ means ‘Rama with an Axe’. He was born in a Brahamana family to Jamadagni and Renuka. He appeared in the times when the earth was burdened by the overwhelming military forces owned by ruthless, demonic Kshatriya kings. When His family was tormented by the ruling class, He picked His axe to teach them a lesson. However, when His father who resisted the confiscation of the family cow was killed, Parashurama picked His axe again and killed all such demonic kings twenty one times.

Lord Parashurama is characterized by aggression, warfare and valor and also by serenity, prudence and patience. He used all the former traits to relieve the earth of those kings restorting her to its natural state and used the latter traits to treat Brahmins, children, women, old men and other weaker sections of the society.

Akshaya Trititya and Mahabharata

Akshaya Trititya and Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is one of the most scared Vedic epics brimming with moral legends and lofty philosophies. It was compiled by Veda Vyasa and penned down by Lord Ganesh at his request on a condition that the dictations continued without any interruptions or breaks. The entire epic revolves around the struggle to win the throne of Hastinapur (present Delhi). It narrates the story of two sets of cousins--the five sons of the deceased king Pandu and the one hundred sons of blind King Dhritarashtra. The two come become bitter rivals for possession of the ancestral Bharata kingdom with its capital in the "City of the Elephant," Hastinapura, on the Ganga river in north central India.

Vyas Muni recited
the Mahabharata
to Lord Ganesh on
Akshaya Tritiya.

However the central part of this magnum opus is the Bhagavad Gita, an enlightening conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. The crux of this conversation is that the physical body (material) is useless, impermanent in nature. What is permanent (Akshaya) is one’s real self (soul). Considering this mystery, one should perform their prescribed duties with the main focus on the unending, eternal soul.

Akshaya Tritiya & Ganga’s Decent on this Earth

Akshaya Tritiya & Ganga’s Decent on this Earth

It is widely said that Ganga (Ganges) descended on this planet on the day of Akshaya Tritaya. Ganga is one of the seven prominent sacred rivers of India. As per Vedic literatures, a celebrated king by the name Sagara of the Suryavansha dynasty ruled this earthly planet in the Satya Age (Satya Yuga).

Married to the princess of Vidarbha, and the other princess from the royal Sivi dynasty, he was an ancestor of King Bhagiratha, King Dasharatha and Prince Rama (An incarnation of Lord Krishna).

It all started with King Sagara who once, with the help of qualified Brahmins, performed Ashwamedha Yajna , a horse sacrifice where horses (Ashwa in Sanskrit), dear to any king, were to be sacrificed.

River Ganga
(Ganges) descended
on this planet on
the day of
Akshaya Tritaya.

This was in order to prove the King ´s sovereignty. The King of Heaven Indra began who envied the rising sovereignty of King Sagara stole the horses through his mystic powers and left them at the ashram of Sage Kapila. King Sagara’s sons (60,000 in numbers) thinking that Kapila is the thief prepared to attack him but he burned their bodies (cursed them).

Repenting his sons’ reckless act, King Sagara asked Kapila to forgive them. The sage said that they could all be freed from the curse if Ganga Devi comes down to earth and relieves them in her waters. King Sagara’s great-great-grandson, Bhagiratha performed severe penances and pleased Goddess Ganga to descend. However, she said that her incessant currents of water may devastate the earth and desired someone to break the water flow. Bhagiratth prayed to Lord Shiva to break the flow of water. Lord Shiva, pleased with his devotion, fulfilled his desired and took on Him the flow of water onto His head. Later, all the sons of King Sagara returned to their natural state and achieved their eternal (akshaya) posts in the heavens.

Akshaya Tritiya and the story of Sudama meeting Krishna

Sudama meeting Krishna

Who hasn’t read or heard about the glorious meeting of the poor Brahmin Sudama and the royal king of Dwarka, Lord Krishna? On this day, Sudama met his intimate friend Shri Krishna at His royal palace. The Tenth Canto (Skanda) of Srimad Bhagavatam narrates the meeting between the two after a very long time.

Sudama lived a poor life but with all brahminical qualities namely truthfulness, equanimity, sense control, forbearance, simplicity, general knowledge, transcendental knowledge and firm faith in the Vedic wisdom. With these qualities, he was self-satisfied and never hankered after material opulence or wealth.

