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rudraksha loose beadsRudraksha beads pacify the malefic effects of planets. For this, the beads of the malefic planets are worn to appease them. Also Rudraksha beads effectively open up blocked chakras instantaneously. Every chakra has different Mukhi which work on opening it to release the fruits of that chakra. For e.g.: - Ajna chakra awakening causes manifestation to happen, Manipura chakra awakening causes person to realize his true self power, Swathisthana chakra opening helps a person honour himself and defend himself and Muladhara chakra opening helps a person to develop the power and courage to face challenges. The results obtained by intense meditation and Yoga and other healing therapies for cleaning chakras is obtained instantaneously by wearing the right Rudraksha. Rudraksha do not need to necessary touch skin, but need to be worn in specific manner to obtain results. Rudra Centre has done intensive study on effect of Rudraksha on different chakras. Thus now they are into therapies of healing even diseases with Rudraksha by just opening the affected chakra. Java beads are found to have similar effect as Nepal beads in opening chakras. Difference is the time taken by both.

gemsGems on the other hand are worn for strengthening the effect of benefic planets. Gems do not work at all if they do not touch skin and cause adverse results when worn incorrectly. We find that a large population wears Gems prescribed on wrong fingers and positions. Also most people wear treated gems unknowingly which do not give result. But when worn in the correct manner, a gem has potency to give luck, power and good health and enhance aura of the wearer. Gems strengthen the chakras which they represent. For e.g.:- Ruby for Manipura chakra, Yellow Sapphire for throat chakra, emerald for heart chakra etc.

Every Chakra has got 2 sides, front and back. The front part of the chakras is in the front side of the body. And the back of the chakras face the back of our body. The front chakras give us the ability to give, this is what we give to the world and how we perceive the world. The back chakra points is our ability to receive. This is what we receive from the world, how the world perceives us. Here are some of the issues

  • Unable to manifest their own goals, but can manifest other's goals
  • Feel less or low energy flow
  • Feel tired or drained after a healing
  • Feel less spiritually empowered
  • Others demand too much of their time, energy or money
  • Not feeling satisfaction / compassion after healing others
  • Not doing professionally as well as they'd like

The front chakras are healed by Rudraksha and the back Chakras are healed by Gemstones. Hence the combination Rudraksha Ratna works powerfully on chakras.

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  • Thank you for your fine service

    Dear Neeta, Astrological mala arrived today. Thank you for your fine service. I am very pleased with the quality and the workmanship. If I can ever be of service to your company or if you wish to use me as a reference, please feel free to ask. All the best,  BW close

    - Bart Walton
  • The items are always shipped quickly

    Dear Neeta, Please accept my salutations! Namaste. I'd like to acknowledge receiving the shipment shortly after your e-mail message, on April 20th. All the items arrived, and I am most happy for the beautiful gemstones and the rudraska-crystal mala. Please accept my sincere compliments to all the Rudra Centre Team. You are always so kind and the items are always shipped quickly. Om Shanti Om Best regards, Roosevelt close

    - Roosevelt Coelho Ferreira
  • Cats Eye ring

    Neetaji, I got Cat's ring, it looks wonderful. Thanks for your great job. Rajasree. close

    - Rajasree Gutha
  • Words cannot express the beauty

    Dear Neeta, Namaste. My package arrived safely.Words cannot express the beauty of my Taurus/Vrishhabha Necklace. The Navratna Gems are all in rainbow colors. It is so very beautiful, so perfect and specially made. I'm already wearing it and I'm very pleased with the quality, time and care that was all a part of its creation. I have also been blessed by you in a very special way. Everything is wonderful! Again, many, many thanks to you and the Rudre Centre staff. May you continue to be blessed and successful in all your endeavers. Warmest regards Emma close

    - Emma
  • Was delighted with the coral mala

    Dear Neeta-ji, Thank you for your friendly and efficient service. My purchase was a gift for my husband who was delighted with the coral mala, cassette and the salagrama silas. it was particularly appropriate as he has just started to study the Pushti Marg. With best wishes, Rosemary close

    - Rosemary Bartlett
  • I was commended as the best presenter

    I've found that it's helpful to make wrist malas for "special needs," That is, to help with qualities that one has to use every day. For instance... at my last company, I had to do very difficult and demanding sales presentations to Fortune 500 companies. I used a 13 mukhi (for persuasiveness and manifestation of wishes), 3 four mukhi,and 2 six mukhi (for discrimination and eloquence) and 2 seven mukhi (for prosperity). I also used clear quartz (the gem of my lagna). I wore the bangle to every sales presentation. And, I was commended as the best presenter, on the staff. Thanks, Kari close

    - Kari Sprowl
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