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Sr. No. Different Shani Names Meaning Mantra
1 Sanaischara One Who Is Slow, Slow in Motion ॐ श्री शनैश्चराय नमः। Om Shri Shanaishcharaya Namah।
2 Shanta Being Peaceful, Calm, Composed ॐ शान्ताय नमः। Om Shantaya Namah।
3 Sarvabhishta-pradayin One Who Fulfills All Desires ॐ सर्वाभीष्टप्रदायिने नमः। Om Sarvabhishtapradayine Namah||
4 Sharanya Shelter Giver, One Who Protects From Enemies ॐ शरण्याय नमः। Om Sharanyaya Namah।
5 Varenya Brilliant, Excellent; one who is admirable ॐ वरेण्याय नमः। Om Varenyaya Namah।
6 Sarvesha One Who Controls All, the Leader, the Controller of All ॐ सर्वेशाय नमः। Om Sarveshaya Namah।
7 Saumya Soft, Mild, Gentle ॐ सौम्याय नमः। Om Saumyaya Namah।
8 Suravandhaya Worshipped by Suras, gods, divine personalities ॐ सुरवन्द्याय नमः। Om Suravandyaya Namah।
9 Suralokaviharin Walking among divine gods (sura) ॐ सुरलोकविहारिणे नमः। Om Suralokaviharine Namah।
10 Sukhasanopavishta Sitting on opulence, happiness, bliss ॐ सुखासनोपविष्टाय नमः। Om Sukhasanopavishtaya Namah।
11 Sundara One who is pleasing to the eyes, Beautiful, Charming ॐ सुन्दराय नमः। Om Sundaraya Namah।
12 Ghana Solid, one who is strong, irresistible ॐ घनाय नमः। Om Ghanaya Namah।
13 Ghanarupa Solid, strength personified ॐ घनरूपाय नमः। Om Ghanarupaya Namah।
14 Ghanabharanadharin Wearing a divine iron ornament ॐ घनाभरणधारिणे नमः। Om Ghanabharanadharine Namah।
15 Ghanasaravilepa Anointed with Camphor ॐ घनसारविलेपाय नमः। Om Ghanasaravilepaya Namah।
16 Khadyota One who is light of the celestial sky ॐ खद्योताय नमः। Om Khadyotaya Namah।
17 Manda Slow in All Respects (Slow but Steady) ॐ मन्दाय नमः। Om Mandaya Namah।
18 Mandacheshta One Who Moves Slowly ॐ मन्दचेष्टाय नमः। Om Mandacheshtaya Namah।
19 Mahaniyagunatman Having Wonderful Traits ॐ महनीयगुणात्मने नमः। Om Mahaniyagunatmane Namah।
20 Martyapavanapada One who Purifies the mortals, the sinned ॐ मर्त्यपावनपदाय नमः। Om Martyapavanapadaya Namah।
Sr. No. Different Shani Names Meaning Mantra
21 Mahesha One who is a great controller ॐ महेशाय नमः। Om Maheshaya Namah।
22 Chayaputra Son of Chhaya ॐ छायापुत्राय नमः। Om Chhayaputraya Namah।
23 Sharva One who harms, injures ॐ शर्वाय नमः। Om Sharvaya Namah।
24 Shatatuniradharin One With a Quiver of a Hundred Arrows ॐ शततूणीरधारिणे नमः। Om Shatatuniradharine Namah।
25 Charasthirasvabhava One Who Innately Moves Slowly ॐ चरस्थिरस्वभावाय नमः। Om Charasthirasvabhavaya Namah।
26 Achanchala Being steady, focused ॐ अचञ्चलाय नमः। Om Achanchalaya Namah।
27 Nilavarna The one who has blue color ॐ नीलवर्णाय नमः। Om Nilavarnaya Namah।
28 Nitya Being eternal, forever ॐ नित्याय नमः। Om Nityaya Namah।
29 Nilanjananibha One Who Looks Bluish ॐ नीलाञ्जननिभाय नमः। Om Nilanjananibhaya Namah।
30 Nilambaravibhushana The One Adorned with a Blue Garment ॐ नीलाम्बरविभूशणाय नमः। Om Nilambaravibhushanaya Namah।
31 Nishchala Steady and stable ॐ निश्चलाय नमः। Om Nishchalaya Namah।ॐ निश्चलाय नमः। Om Nishchalaya Namah।
32 Vedya The One Who is to be Known ॐ वेद्याय नमः। Om Vedyaya Namah।
33 Vidhirupa Having the Form of the Sacred Precepts ॐ विधिरूपाय नमः। Om Vidhirupaya Namah।
34 Virodhadharabhumi Being the base or support of obstacles, impediments ॐ विरोधाधारभूमये नमः। Om Virodhadharabhumaye Namah।
35 Bhedaspadasvabhava One Who Eventually Separates ॐ भेदास्पदस्वभावाय नमः। Om Bhedaspadasvabhavaya Namah।
36 Vajradeha One whos body personifies a thunderbolt ॐ वज्रदेहाय नमः। Om Vajradehaya Namah।
37 Vairagyada One Who Causes Detachment ॐ वैराग्यदाय नमः। Om Vairagyadaya Namah।
38 Vira Hero, Brave ॐ वीराय नमः। Om Viraya Namah।
39 Vitarogabhaya Having no Disease or Fears or Lamentations ॐ वीतरोगभयाय नमः। Om Vitarogabhayaya Namah।
40 Vipatparamparesha One Who Brings Misfortune, Miseries ॐ विपत्परम्परेशाय नमः। Om Vipatparampareshaya Namah।