Both of them studied together at the ashram of Sandipani Muni who was their teacher and spiritual master. Their friendship disregarded a tinge of discrimination on the basis of social division or caste. They friendship was cemented over a period of years until they parted their ways. Sudama with his wife and child continued to face the brunt of poverty and hard times whereas Lord Krishna enjoyed a life full of opulence.

Sudam appeared to be very poor with no rich dress for himself or for his wife; their family condition was not very laudable. The couple was not even eating sufficiently and appeared to be very thin. His wife trembled due to her weak health. She asked her husband to approach Krishna for help. Despite resistance to his wife’s desire, he set out to meet Krishna carrying a bale of chipped rice. When Sudama reached and saw the royal palace of Krishna, he was awestruck and found himself hesitant to offer the paltry chipped rice. Upon hearing Sudama’s arrival, Lord Krishna rushed to receive him. After giving him a pleasing reception, both engaged in friendly childhood talks.

Realizing that Sudama is hesitant to present chipped rice cooked by his wife, Lord Krishna insisted that he without feeling shy offer it to Him. Sudama decided to present it but seeing the royal ladies and staff in their opulent state, he coiled back and decided not to give.

Sudama and Lord Krishna,
the two intimate
friends, reunited
on this day.

Out of a friendly gesture, Krishna snatched the chipped rice bale away from him and took a morsel of the same. Rukamani, who is fortune personified or Lakshmi Herself, noticed it and said that when the Lord takes one morsel of food offered to Him in devotion, the devotee’s present life becomes full of opulence. When the Lord takes the second morsel, the next life of his becomes full of opulence.

When Sudama returned his home, he was astonished to see the grand glittering palaces made of valuable stones and jewels with parks full of beautiful men and women, lakes full of lotus flowers and beautiful lilies, and multicolored birds. Seeing the wonderful conversion of his native place, Sudama was speechless and wondering. His wife arrived in a beautiful dress and bowed down at her husband’s feet.

It is said that Lord Krishna and His intimate friend reunited on Akshaya Tritiya. The Lord accepts a devotee in any of these six states: A passive state, an active state, a friend, a parent and conjugal lover. Anyone uniting with the Lord in these states remains with Him eternally. Despite a long separation, Sudama and Krishna had to reunite because of their eternal (akshaya) relationship. Because of this reunion, Sudama achieved unlimited wealth from his friend.

Akshaya Tirtitya and Lord Kubera:

Akshaya Tirtitya and Lord Kubera:

It is said that Lord Kubera received the highly opulent post of controlling unlimited heavenly treasures on this day. Kubera once ruled Lanka but his scheming step-brother Ravana attacked the city and seized everything from him. A demonic Ravana unable to tolerate his brother and banished him. In the Ramayana, his severe tapasay and austere life are described. Vishwakarma constructed a city called Alkapuri near Mount Kailasha. As per the Mahabharata, Lord Brahma bestowed upon him the lordship of wealth, association with Shiva, godhood and the control of North direction. Worshiping Lord Kubera on Akshaya Tritity is auspicious for your hard-earned wealth and assets with his blessings continue to grow.

Akshaya Tirtitya and Pandavas blessed with Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Tirtitya and Pandavas blessed with Akshaya Patra

On this day, the Pandavas received Akshaya Patra (inexhaustible vessel) from the Sun god. When the Pandavas lived in exile, many dignitaries, kings, ministers and other heads from different states used to visit them. Although deprived of their royal opulence and eating roots and fruits, the Pandavas still appeared dignified and humble to receive visitors and guests.

Once, Lord Krishna with an army of His men appeared on the scene to see them. Received well by the five brothers, Lord Krishna realized that Draupadi remained inside the kitchen, hesitant to come out. He walked into the kitchen and greeted His sister. Weeping, she offered Him an empty bowl of rice and regretted her inability to serve Him in the excepted way. He however found one grain of rice and had it, feeling completely satisfied. Not only Krishna did feel satisfied but also the whole universe and every living being felt the same that day because it was offered in love and devotion.

On this day, the
Pandavas were
blessed by Krishna
to obtain Akshay
Patra from Sun god.

The above event happened on the day which is celebrated today as Akshaya Tritiya. Lord Krishna blessed then saying they will receive an exhaustible from Surya, the Sun god which will produce and offer unlimited food until Draupadi eats from it last. The food-giving Akshaya Patra gifted to the Pandavas represent the necessities of life. It is the day when one should offer food to the poor an feed Brahmins so that their home is never deprived of food.

