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Can we consume alcohol while wearing Rudraksha?

Yes, an individual can consume alcohol while wearing a Rudraksha. There are no Scriptural references or mentions which state that an individual cannot consume alcohol while wearing a Rudraksha.

The Book – 3, Chapter – 6 of the Srimad Devi Bhagvatam mentions the following

खादन्मांसं पिबन्मद्यं सङ्‌गच्छन्नन्त्यजानपि ।
पातकेभ्यो विमुच्येत रुद्राक्षं शिरसि स्थिते ॥ 8

Which literally translates to ‘If the wearer of Rudraksha eats Meat,
drinks alcohol and visits those, whom one is forbidden to meet or
even contact, even then that person does not incur any sin.’

The beauty of the Rudraksha fruit is that it can be worn by all irrespective of the gender or caste.
According to the authentic scriptures one can also wear Rudraksha 24x7.

सुप्ते पीते सदाकालं रुद्राक्षं धारयेन्नरः | 19
The Book 11, chapter- 7 of Srimad Devi Bhagvatam, Book further states that

“सोते समय, पीते समय अर्थात् सभी कालों में मनुष्य को रुद्राक्ष करना चाहिए.”
which means “One should be wearing Rudraksha even while sleeping, eating, or drinking,
meaning that one should wear Rudraksha all the time (meaning Rudraksha can be worn 24x7).”

From the above scriptures we can understand that Rudraksha can be worn while drinking alcohol and should be worn 24*7 regardless of your gender, diet, caste, religion etc.

There are mentions in the Shiv Maha Purana where danavas and Yakshas are depicted wearing Rudraksha beads around their arms and head while consuming madira (madira) alcohol while singing praises to Lord Shiva

Understand that Rudraksha is a natural seed and its energies and power are not affected by actions that we do or the kind of lifestyle we life. One doesn’t need to remove Rudraksha beads when they are consuming alcohol as Rudraksha are above what society or culture deems to be pure or impure. Both Devtas (Demi Gods) & Danavas/Rakshas (Demons) used to wear Rudraksha and pray to Lord Shiva.

Can we drink alcohol while wearing rudraksha ?Drinking alcohol doesn’t reduce the energy of the Rudraksha beads neither does it offer any negative result or Bad Karma, Rudraksha Bead will work the same regardless of your diet or lifestyle. However, by consuming alcohol, our ability to absorb the energies of the Rudraksha are reduced. To be more specific, everything in this universe including us humans, comprise of three gunas (qualities) namely Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas

Alcohol falls under Tamasic Guna, which is associated with stagnation, lethargy and unwillingness. People who consume alcohol often find suffer from stress, anxiety, confusion, mood swings and much more.

Alcohol being Tamasic affects over health (mental, physical and emotional) of an individual. Alcohol makes one dizzy and one cannot think clearly and loses control over his mind and body. In such a state where the body is under an influence of alcohol, one is in not in complete senses and hence his ability to experience, feel and believe is lowered and this results in acquiring benefits but on a surface level. Our food habits play a significant role in shaping up our personalities. Be it the way we think, our physical health and emotional balance, all are dependent on the diet we intake. Drinking too much alcohol can lower our awareness level and if we indulge in any spiritual activity like Yoga or Meditation it can be an obstacle in deriving the complete benefits from that activity therefore it is recommended to reduce your alcohol intake for any spiritual activity like Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and wearing Rudraksha.

Rudraksha bead on the other hand is a natural seed which is available in various mukhis. Each mukhi holds a divine power and works on a specific arena. There are Rudraksha combinations which can calm the mind and reduce stress and other mental tensions so it is better to battle your stress and anxiety by wearing the Divine Rudraksha beads instead of drowning your sorrows with alcohol.

The frequency of energy at which the Rudraksha functions is similar to our body frequency, hence these divine beads work on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Thus, it is never the Rudraksha bead that is affected by your life style, your activities or your food habits but it is your own intake capacity that fails to receive its complete benefit. Hence, it is always better to follow a Sattvic diet to experience complete benefits and to absorb them fully and to lead a balanced life we suggest that the wearers must adapt a Sattvic life and consume Sattvik foods.


  • One can consume alcohol while wearing Rudraksha
  • One doesn’t need to remove his/her Rudraksha when they are drinking alcohol
  • However, to experience the complete benefits of Rudraksha Beads it is recommended to reduce one’s alcohol intake

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