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Yes, one can eat non-vegetarian food while wearing Rudraksha. None of the authentic Vedic Scriptures, Upanishads and Puranas like the Shiva Mahapurana or the Devi Bhagvatam mention any food restrictions and an individual can wear Rudraksha while consuming meat or non-vegetarian food.

The Book – 3, Chapter – 6 of the Srimad Devi Bhagvatam mentions the following

खादन्मांसं पिबन्मद्यं सङ्‌गच्छन्नन्त्यजानपि ।
पातकेभ्यो विमुच्येत रुद्राक्षं शिरसि स्थिते ॥ 8

Which literally translates to ‘If the wearer of Rudraksha eats Meat,
drinks alcohol and visits those, whom one is forbidden to meet or
even contact, even then that person does not incur any sin.’

The beauty of the Rudraksha fruit is that it can be worn by all irrespective of the gender or caste.
According to the authentic scriptures one can also wear Rudraksha 24x7.

सुप्ते पीते सदाकालं रुद्राक्षं धारयेन्नरः | 19
The Book 11, chapter- 7 of Srimad Devi Bhagvatam, Book further states that

“सोते समय, पीते समय अर्थात् सभी कालों में मनुष्य को रुद्राक्ष करना चाहिए.”
which means “One should be wearing Rudraksha even while sleeping, eating, or drinking,
meaning that one should wear Rudraksha all the time (meaning Rudraksha can be worn 24x7).”

On the other hand, there are literatures which contradict the knowledge mentioned in original Holy Scriptures and mislead the masses. One such classic example is the Rudrakshajabala Upanishad which states that “Kalagni Rudra says that one who wears a Rudraksha should not consume alcohol, meat, garlic, onions. etc.”

One needs to understand that Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad is a minor Upanishad, which was formed decades after the primary Upanishads (Mukhya Upanishads) were written. Many scholars criticize this text and claim it to be misleading. According to these scholars, a group of people having sectarian beliefs introduced the ‘Rudrakshajabala’ and gave it the title of an Upanishad to impose and promote their casteist beliefs and specific agendas amongst masses. Also, some of the information provided in the Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad is not in accordance with other Vedic texts and Mukhya Upanishads. It also mentions that Brahmins (Teachers/Academicians) should wear white Rudraksha, Kshatriya (Kings and Warriors) should red colour Rudraksha, Vaishya (Merchants) should wear yellow colour Rudrakshas and Shudras (Peasants) should wear Black Rudraksha but we know that Rudraksha changes colour and becomes darker with usage and anyone can wear any Rudraksha regardless of caste as per Devi Bhagvatam which is a better source of information as per all scholars. Hence, one must not blindly trust the matter which is readily available.

You can read about our analysis of Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad.

There are references in the Shiv Maha Purana where Danavas and Yakshas are depicted wearing Rudraksha beads around their arms and head while consuming madira (madira) alcohol while singing praises to the Lord Shiva. Their main diet included tamasic foods like meat and they used to wear Rudraksha and pray to Lord Shiva.Understand that Rudraksha is a natural seed which is obtained from the Rudraksha fruit. These divine beads hold innate qualities which start working as soon as you energise and wear them on your body. By consuming non vegetarian food, the power of the Rudraksha bead remains unaffected and does not decrease. Neither does the Rudraksha bead offer any negative results. Also, if you are already wearing Rudraksha beads it is not necessary to remove them when you are eating non vegetarian foods, Rudraksha are above what society or culture believes to be pure or impure.

However, consuming non vegetarian food reduces one’s ability to absorb the complete benefits that the Rudraksha beads offer. Let us understand this in a detailed manner.

According to Yogic philosophy, everything in this universe is born out of Prakriti which is a core substrate. From Prakriti are born three gunas which play a significant role in constructing the all-important aspect of the entire nature which includes energy, matter and consciousness. Everything around us and also, we as people possess all the three gunas. These three gunas are Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. According to Ayurveda and Yogic philosophy these three gunas form the core elements in shaping up, influencing and building our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

As mentioned above, everything on this planet including the food we consume and also, we as individuals possess all the three gunas. But the amount of each gunas present within each of us and the surrounding vary in level. The gunas cannot be removed or separated from within us. However, we as humans have the ability to consciously increase or decrease the levels of the gunas within us. We can increase or decrease the level of gunas through choices we make about our lifestyles, about what food we consume, the activities we adapt and practice to attain a better lifestyle. Food plays a significant role in influencing our thoughts, actions, emotions and spirituality hence, by making alterations in food habits one can increase the level of any one guna while decreasing the level of other gunas. Let us understand in brief about each of the gunas and the influence it has on our lives and which food items fall under these gunas.