Following are the charities (Daanam) one can undertake:

  • Jala Daanam: One can offer jala or water to Brahmins with betel nuts and donate to them dakshina, offerings in one's capacity.
  • Shayana Daanam: One can donate beds to the needy or the underprivileged.
  • Vasthra Daanam: Vasthra means clothes. One may donate clothes to the needy and be blessed with a long life.
  • Kunkum daanam: Donating kumkum blesses the donor with higher status in life and the women are blessed with their husbands getting a longer life.
  • Chandana daanam: Just like others mentioned above, donation of Sandalwood protects the donor from untimely accidents and inauspicious.
  • Thamboolam: Giving Thamboolam or betel leaf invites prosperity into one's life. Thamboolam epitomizes spiritual strength and prosperity. It is believed that the betel leaf was produced during the churning of the ocean aimed at extracting amrita, nectar and the leaf is also the abode of all the demigods.
  • Naarikela Daanam: Donating Naarikela, coconuts to Brahmins relieve our ancestors from agonies of the underworld.
  • Butter milk daanam: Offering butter milk as a charity blesses the donor with vidya prapti, attainment of knowledge.
  • Udakumbha Daanam: Giving water contained in a bronze or silver vessel along with camphor, saffron, basil leaves (Tulasi) and betel nut assures one of having their desires fulfilled soon. Those who seek a suitable life partner, want to have a child and want to get rid of ancestral curses (Pitru Shraap) must perform this charity on Akshaya Tritiya.
  • Padaraksha: Donating padaraksha, slippers, shoes, chappals or any footwear will ensure that the donor's life gets purified and is never subjected to entering Hellish planets after death.
  • Chatra Daanam: Offering chatra, an umbrella to the needy removes unexpected obstacles from one's life.

Apart from the above donations, one can also donate wheat which is believed to please the King of Heaven, Lord Indra who is in charge of rains. And the sufficient rains help grow plants and vegetation on Earth.

You may select the donation of your choice or may do all of them. With donations you will be able to work out bad karma that is impacting your life and will put you on the path to realize your true self and your relationship with the Creator.

Holy Bath: Taking bath in the holy river rids one of all inauspiciousness and bad karma. One may take bath before sunrise in one of the Holy Rivers; Ganges, Yamuna, Godavari, Sindhu, Saraswati, Narmada, Krishna, Bhagirathi, Gandaki, Gomathi, Kaveri and Phalgu.

Akshaya Tritiya Special Pujas

Akshaya Tritiya Puja and Yagna Akshaya Tritiya Puja and Yagna

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the highly auspicious days of the year. Performing even an ordinary activity produces good results, what to speak of pleasing the gods? This day dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. Three of them are associated with peace, wealth and auspiciousness. It best to perform this Puja and yagna on Akshaya Tritiya so that you receive material growth and prosperity. Book this puja. Know More

Laxmi Narayana Puja and YajnaLaxmi Narayana Puja and Yajna

Performing Lakshmi Narayan Puja and Yajna on Akshaya Tritiya is supremely beneficial. One who worships Vishni automatically worships Lakshmi because She eternally lives with Her Lord in Vaikuntha. Whenever He takes an avatar, She follows Him. She is associated with wealth, prosperity and abundance in material as well as spiritual wealth. Book this puja

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Kubera Puja Mantra Japa and Yajna Kubera Puja Mantra Japa and Yajna

Performing Kubera Puja Mantra Japa and Yajna on Akshaya Tritiya is best for wealth and assets. Kubera the god of wealth is described in various Vedic scriptures as the ruler of north and a protector of the world or Lokpala. He is extolled as the owner of the treasures of the world. Kubera is a devotee and a companion of Lord Shiva. Book this puja

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Puja for Purchasing AssetsPuja for Purchasing Assets

This Puja helps in purchase of various assets such as house, vehicle or land. It includes the worship of Goddess Bhumidevi who fulfills your desires and wishes. Goddess Bhumidevi is associated with the energy of land and is also a form of Goddess Lakshmi who denotes fortune and auspiciousness.