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Sr. No. Different Shani  Names Meaning Mantra
41 Vishvavandya Worshipped by the World ॐ विश्ववन्द्याय नमः। Om Vishvavandyaya Namah।
42 Gridhnavaha Whose Mount is a Vulture ॐ गृध्नवाहाय नमः। Om Gridhnavahaya Namah।
43 Gudha One Who Is Hidden ॐ गूढाय नमः। Om Gudhaya Namah।
44 Kurmanga Having a Body of a Tortoise ॐ कूर्माङ्गाय नमः। Om Kurmangaya Namah।
45 Kurupin Having Unusual Appearance ॐ कुरूपिणे नमः। Om Kurupine Namah।
46 Kutsita One Who Is Feared, Despised ॐ कुत्सिताय नमः। Om Kutsitaya Namah।
47 Gunadhya Having Good Qualities ॐ गुणाढ्याय नमः। Om Gunadhyaya Namah।
48 Gochara The One Associated with the Field of Action (Body With Senses) ॐ गोचराय नमः। Om Gocharaya Namah।
49 Avidhyamulanasha Destroying ignorance from its root ॐ अविद्यामूलनाशाय नमः। Om Avidyamulanashanaya Namah।
50 Vidhyaavidhyasvarupin Personifying Knowledge and Ignorance ॐ विद्याविद्यास्वरूपिणे नमः। Om Vidyavidyasvarupine Namah।
51 आयुष्यकारण Ayushyakarana Destroyer of the Nest made of Arrows ॐ आयुष्यकारणाय नमः। Om Ayushyakaranaya Namah।
52 Apaduddhartr Eliminating all kinds of misfortune ॐ आपदुद्धर्त्रे नमः। Om Apadurddhatre Namah।
53 Vishnubhakta Devotee of Vishnu ॐ विष्णुभक्ताय नमः। Om Vishnubhaktaya Namah।
54 Vishin One who is self-controlled ॐ वशिने नमः। Om Vishine Namah।
55 Vividhagamavedin Knowing All the Scriptures ॐ विविधागमवेदिने नमः। Om Vividhagamavedine Namah।
56 Vidhistutya Glorified  with Sacred Rites ॐ विधिस्तुत्याय नमः। Om Vidhistutyaya Namah।
57 Vandhya One who is worshipped ॐ वन्द्याय नमः। Om Vandyaya Namah।
58 Virupaksha Having Many Eyes ॐ विरूपाक्षाय नमः। Om Virupakshaya Namah।
59 Varishtha Excellent, Brilliant ॐ वरिष्ठाय नमः। Om Varishthaya Namah।
60 Garishtha Highly Honored ॐ गरिष्ठाय नमः। Om Garishthaya Namah।
61 Vajramkushaghara Holder of a Thunderbolt-Goad ॐ वज्राङ्कुशधराय नमः। Om Vajrankushadharaya Namah।
62 Varadabhayahasta Bestower of Boons and Remover of Fear ॐ वरदाभयहस्ताय नमः। Om Varadabhayahastaya Namah।
63 Vamana One who is Dwarf ॐ वामनाय नमः। Om Vamanaya Namah।
64 Jyeshthapatnisameta One whose consort is Jyestha ( Misfortune personified, Elder Sister of Lakshmi) ॐ ज्येष्ठापत्नीसमेताय नमः। Om Jyeshthapatnisametaya Namah।
65 Shreshtha Best, Brilliant ॐ श्रेष्ठाय नमः। Om Shreshthaya Namah।
66 Mitabhashin One with precise speech ॐ मितभाषिणे नमः। Om Mitabhashine Namah।
67 Kashtaughanashakartr The Destroyer of Troubles ॐ कष्टौघनाशकर्त्रे नमः। Om Kashtaughanashakartre Namah।
68 Pushtida One who blesses prosperity ॐ पुष्टिदाय नमः। Om Pushtidaya Namah।
69 Stutya Worth glorifying ॐ स्तुत्याय नमः। Om Stutyaya Namah।
70 Stotragamya One who is easily approached with the hymns of praise ॐ स्तोत्रगम्याय नमः। Om Stotragamyaya Namah।
71 Bhaktivashya One who is bound by devotion ॐ भक्तिवश्याय नमः। Om Bhaktivashyaya Namah।
72 Bhanu One who is luminous ॐ भानवे नमः। Om Bhanave Namah।
73 Bhanuputra Son of Bhanu (Surya or  Sun) ॐ भानुपुत्राय नमः। Om Bhanuputraya Namah।
74 Bhavya One who is auspicious ॐ भव्याय नमः। Om Bhavyaya Namah।