Can We Eat Non Veg Wearing Rudraksha

1. Sattva Guna

The Sattva Guna (quality) symbolise stability, clarity of thoughts, balance, calmness and mental serenity. Foods which have Sattvic Guna are easy to digest, are good for the health and does not cause vatta, pitta or kapha. These foods are easy to digest, and help in making one feel cheerful and calm. Sattiv foods include Milk, wheat, butter, sprouts, cereals, almonds, green gram, bitter guard, turai, parwal, tomatoes, dates, fresh fruits and vegetables that grow on the ground etc. The spices which fall under Sattvic foods include ginger, turmeric, fennel seeds, coriander, and cardamom.

Sattvic People:

People who follow Sattvic way of living consume a Sattvic diet and generally avoid consuming non vegetarian food, beverages like coffee and tea. They also stay away from any kind of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

If you wish to increase the Sattvic guna within you, you must indulge in activities that offer positivity of thoughts and produce joy. Consume Sattvic bhojan like legumes, fresh fruits and fresh vegetable and doing so regularly will increase the Sattvic guna and reduce the Rajasic and Tamsic guna within you.

2. Rajasic Guna

Rajasic Guna can be symbolised by action, velocity and acceleration. Its core nature is of attachment, longing and attraction. Qualities such as anxiety, chaos, fear, anger, stress, courage, determination and euphoria are all Rajasic in nature.

Rajasic food is tasty and nutritious, but it contains a lot of spices, oil and our bitter, sour, pungent, salty, and hot. Eating non-vegetarian food in moderation like eggs, chicken, meat, fish, and also vegetarian food items like all lentils (which are not sprouted), garlic, onion, chillies etc all fall under Rajasic Guna. Also, foods like puri, kachori, curd, brinjal, egg plant, urad (black gram), lemon, masur (red gram) and sweets fall under the Rajasic type of food.

Rajasic People

People who consume Rajasic food often feel emotions of jealousy, anger, ego, delusion etc. People who have the Rajasic guna are go- getters and relish various types of delicious food to satisfy their palate without thinking much about the physical and mental health.

If you want to reduce the Rajasic Guna in the body stop indulging in activities like over thinking, listening to loud music, over exercising and avoid eating spicing foods and stimulants.

3. Tamasic Guna

Tamasic Guna is associated with darkness, inertia and rest. The Tamasic foods include stale and processed food items like pizza, burgers, chocolates, pastries, toffies, jams, pickles, fermented foods, fries, ice-cream, puddings, spicy food and all other sorts of ready to cook and fried food stuffs fall in this category. It also includes meat and fish

Tamasic People

This Guna is known to absorb positive energies and store dark and stagnant energies in the body, making a person feel mentally, physically and emotionally lethargic and drained. It makes one lazy, ignorant, helpless and fills one with confusion, attachments, disappointments, guilt, shame and doubt. People who are Tamasic in nature generally suffer from mood swings, feel insecure, have a lot of desires and have cravings which lead to frustrations.

In order to reduce the Tamas guna within you, avoid overeating of tamasic food which includes chemically processed foods and meat. Avoid oversleeping and start indulging into activities like yoga and meditation.

An individual may have a different diet as per the profession they are in or the kind of lifestyle one wishes to live however when one is wearing Rudraksha beads it is recommended to observe a Sattvic lifestyle.

Thus, in order to strengthen the mental, emotional and physical ability we suggest that you should follow a Sattvic lifestyle so that your body and mind attunes to the vibrations and energies of the Rudraksha and you absorb all the benefits it offers. Rudraksha beads have absolutely no connection to the activities you do, or the food you consume.

It offers its optimum benefits to its wearer but due to the different gunas one has, the ability to enjoy all the benefits of a Rudraksha is reduced but a wearer is definitely blessed and experiences positivity in life.

Many of our client who have worn Rudraksha beads eventually unconsciously or subconsciously adopt a Sattvic life style in terms of food, habits, thinking


  • One can eat Non Vegetarian Food while wearing Rudraksha there are no food restrictions as per authentic scriptures
  • Eating Non Vegetarian Food while wearing Rudraksha does not reduce the energy of the Rudraksha
  • Rudraksha doesn’t stop working if you eat meat or fish
  • Eating Non Vegetarian Foods while wearing Rudraksha doesn’t give any negative results or Bad Karma
  • You do not need to remove your Rudraksha beads when you are eating non vegetarian foods
  • Rudrakshas are above what society holds to be pure or impure
  • Eating non vegetarian can only reduce one’s ability to absorb and experience the full potential of Rudraksha beads

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