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With our lifestyle changing so rapidly in line with modern advancements aimed at increasing material comforts, we often forget to pay attention to the needs of our soul. Meditation is one of the best techniques to balance mind, body and soul. Meditation is a simple path that can connect you with your naturally joyful self.

Mediation is an ancient practice where the meditator trains his mind to arrive at a mode of consciousness or self-realization. It promotes relaxation, builds inner energy or life force and helps the practitioner develop kindness, patience, liberality and tolerance. It has been practiced since ages as an inseparable constituent of several religious traditions and beliefs. It mainly involves attempts to regulate the fickle mind. Also it eases many health issues such as high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

Prayer beads or other ritual objects are normally used throughout meditation process in order to keep the mind focused on the meditation.

Ritual objects like Rudraksha malas/gemstone rosaries for chanting on the beads, aroma lamp or Ghee lamp for calming the mind, mat made of wool or Kusha for sitting, loose fitting cotton clothes aid in attaining meditative state.

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What are the types of meditation?

There are lots of specific styles of meditation practice, and many different types of activity normally referred to as meditative practices.

Sound Meditation:

  • It is a mantra-based mediation where the sound of mantra helps you go in deeper stages of awareness by untying you from the intellectual clutches of your brain.
  • There are several mantras offered by Vedic literatures such as the most popular OM mantra. By reciting OM mantra, one can focus on the sound of OM and feel the mind sliding into the complete state of calmness.

Zen Mediation:

  • A gift from Buddhism, It is based on the philosophy rather than a religion.
  • The practitioner gains awareness through observing the breath and the mind and communication with the teacher.
  • Zen meditation stresses the achievement of enlightenment and the individual expression of spiritual vision in the Buddhist teachings.
  • The Zen sutras (scriptures) are taught through communication with a practiced and proficient teacher.

Transcendental Meditation (TM):

  • This technique uses a Sanskrit mantra to aid the practitioner in focusing during meditation instead of breathing.
  • The guru (teacher) who must be practiced and experienced in this spiritual sphere offers mantras to students. This meditation was founded, practiced and given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Reflective Meditation:

  • It is an analytical meditation focused on orderly thinking applied to meditate on an object, a question, a wish or anything that impacts you emotionally.
  • While doing this meditation, he practitioner can ask: Who am I? What is the actual purpose of my life? Why am I suffering from this? Why can I not do this? What is my part in this universe? One just needs to sit in a relaxed pose and effortlessly reflect on the object or the aforementioned questions.
  • At first, you mind may not be able to focus due to its flickering nature but gradually it becomes used to it. The practitioner effortlessly finds cues to solving problems.
  • Studies show that self-reflection practiced at an undisturbed place can help minimize angst, stress, and depression while enhancing optimism, creativity, and liveliness.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation mainly includes an attempt to attain the emotional state for analyzing anger, hatred or inferiority complex, etc. or refining a particular mental response to various phenomena, such as sympathy. It may also involve a mantra chanting and closing of the eyes. Selection of mantra hinges on its suitability to the meditator. It is experienced by meditators across the globe that meditation leaves a soothing effect on the mind and drives the awareness inward until pure subtle awareness is realized making the practitioner awake inside without making them aware of anything except awareness itself. It cleanses and encourages you from within and tranquilities you, whenever you feel overcome, unstable, or emotionally locked.

At physical level:

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Minimizes tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems
  • Improves serotonin production responsible for mood and behavior
  • Increases the energy level, as you gain an inner source of energy

At emotional (mental) level:

  • Strengthens emotional stability
  • Betters creativity
  • Increase inner joy
  • Sharpens intuition
  • Gives clarity of thoughts

Meditation makes you feel like being in vastness, calmness and pleasure, bringing about a true individual transformation. A simple secret is that if you learn more about inner self, you'll certainly start rediscovering more about yourself.

How to do meditation:

From your hectic life, a little time for your meditation can give you an experience of peace, bliss and love in meditation. Following are the tips you use for your everyday mediation practice:

Convenient time:

Meditation is fundamentally relaxation. It's better if you do it completely at your convenience. Always choose the time when you are not likely to be disturbed, troubled or distracted for a while. Ideally sunrise and sunset hours when nature shifts between day and night are best for meditation.

Confortable and quiet place:

Time and place play an essential role. Ensure the place you choose does not invite distractions or other disturbances. Silent, serene and peaceful atmospheres can make the meditation experience more enjoyable and relaxing.

Sit comfortably:

Sitting posture is important it comes to meditation. Trying to meditate with an uncomfortable pose is like trying to read with concentration in a vehicle running along the rugged paths. Make sure you are relaxed, calm and stable. Sit straight with your spine upright; keep your shoulders and neck relaxed, and eyes closed during the process.

Better to have an empty stomach:

When your stomach is empty, your mind is actually active to engage in any work that needs concentration. After having meal, one tends to doze off while doing a work that needs focus and concentration. If you can do meditation empty stomach, that'd be good but never force yourself to do meditation if your body needs something to eat. You can eat little to feel energized enough to engage in meditation.

Little workout:

Some warm-up exercises before meditation is great. They improve blood circulation, eliminate inertia and impatience and make you feel lighter in the body. It will help you sit for a longer time.


Breathing in and out is central to mediation as well as yogic exercises. Just focus on the breaths coming in and going out. Focusing on the breaths actually withdraws your mind from other thoughts. Your mind gradually becomes stable and calm. You won't have to put in efforts to drive away the disturbing thoughts which go away on their own once you focus on the breaths.

Open the eyes:

Now, slowly open your eyes and try to be aware of yourself. Breathe normally.

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