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The earth is revered as Mother Earth, Bhumi Maa, because of its giving nature. The layers of earth produce inorganic chemical compounds. Numerous naturally occurring minerals which are inorganic solids that have a characteristic chemical composition and specific crystal line structure are found on Earth, formed by geological processes, which take thousands of years to form into Crystals. In simple line we can say, chemicals, heat, pressure, time and space combine in the right measure and that is how crystals are formed. What type of crystal is going to form depends on the chemical mix, the time and pressure to form.  It is said some crystals are as old as the Universe, having formed through millions of years, before humans came into being. So the next time you hold a crystal in your hand, it just might be the oldest one!

Different types of crystals are formed by the bonding of different atomic bonds. Covalent crystals are crystals whose atoms are connected with covalent bonds. Ionic crystals are crystals whose atoms are held together with ionic bonds. Metallic crystals are made of metal elements and so many more types of atomic bonds form different types of crystals, like, Amethyst, Rose quatrz, Jade, Sapphire, Citrine, Emerald and many more.

What is Geode Rock or Gemstone Rock

Usually, mineral particles are small as they are formed within confined areas such as lava flows (magma) or trapped between grains of sediments. Large crystals found in chunks are known as Geode rocks or Gemstone Rocks. In appearance, the geode rocks Gemstone are hollow in the centre and generally look vaguely circular in shape, which if cut in half, bands are visible which correspond to the varied stages of precipitation and may show different colours corresponding to the changes in chemistry. They have a durable outer wall that is more resistant to weathering than the surrounding bedrock. This allows the geode to survive intact when the surrounding bedrock weathers away. Generally, geode rocks contain Clear Quartz crystals, while some others have the dazzling purple Amethyst crystals and there are others which can have Agate, Chalcedony, Jasper banding or crystals such as Calcite, Dolomite, Celestite etc.

Every gemstone rock or geode stone has its own individual healing properties and the energies of the minerals that the gemstone is made of also contribute to the energies. Their beautiful colour and formation make them fabulous decor pieces which never seem out-of-place in any sort of decoration of the space where it is kept and at the same time works its magic with its healing energies. As the size of geode rocks are much bigger than crystals which are made into jewellery so the healing effect is immense.

There are large decorative geodes for sale which are considered rare geodes for sale like Amethyst geodes which come in the category. They look stunning and are good enough to take care of healing of large areas of place like hotels, auditoriums etc.

There are many online sites which have geodes for sale as well as stores which cater to the needs of customers. Just writing geodes for sale near me and clicking the button to search you can find geodes. However we recommend to only for Rudra Centre for superior quality Geodes.

Geode (Gemstone) Rock usage

The gemstone rocks or geode are used as Vastu tools for protecting and energizing the Vastu by placing them in a particular direction in the living room or any room at home or workplace. Gemstone rocks emanate high healing vibrations energizing and balancing the existing energies of an enclosed space.

Some other gemstone rocks usage is that they are natural mood enhancers, gives mental clarity and decision making capability. The spiritual usage of geode rocks is that creates a calm atmosphere which helps in meditation and the gemstone helps mediums to communicate with divine beings. Originating from the earth and being a part of nature, they come automatically charged with high spiritual powers to heal.

Geode rocks or gemstone rocks have become quite popular; people are more aware of the uses of geode rocks and install suitable geode stones at home or work as per their choice. Geode rocks are now seen in the houses and offices of the rich and famous too. Innovative ideas of designing Agate gemstone rocks by slicing the rocks into artifacts like table clocks, coasters and even necklaces are widely being done.

Are Gemstones stones?

Often most of us are confused about whether gemstones are stones. The fact is that gemstones or crystals start as a liquid and then solidify or rather crystallises. Gemstones are solid material comprised of ions, atoms and molecules that are arranged in a repeating pattern to become solid. Stones are solid, non-metallic mineral matter. However both are formed in the Earth by different geological process and are formed of different materials and of course have different properties or energies. For example a Sapphire or Jade is not a stone. So, though the terminology in English uses the word 'stone', gemstones are not stones.

