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The ruler of all planets and Gods is Jupiter. Astrologically, the planet is also known as called "The Greater Benefic", in opposition to Saturn. He is the guardian and protector of all living beings. As per the Hindu mythology, Jupiter is the planet of learning and is revered as the teacher, hence is known as the Guru Graha, or Guru or Brihaspati. The planet is associated with Thursday, which is 'Guruwaar' in Hindi. Jupiter assigns high ideals, sense of purpose and ideals of joy in life. It determines the path of life, the nature of an individual and their level of optimism.

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Astrological Importance:

Jupiter or the Guru Graha holds its astrological importance in connection with growth principles, prosperity, expansion and exceptional fortune. It is also said to govern travels, education, faith and legal matters. Guru Graha is also in semblance with the urge for exploration and freedom, and humanitarian and protective roles.

The color associated with the planet is yellow, and the gemstone associated is Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj.

Popular and Effective products for Guru Dosha

Wisdom Pendant

A powerful Rudraksha combination made of 4, 5 and 11 Mukhi Rudraksha for knowledge and communication. 4 and 5 Mukhi Rudraksha impart positive energies of Guru (planet Jupiter). The pendant designed as per RRST is highly effective. It helps the wearer overcome his timid nature and reveals his uniqueness. It enhances his creativity, awareness, understanding, word power, knowledge and communication skills. The wearer realises his self worth and becomes more confident. It also provides relief from neck pain and cures insomnia.

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Siddh Guru Yantra Locket

Siddh Guru Yantra embossed in a pure silver locket to be worn as a regular wear talisman. The energised Yantra with the image of Dev Guru attracts the blessing of Lord Guru. Guru rules Jupiter planet thus this Yantra helps remove Guru Dosha and strengthens a weakly placed or depilated Jupiter in a horoscope. The Yantra helps attract prosperity, fortune, abundance and brings spiritual growth. Guru Yantra also bestows wisdom, optimism, awareness and enhances intellect and communication skills.

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Yellow Sapphire Stone Wisdom Pendant

Authentic and finest quality yellow Sapphire gemstones approved by Vedic astrology. When worn as RRST and set in a ring or pendant with planetary Bhasma and metal, it guarantees beneficial effects of Jupiter planet. The yellow Sapphire gemstone helps pacify the malefic of planet Jupiter and removes Guru Dosha which is responsible for hurdles in education and prosperity. The gemstone helps enhance communication, self-confidence, word power, health and intellect of the wearer. It attracts prosperity, abundance, benevolence and longevity.

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Ashwagandha - Jupiter Study Success – 1

Ashwagandha herb strung in a thread to be worn as an amulet to strengthen weakly positioned Jupiter in a horoscope. It can be worn as a substitute for gemstones to balance the effects of Jupiter as it has a similar effect like a gemstone. Helps cure ailments relating to lungs, tongue and pancreas caused due to Guru Dosha or malefic of Jupiter. It develops one’s uniqueness, awareness and confidence and brings optimism, abundance, fortune and spiritual growth in life.

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Guru Dosha Meaning

The meaning of Guru Dosha is that an individual's Jupiter is weak. Despite its positive impacts and benign nature, a weak Jupiter can cause Guru Dosha, which may lead to issues with respect to prosperity, knowledge, expenses, fight, selfishness, educational hurdles, and lack of harmony in and around the individual. Guru Dosha tends to affect law, economics, religion, banking, philosophy, and general conduct of an individual too.

Guru Dosha is also likely malefic results for people if He is seated with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in the natal chart.

Guru Graha is also associated with thyroid gland, throat, neck, jaws and mouth. Guru Dosha is likely to cause complications like cough, colds, hearing problems, ear infection, sore throat or laryngitis and other throat infections.

What is Guru Mahadasha?

Guru Mahadasha is the period in one's life when Guru Graha is nearest to the Nakshatra in which an individual is born. The effect it distributed throughout a person's life, and its quality and relative benevolence of each period is dependent on the condition and position of that planet in the natal chart.

God Associated and Guru Dosha Nivaran Puja

Jupiter is the Guru or teacher of all planets, hence the Guru of Gods, Brahashpati is revered to calm down the negative effects of Jupiter.

Lord Shiva being the God of Gods and the all-knowing Guru is known to rule Guru Graha. Worshipping lord Shiva reduces the malefic results of weak Jupiter.

Guru Dosha Nivaran Puja service includes the prayer to Lord Shiva and the reverent teachers or Gurus of individuals. To calm an afflicted Jupiter, one must conduct Guru Dosha Nivaran Puja and should donate bananas, yellow clothes, salt, sugar, turmeric, kesar, yellow flowers and food to Brahmins.

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Guru Dosha remedies, in Vedic way, include the Japa of the Vedic Guru Mantra for 19000 to get over the malefic effect of the Guru Dosha.

Guru Mantra:

Devanam cha rishinam cha Gurum kaanchan Sannibhaam|
Buddhi bhutam Trilokesham tam namaami Brihaspatim ||

When Vedic Guru Mantra is chanted the vibration created is immensely potent and also chanting the Mantras help to connect with the energies of Guru or Brihaspati. When this Mantra is chanted with focused concentration for 19000 times, it garners the blessings of Planet Brihaspati or Guru and natives who have weak Brihaspati in their Birth chart may get relief from the ill effects of this expansive Planet.

Doing the Japa with clear intension and perfect pronunciation is important. Ancient Hindu texts have recommended the Guru Mantra Japa of 19000 times, as it was observed and tested for effectiveness in being a remedy for the Guru Dosha. The Japa should be chanted on Thursday (Guruvaar). You can choose to use a Japa Mala made of Rudraksha beads, for keeping the count. It is advisable to have an image of Lord Brihaspati in front of you for doing the Guru Mantra Japa. Divide the Japa into a certain amount of Japas per day. However, the 19000 Japas need to be completed by chanting continuously for days that it is required to complete the 19000 Japas. The sound frequency created by the chanting helps to establish a connection with the Divine world and the Planet Guru. Additionally, the native can wear Yellow clothes and offer yellow flowers to Lord Brihaspati, while doing the Japa.

It is advised to keep the chanting of the Guru Mantra beyond the stipulated 19000 times. The more Japa that is done, it opens the window to more blessings of the Planet Guru, which is required to protect from the Guru Dosha.

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