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Gem therapy is an alternative form of healing. Practitioners of this therapy believe that gemstones carry certain vibrations, which when placed within a person's aura, have the effect of changing it. It is believed that the human aura consists of nine colours, namely: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, infra-red and ultra violet. Any deficiency of these colours upsets the body's energy balance leading to illness. Gemstones heal by restoring the balance to the original composition of the nine colours.

Gemstone Wearing and Installing Methodology
Placing the gemstone in close proximity to the place of sleeping or sitting has a greater effect. For example placing a pyramid made of natural red jade gemstone in the South or South west direction of a dwelling activates the Muladhara Chakra. Parad, Lapis Lazuli and Sphatik in the North direction give positivity, creativity and spirituality.

Gemstone when placed on the body gives more effect to the wearer. It is better to wear a gemstone along with the planetary metal as per an individual’s native chart. For example wearing a ruby ring made of gold can be worn on the ring finger to attain name, fame and success. Wearing same colored clothing or sympathetic colors as the gemstone enhances its effect. Wearing a gemstone on the skin also aids in opening the blocked Chakras in the body by color therapy.

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  • Thyroid- Yellow Sapphire
  • Arthritis- Cat’s eye
  • Diabetes- Ruby
  • Blood pressure- Emerald
  • Migraine- White Sapphire
  • Sinus- Blue Sapphire
  • Fertility Issues- Pearl
  • Some gemstones and their healing properties


Enhances spiritual awakening.


Clears the mind and balances emotions.

Cat’s Eye

Enhances stability, will power, courage and wisdom.


Strengthens one's foundation.


Increases desire fulfillment.


Useful for both physical and emotional healing.


Creates a feeling of relaxation and calm and thus reduces tension.


Good for establishing a connection between the heart and the mind.

Black onyx

Helps to change bad habits.


Broadens one's perspective, enabling one to see all the possibilities in a situation.

Rose quartz

Gives emotional balance and enables us to express our emotions better as well as soothes them.


Makes one realize his inherent power.


Provides mental clarity.

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  • Very grateful to have made contact with your organization

    Ms. Neeta, Thank you and everyone at the Centre from the bottom of my heart for doing such a wonderful job with my order. It's even better than I could have imagined and I really feel the quality in the items you sent me. The pendant has a very special presence to me and and I feel that it's a very special gift. Such beautiful quality and attention to detail in everything, I'm really very grateful to have made contact with your organization. Thank you all so very much for all your help. In gratitude, Frederick close

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