What is the difference between gemstone and rock?

Rocks are made from minerals and can come in every size. They can be tiny pebbles or big size rocks and mountains which people aim to climb. Rocks do not have a special chemical or mineral makeup. While most rocks are not cut or polished to be used as gemstones, some rocks, including Lapis Lazuli, are classified as gems.

A gemstone is usually a mineral, but it is one that has formed crystals and then been cut and polished professionally to be made into a piece of jewelry. Unpolished gemstones simply look like ordinary rocks. Mostly a gemstone is decorative and beautiful and is valuable as well. Gemstones are usually measured by their hardness, size, and rarity.

Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds qualify as precious gemstones, all the rest are considered semi-precious gemstones, like, Turquoise gemstone, Amethyst gemstone, Rock Crystal Stone which are all clear colourless quartz crystals etc.

South America has a rich resource of gemstones with Brazil topping in it. Other countries like Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Guyana, Peru and Venezuela also boast of gemstone deposits. There are precious and semi-precious gemstones which are used in jewellery, accessories or for healing, especially by astrologers.

The cost of gemstones varies and are gauged and priced by gemologists. To name a few the most expensive rocks in the world are Red Diamonds, Jadeite, Serendibite, Blue garnet etc. These stones cost in millions of dollars.

Some rarest rocks in the world are - Padparadscha Sapphire, Tanzanite, Alexandrite, Red Beryl, Grandidierite, Jeremejevite, Painite. Black Opal.

The healing power of geode rocks or gemstone rocks has brought many geodes for sale in the market. Some examples are:

Amethyst Geode (Gemstone) Rocks

Amethyst Geode rocks or gemstone rocks are perhaps the most popular among the geode category. These glistening Purple/violet pieces of Amethyst geode rocks emanate healing energies which are beneficial for the place and dwellers of the place where it is kept and are available in various sizes. Amethyst geode rocks have serene and soothing effect, it embodies the powerful Violet flame energies which transmute negative energies to positive.

Benefits of Amethyst Geode Rocks:

  • It balances the energies of the environment, brings harmony and calms the mind.
  • Continuously cleanses the energies of the place, including cleansing the aura of the person/people.
  • It is a spiritual gemstone rock and helps to grow spiritually.
  • Helps to release fear, anger, grief, gloomy feeling.
  • Boosts the mood.
  • It is an aid to meditation as it helps stimulate the Crown Chakra which is the connection of the soul with the super consciousness.
Placement: North-East direction for spiritual growth and enhanced wisdom.

Agate Geode (Gemstone) Rocks

The family of Agate geode rocks come in many attractive colours, shapes and sizes. Each colour of Agate gemstone rocks has their individual healing effect. In general, Agate geode rocks helps to calm down a stressed and restless mind, helps to focus and concentrate, improves relationships, ushers good health and is specially good for healing those suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia and digestive disorders. Agate is known as a stabilizer which is reason enough to be popular as geode rock. Some Agate geodes are:

Pink Agate Geode (Gemstone) Rocks - These geode rocks have shades of Pink, Grey, Purple bands and are very attractive with the cavity lined with shiny crystals. The healing benefits:

  • It works on heart chakra healing emotional pains and heartaches bringing happiness.
  • Draws energies of love and compassion.
  • Reduces anxiety and helps to accept situations/people as they are.
  • Provides a sense of security and comfort.
  • It is said to especially promote a loving relationship between parents and children.
Placement: Placing it in East direction of your abode would invite abundance and love.