Sr. No. Different Shani  Names Meaning Mantra
75 Paavana One who purifies ॐ पावनाय नमः। Om Pavanaya Namah।
76 Dhanurmandalasamstha One who resides in the circle of a Bow ॐ धनुर्मण्डलसंस्थाय नमः। Om Dhanurmandalasamsthaya Namah।
77 Dhanada One who blesses wealth ॐ धनदाय नमः। Om Dhanadaya Namah।
78 Dhanushmat Powerful Archer ॐ धनुष्मते नमः। Om Dhanushmate Namah।
79 Tanuprakashadeha Being Thin In Appearance ॐ तनुप्रकाशदेहाय नमः। Om Tanuprakashadehaya Namah।
80 Tamasa Epitome of Tama Guna ॐ तामसाय नमः। Om Tamasaya Namah।
81 Asheshajanavandya Worshipped by all living beings Om Asheshajanavandyaya Namah।
82 Visheshaphaladayin Blesser of Fruit of Discrimination ॐ विशेषफलदायिने नमः। Om Visheshaphaladayine Namah।
83 Vashikritajanesha The Lord of self-controlled ॐ वशीकृतजनेशाय नमः। Om Vashikritajaneshaya Namah।
84 Pashunam Pati The Lord of animals ॐ पशूनां पतये नमः। Om Pashunam Pataye Namah।
85 Khechara Moving through the sky ॐ खेचराय नमः। Om Khecharaya Namah।
86 Khagesha The Lord of planets ॐ खगेशाय नमः। Om Khageshaya Namah।
87 Ghananilambara Clothed in a dense blue garment ॐ घननीलाम्बराय नमः। Om Ghananilambaraya Namah।
88 Kathinyamanasa One with the strong mind ॐ काठिन्यमानसाय नमः। Om Kathinyamanasaya Namah।
89 Aryaganastutya Praised by the Aryas ॐ आर्यगणस्तुत्याय नमः। Om Aryaganastutyaya Namah।
90 Nilachchhatra Holding a Blue Umbrella ॐ नीलच्छत्राय नमः। Om Nilachchhatraya Namah।
91 Nitya Being eternal ॐ नित्याय नमः। Om Nityaya Namah।
92 Nirguna Having no attributes ॐ निर्गुणाय नमः। Om Nirgunaya Namah।
93 Gunatman Having Many Divine Attributes ॐ गुणात्मने नमः। Om Gunatmane Namah।
94 Niramaya Having no disease ॐ निरामयाय नमः। Om Niramayaya Namah।
95 Nindya One who is blamable ॐ निन्द्याय नमः। Om Nindyaya Namah।
96 Vandaniya One who worth worshipping ॐ वन्दनीयाय नमः। Om Vandaniyaya Namah।
97 Dhira Being steady ॐ धीराय नमः। Om Dhiraya Namah।
98 Divyadeha Having a celestial body ॐ दिव्यदेहाय नमः। Om Divyadehaya Namah।
99 Dinartiharana One who eliminates suffering of the distressed ॐ दीनार्तिहरणाय नमः। Om Dinartiharanaya Namah।
100 Dainyanashakara One who destroys affliction ॐ दैन्यनाशकराय नमः। Om Dainyanashakaraya Namah।
101 Aryajanaganya The one who is a Member of the Arya race ॐ आर्यजनगण्याय नमः। Om Aryajanaganyaya Namah।
102 Krura Being cruel ॐ क्रूराय नमः। Om Kruraya Namah।
103 Kruracheshta Acting or behaving ruelly ॐ क्रूरचेष्टाय नमः। Om Kruracheshtaya Namah।
104 Kamakrodhakara Creator of Desire and Anger ॐ कामक्रोधकराय नमः। Om Kamakrodhakaraya Namah।
105 Kalatraputra-shatrutvakarana One who causes hostility with wife and son ॐ कलत्रपुत्रशत्रुत्वकारणाय नमः। Om Kalatraputrashatrutvakaranaya Namah।
106 Pariposhitabhakta One who ensures his devotees are supported ॐ परिपोषितभक्ताय नमः। Om Pariposhitabhaktaya Namah।
107 Parabhitihara Killer of Greatest Fears ॐ परभीतिहराय नमः।  Om Parabhitiharaya Namah।
108 Bhaktasanghamano-bhishtaphalada Fulfiller of desire in the minds of devotees ॐ भक्तसंघमनोऽभीष्टफलदाय नमः। Om Bhaktasanghamanoabhishtaphaladaya Namah।

