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Lord Shiva and Vasuki Story

Lord Shiva and Vasuki Story

Vasuki without Lord Shiva considers himself as nothing but a lifeless body. He is just like an ornament wrapped around the neck of NeelKantha (Shiva). There are many stories around Vasuki and Shiva. One of the legends is about Vasuki’s surrender to Shiva.

Being the eldest son of Sage Kashyapa and Kadru, he surrendered to Lord Shiva who took halala, the deadliest poison that emerged during Churning of the Milk Ocean in order to save others from death.

With a body full of injuries caused by the churning process, the distressed Vasuki surrendered and fell at the feet of Lord Shiva. He said: "O Lord! O the leader of gods, the intense Churning of Milk Ocean strained my body, leaving it hot and injured. I somehow became intolerant and lost all of my Yogic strengths and emitted the venom I had preserved for millions of years. I transgressed self-control of the entire Yoga Naga Kula clan. Why did this happen, my Lord? Please enlighten me."

Smiling with love and compassion, Lord Shiva said: ‘When you were chosen from the rest as a rope in the Churning, you were unaware of ego taking over you making you think “They have chosen me. I must be special and great”. However you have already punished by the bruises all over your body. Do not fear. You will be called once again by the gods and the demons to churn the Ocean until amrita comes out. The fragrance of amrita will energize you and restore your yogic strengths’.

Assured by the Lord, Vasuki followed and attained all of his strengths, becoming dear to Shiva. Vasuki considered himself to be the humblest devotee when Shiva placed him around his neck; the greatest service of all!

When the King of asuras (demons) Mayasura constructed Tripura the three cities, all the three worlds; upper planetary systems, the middle one and the lower one, were filled with turbulence. The lowest city was made with walls of Iron, located on earth he second, with walls of silver, located in the sky, and the third with walls of gold, was erected in heaven. The King wanted all of them to surrender to him and accept him as their seed-giving father.

All the Gods approached Shiva and asked Him to slay the demons by destroying the cities. The Lord created these weapons: A bow and an arrow, a powerful chariot with the various gods and goddesses and components of the universe. He mounted on His chariot and moved upwards. He took out his bow and arrow, and hit the converged cities with a single arrow. The cosmic arrow hit the core of the cities that then began to collapse. The string of the bow was none other than Vasuki who felt immense and boundless pleasure in serving his master, Shambhu (Shiva).

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Article Written by Neeta Singhal

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