Blue Agate Geode (Gemstone) Rocks - They come with colour shades of blue which look soothing. Blue Agate gemstone rock benefits:

  • Relaxes, brings calm and peace.
  • Acts on the throat chakra helping to communicate easily and sweetly.
  • Considered to be good for people who need to communicate with several people on daily basis.
  • Brings confidence and courage.
  • Blesses the wearer with Wisdom, Knowledge and enhanced awareness.
  • Highly recommended for journalists, educators, students preparing for competitive exams.
Placement: Keeping the Blue Agate geode rocks in the North direction of your house will enhance your willpower and creativity.

Purple Agate Geode (Gemstone) Rocks - These gemstone rocks have seamless colour bands ranging from dark Purple to Bluish to Greyish shades and look rich and vibrant. Purple Agate geode rocks benefits:

  • Protects from dangers, disaster, negative or lower energies.
  • Stabilizes energies and brings work efficiency.
  • Brings mental strength, power, wisdom, intelligence.
  • Promotes positive energies.
  • Urges to grow spiritually.
Placement: Placing Purple Agate gemstone rocks in North-East direction enhances wisdom and aid spiritual progress.

Grey White Agate Geode (Gemstone) Rocks - Subtle yet lustrous, these Grey White Agate geode rocks have beneficial energies, some of which are:

  • It centres and balances the self.
  • Alleviates negative thoughts and energies.
Placement: Placing these Grey White Agate gemstone rocks in North-East direction of your house or workplace will enhance wisdom and cater spiritual growth.

Brown Agate Geode (Gemstone) Rocks - With bands of ascending shades of Brown and a glistening layer of crystalline formation in the cavity, these Brown Agate gemstone rocks have useful benefits like:

  • Helps to get relief from grief, depression, loneliness.
  • Protects from depletion of energy by boosting physically and intellectually.
Placement: Place it in South-West direction of your dwelling for protection, stability and support.

Crystal Geode (Gemstone) Rocks - The Crystal gemstone rocks or Crystal geode rocks appear radiant. The Crystal gemstone rocks help cleanse energies of a space and aura, promote love, empathy, harmony, self-worth and peace.

There are various Crystal gemstone rocks, like, Pink Crystal gemstone rocks, Glassy Crystal gemstone rocks, White Crystal gemstone rocks, White and Grey Crystal gemstone rocks, Black Crystal gemstone rocks etc. Individually, each of these Crystal gemstone rocks have their healing properties. For example:

Pink Crystal Geode (Gemstone) Rocks - Bring energies of Love, compassion, peace and balances emotions.

Black Crystal Geode (Gemstone) Rocks - Helps to ground self, protects and shields from lower energies, removes fear and supports economic success.

Some other popular Geodes for sale

• Opal Rock
• Garnet Rock
• Azurite Geode
• Citrine Geode
• Keokuk Geode
• Celestite Geode
• Sapphire Rock
• Moonstone Rock
• Rose Quartz Geode
• Sodalite Rock
• Aquamarine Rock
• Calcite Geode
• Topaz Rock
• Amethyst Cathedral Geode
• Malachite Rock
• Opal Geode
• Red Geode
• Tourmaline Rock
• Druzy Geode
• Raw Amethyst Rock
• Septarian Geode
• Pink Amethyst Geode
• Blue geode Rock
• Carnelian Rock
• Emerald Geode
• Galaxy Opal Rock
• Pink Quartz Rock
• Smoky Quartz Geode
• Red Jasper Rock

Chakra Vastu Gemstone Rocks
The geode or gemstone rocks usage as Vaastu tool manifests in the unique category of natural Chakra Vastu Gemstone Rocks with Rudraksha beads, which are designed to enhance the energies of residence or workspace and have proved to be popular Vastu remedy tools. Both geodes or gemstones and Rudraksha beads originate from nature and therefore embody the energy of the universal elements and work in harmony with universal laws of Vastu. They emanate certain frequencies which help transmute negative influences and promote healing and positive energies. Each of these Chakra Vastu Geode (Gemstone) rocks have their special beneficial effect which act on the energy and dwellers of the place it is kept in. They can be placed on study or work desks, living area, office cabin, reception area in the recommended specific directions.