Client Testimonials

Nina Nahata
Neetaji has transformed my life. She showed me how to handle the greatest sorrows, disappointments and move on in life. When my 28 year-old son died, I was completely broken. I tried many therapies. I completed Chakrayogi Level I and level II workshops with her, then I wore Rudraksha. There was such a transformation with Rudraksha. I regained my confidence, began teaching, resumed with my business again. My outlook on life changed completely. Earlier, I would miss my son and constantly ask: why me? I have never done anything wrong, never hurt anyone in life. I got all the answers after completing Chakrayogi Level II workshop with Neetaji. I will continue with my workshops, never let go of Neetaji's hand. I'm very thankful to God and to Neetaji. Another great thing about the workshops is Shailandraji's music, with which he opens up the Chakras. I had a vision of Lord Narayan while listening to his music. It was an unforgettable experience.

Piyush Shah
I am here for the Chakrayogi workshop. I learnt a lot from Neeta Ma'am. There were many unanswered questions, lot of things I couldn’t understand earlier. She helped me understand things and situations. She helped me understand a lot about spirituality. She corrected a lot of my definitions. More importantly, she helped me focus, identify my purpose in life. It's a beautiful feeling, attending the seminars conducted by her. I thank her for what she's done.

Daphne Gracias
It was a very enlightening workshop. A lot of our wrong beliefs got shattered by her enlightening words. Best part is, she explains the problem from all the angles, not just one. And we are able to see how the wrong definitions are formed and how wearer supposed to relieve them. The workshop was really beneficial. It makes you come in the Now. I was never a person who lived in the Now, was constantly swinging in all directions. But in this workshop, I was able to be in the Now. It was a beautiful workshop, Thank you Neetaji!

Shefali Shah
I want to thank Neetaji, for enabling me to know myself. For the last 15 years, I had many questions in my mind where have I come from? What is the purpose of my birth? Why was I born? Neetaji helped me know my real self. I feel like I have been reborn again, just now. I want to thank her from my heart. As humans, we have many unanswered questions in our hearts. If you want answers to these questions of life, you must meet Neetaji.

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    - Ramakrishna Laksman
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    Greetings Ms Neeta Namaste! I was so happy to speak with you on the telephone today. It is wonderful to speak with you. I am wearing the Unity pendant from my last order. Everyone I meet loves this pendant they do not realize that this is not jewellery. I am very pleased with this. Also the Ganesha mala is a most wonderful piece of workmanship and very beautiful. I love all of the malas that you make but this one is even more special. Also many thanks for the tiny 5mm beads mala which you made again for me. I only found that yesterday. I will use for Krishna mantra. Also I have not thanked y close

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    - Suresh Thoduvail
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