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Benefits of Akshaya Tritiya Pujas

  • Attracts wealth, money and richness
  • Offers wisdom, intelligence and prosperity
  • Best for success in business and career
  • Offers blessings of Lord Narayana and Goddess Laxmi
  • For protection, good health and happy family life
  • For success and removal of obstacles in Business and Career
  • For spiritual upliftment and benefits
  • For protection and relief from diseases

Akshaya Tritiya Special Products

Yellow Jade Vastu Tree (Good Luck Tree) Yellow Jade Vastu Tree (Good Luck Tree)

Magnificent tree made of uncut Yellow Jade gemstones. Attracts joy and happiness, success, name and fame. Enhances good health and energy.

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Fortune ChowkiFortune Chowki

Known as Om Saubhagya Laxmi Ganesh Yantra, this chowki is one of the most auspicious for the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Best kept in office, shop or show room.

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Mahalakshmi Yantra LocketMahalakshmi Yantra Locket

An energized and auspicious locket that contains the divine energy of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Attracts fortune, abundance, prosperity, progress and income and opportunities in business.

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Lucky Bracelet:Lucky Bracelet:

Made in pure silver, this Yantra bracelet brings fortune for those in stock markets or in the fields where speculative skills are required.

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Lakshmi Charan Kada For Fortune:Lakshmi Charan Kada For Fortune

An auspicious bangle (Kada) in pure silver has images of Goddess Laxmi Footprints (Shripada). Wearing this Kada provides upliftment, good fortune and prosperity.

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Kuber Bracelet Kuber Bracelet

Made in heavy pure silver, this magnificent bracelet has Lord Kuber Yantra on it. The owner of the Yantra will never be lacking money material comforts.

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Pure Siddha Parad Mala (Mercury)Pure Siddha Parad Mala (Mercury)

A very powerful, energized Pure Siddha Parad Mala made with pure Parad (Mercury) for peace, prosperity, health and spiritual growth.

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Dhan KuberaDhan Kubera

Dhan Kubera Idol: This idol made of brass attracts abundant wealth, prosperity and success. Best placed at your office or home can increase your wealth.

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  • My mom feels a difference and feels very relaxed

    I want to thank you for making recommendations to my mom. She's been wearing the blue s ring, 7 mukhi with lakshmi pendant, and bracelet of 14 and 18 mukhi. She feels a difference and feels very relaxed. She's very happy with all the items. close

    - S Cynthia
  • Feedback about supreme kavacham

    Hi Aashish sir, Want to say Thank you to God that I found about Rudraksha Ratna website and your number. It's been almost 40 days now, I'm wearing this rudraksha combination and I feel much better. This has worked like magic. I was very skeptical about rudraksha in the beginning and was tired of consulting renowned astrologers without any success. Rudraksha combination which you have given made a visible difference with some  problems I had. Most importantly, after a break of 18 months, I had no hopes of getting a good job on IT, but I got a very good offer for a higher position than expe close

    - Priyanka
  • Dear Neetaji Namaste, I would like to say big thanks to u because u sent mala n arm bracelet strung as per RRST is feeling so effective n miraculous.I got mala,bracelet  n blue Sapphire ring at proper time.Within a span of 20-25 days showing their effect...like peace of mind,fear phobia gone,confidence,concentration level increasing. Now I have decided not to quit the same business and wish to make it more successful...So nice of u Mam  ..thanks a lot. Once again thanks a lot from the big bottom of my heart for bringing back my train on right track. With regards Shailesh Bhonde close

    - Shailesh B
  • I am online shopper tried so many websites specially for indian stuff, you guys are the best.

    Namaskaar Neeta ji First of all i want  to thanks and appreciate the work you doing love   your website, prices are so affordable and low and quality of products and services are A+ ,yesterday I received my 1st order, wow unbelievable this quick, superb packaging and excellent  quality. I am online shopper  tried  so many websites specially for indian stuff, you guys are the best .Thanks to  all  Rudra team. Regards Gurpreet close

    - Gurpreet
  • Excellence Service

    Hi Rudra Centre" i have Received my items parcel"send by DHL"Arrived on time Wow the Beads Bracelets are so Auspicious Looks wonderful nice packaging. Thank you so much to Mdm Neetha Singhal And her Rudra Centre personnels EXCELLENCE SERVICE"...   Tommascano close

    - Tommascano
  • I have received the items and it is in perfect condition

    Thank you so much sir.. I have received the items and it is in perfect condition and im very much satisfied..may Bhagwan SreeHari bless with much devotions and luck with material well being and spiritual strength ...thank you so much Adeyen SriRamanuja Dasan close

    - Adeyen SriRamanuja Dasan
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