The popular Chakra Vastu Geode (Gemstone) Rocks available are:

1) Chakra Vastu Lapiz Lazuli Geode (Gemstone) Rock
Natural Lapiz Lazuli gemstone rock with 43 Mukhi Rudraksha bead from Nepal, hung in centre enhances awareness, qualities of intelligence, creativity, knowledge, communication, wisdom, clarity, vision and foresight. These Chakra Vastu Lapiz Lazuli Geode (Gemstone) rocks are termed Wisdom and Communication Rock.

Placement: The perfect place in for the Chakra Vastu Lapiz Lazuli Geode (Gemstone) rock is the North corner of your home or on study or work desk.

2) Chakra Vastu Labradorite Geode (Gemstone) Rock
Genuine Labradorite geode gemstone rock with 5 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal, suspended in centre cavity, stimulates mental expansion, energies of intellect, awareness, memory, intuition and insight and brings Divine grace to dwelling or office. This Chakra Vastu Labradorite geode gemstone rock is termed Mind Power Rock which specifies its benefit.

Placement: The apt place is the North corner.

3) Chakra Vastu Green Jade Geode (Gemstone) Rock
This is a combination of natural Green Jade geode (gemstone) rock holding the Divine Gauri Shankar Rudraksha bead from Java within its cavity.  It ushers nurturing energies of love, trust, peace, harmony, unity, creativity and good luck. It acts on the heart (Anahata) chakra and is called Love and Harmony rock.

Placement: It is ideal to place this Chakra Vastu Green Jade geode (gemstone) rock in the North-West corner of home or workspace.

4) Chakra Vastu Rose Quartz Geode (Gemstone) Rock
This beautiful combination is of natural Rose Quartz geode (gemstone) rock with 7 Mukhi Rudraksha bead from Nepal attached to its cavity. The 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Goddess Mahalaxmi. This Chakra Vastu Rose Quartz Geode (Gemstone) Rock attracts prosperous energies of wealth, new opportunities, fortune, compassion, harmony, optimism and success. The powerful impact has been given the name Prosperity and Fortune Rock.

Placement: This Chakra Vastu Rose Quartz Geode (Gemstone) Rock gives maximum benefit when placed in the East direction of your dwelling, business or office.

5) Chakra Vastu Amethyst Geode (Gemstone) Rock
A blend of natural calming Amethyst geode (gemstone) rock with 9 Mukhi Rudraksha from Java, hung in centre, resonates spiritual vibes, brings success, fearlessness, courage, peace, endurance, optimism, material gain, fame, good fortune and power. This Chakra Vastu Amethyst Geode with 9 Mukhi blesses the wearer with materialistic as well as spiritual abundance. It also provides protection from evil spirits, influence and energies. This rock is called Power and Fortune Rock.

Placement: To garner highest positive outcome place this Chakra Vastu Amethyst Geode (Gemstone) rock in North-East corner of residence or workplace.

Other Chakra Vastu Geode (Gemstone) Rocks:

Chakra Vastu Yellow Jade Geode (Gemstone) Rock (Success and Fortune Rock)
Chakra Vastu Smokey Quartz Geode (Gemstone) Rock (Healing and Protection Rock)
Chakra Vastu White Quartz Geode (Gemstone) Rock (Divine Grace Rock)
Chakra Vastu Tiger Eye Geode (Gemstone) Rock (Support and Stability Rock)
Chakra Vastu Red Obsidian Geode (Gemstone) Rock (Focus and Strength Rock)
Chakra Vastu Tiger Eye Geode (Gemstone) Rock (Stability Success Chakra Vastu Kit)
Chakra Vastu Gomedh Geode (Gemstone) Rock (Cosmic Union Chakra Vastu Kit)

What we get from the Earth have importance and are valuable, be it food crops or geode rocks, they have abundant positive energies, if we treat and use them wisely.

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