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Sr. No. Goddess Kali Name Meaning
1 Siddha She Who has Attained Perfection.
2 Svayambhukusumapriya She Who is the Beloved of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
3 Vyaktavyaktatmika murtih She Who is the Image of the Manifest and Unmanisfested Soul
4 Kulina She who is excellence
5 Svayambhupspapalika She Who is the Protector of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
6 Trikonastha She Who Resides in a Triangle.
7 Punyadeha She Who Embodies Merit
8 Priya She Who is the Beloved
9 Purapunyavibhusana She Who Illuminated the Fullest Merit.
10 Ugracandesvari She Who is the Ruler of Fearful Passion.
11 Sumantra She Who is the Excellent Mantra Which Takes Away the Mind.
12 Purabhairavi She Who is in the Cremation Ground Where All Fear Ends.
13 Padamukhi She Who has Lotus Mouth.
14 Sadhya She Who is the Performer of All Discipline.
15 Khecari She Whose Spirit Soars.
16 Sadhakottama-
She Who is the Female Sadhu of all Excellent Sadhus.
17 Jayada She Who is the Giver of Victory.
18 Svayambhupukakaprajna She Who is the Supreme Wisdom of Worship of that Which is Born by itself.
19 Lingabhidhayini She Who is a Progenitor of the Subtle Body.
20 Janani She who is Mother
Sr. No. Goddess Kali Name Meaning
21 Satcakrabhedanakari She Who Pierce the Six Centers of Energy.
22 Rksamarthavanilaya She Who resides in the Three vedas
23 Sukhada She Who is the Giver of Happiness or Comfort.
24 Gandharvi She Who sings Celestial divine tunes.
25 Visista She Who is Especially Beloved.
26 Dhairya She Who is Determination.
27 Nanamaniparisphury-
She Who Wears Bracelets Shining with Various Gems and Jewels.
28 Kamabijesvari She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the seed of Desire.
29 Kallolasnigdharupini She Who is the Intrinic Nature of Attachment to the Family.
30 Saradenduprasannasya She Who is pleased as the Autumn Moon
31 Parighastra ca She Who Holds the Weapon of Good Actions
32 Kumari She who is ever pure
33 Durasaya She Who Resides in the Distance
34 Kalamanjiraranjini She Who Enjoys the Tinkling of Cymbals to Accompany Devotional Chanting.
35 Svayambhukusumakula  She Who is the Family of the Flower Which is Born by Itself.
36 Mahendrani She Who is the Great Energy of the Ruler of the Pure.
37 Kamasundari She who si Beautiful Desire
38 Svayambhupujakapriya She Who is the Beloved of the Worship of that Which is Born by Itself.
39 Jagadhandhuh She Who is the Friend of the Perceivable Universe.
40 Dustasamhartri She Who Dissolves All Evil.

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Sr. No. Goddess Kali Name Meaning
41 Lopamudra She Who is the Manifestation of The Which Is Beyond Manifested Existence.
42 Jagadisvari She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Perceivable Universe.
43 Padmaragam-
She Whose Lotus-like Body is the Illuminator of the Four Vedas.
44 Satkirttih She Who is True Fame.
45 Ghorarava She Whose Sound is Terrible
46 Yogini She Who is Always in Union.
47 Pancadasi She Who is the Fifteen Lettered One.
48 Raktasevtatiraktini She Who Becomes Extremely Passionate with the Selfless Service of Passion.
49 Sunyanivasini She Who Resides in Silencee.
50 Dhyeya She Who is Meditated Upon.
51 Sukrapujya She Who is Worshipped by Purity.
52 Linganivasini She Who resided Within the Subtle Body.
53 Kundapuspasadapritih She Who is the Beloved of All the Flowers in the Receptacle.
54 Kumatih She Who has a Devious Mind
55 Usma She Who is the Mother of Circumstances.
56 Jagaddhatri  She Who creates the Perceivable Universe.
57 Mandahasa She Whose Mind Always Laughs.
58 Gandhari She Who Wears an Excellent Scent.
59 Srih She Who is Respect
60 Sakambhari She Who Nourishes With Vegetables.
61 Svayambhupuspanirata She Who is Absorbed in the Essence of the Flower Which is Born of Itself.
62 Sreyasi She Who is the Ultimate.
63 Bhusundi She Who Holds the Sling.
64 Mahatripurasundari She Who is the great Beautiful One of the Three Cities.
65 Vrddhamata She Who is the Mother of the Aged.
66 Cakrini She Who Holds a discuss.
67 Yava She Who is Passion.
68 Kumaripujanarata She Who enjoys the Worship of the Ever Pure One.
69 Daityendramathini She Who is Welcomed by the Leader of All Asuras.
70 Jyestha She Who is Oldest.
71 Samaraprita She Who Loves the Battle.
72 Sarabhi bhimanadini She Whose Sound is Extremely Loud.
73 Sarvamayi She Who is the expressions of All.
74 Acintya She Who is unthinkable.
75 Lajja She Who is Modesty.
76 Candika She Who is the Cause of Tearing Apart All thought
77 Mata She Who is the Mother.
Sr. No. Goddess Kali Name Meaning
78 Satrumardini She Who is the destroyer of All Enmity.
79 Aparna She Who is Without parts.
80 Laksmih She Who is the Goal.
81 Candavegini She who destroys all passion
82 Virajanani She Who is the Mother of All Heroes and Warriors.
83 Lingarupini She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Subtle Body.
84 Kumari She Who is the ever pure one.
85 Raktapa She Who Protects Passion
86 Sarvari She Who Gives Rest
87 Ayonija She Who Does Not Take Birth from any womb.
88 Nisumbhasumbhasamhantri She Who Dissolves Self-Deprecation and Self-Conceit.
89 Bhagatmika She Who is the Capacity for the Support of Wealth.
90 Manorama She Who is Beautiful
91 Manada She Who is the Giver of Discipline.
92 Krsna She who manifests all action
93 Pinonnatastani She Who raises the Trident in Her Hands.
94 Jnanini She Who Manifests Wisdom.
95 Vani She Who is words.
96 Bhagamalavibhusana She Who Shines Forth with the Garland of Wealth.
97 Yamuna She Who Manifests complete control.
98 Amrtanandabhairavi She Who is the Nectar of Immortality Beyond All Fear.
99 Raktakandaravandita She Who is Celebratted as the Passion of the God of Love.
100 Syamala She Who has a Dark Complexion.
101 Arundhati She Who is the Purity of Devotion, Epitome of Commitment.
102 Visva She Who is the Universe.
103 Bhitihara She Who takes away fear and Doubt
104 Varnajapamalavidhyini She Who is the Giver of the Garland of All Expressions Which can be Recited.
105 Sadhakananca Janani She Who is the Mother of the Bliss of All Sadhus.
106 Sailatanaya She Who is the Daughter of the Mountain.
107 Bhogavati She Who is the Spirit of All Enjoyment.
108 Sarvasundaryanilaya She Who is the Repository of all Beauty.

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