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Shravan Putrada Ekadashi 2019: 11th August (Sunday), Time, Fasting, Puja Vidhi, Katha/Story

Putrada Ekadasshi is observed for worship of Lord Vishnu. A married couple who is unable to have a male child after marriage for a quite long time observes this Ekadashi by pasting and offering prayers to Lord Vishnu. Putrada Ekadashi is celebrated twice a year; one in December/January and the other in July/August. The Ekadashi that happens in December/January is known as Paush Shukla Ekadashi and that which happens in July/August is known as Shravan Shukla Putrada Ekadashi. Putrada Ekadashi during Paush month (December-January) is popularly celebrated in North Indian states while citizens in other states celebrate Putrada Ekadashi during Shravana month.

Particular Date & Day Time starts Time ends
Tithi August 10, Sat 10:09 AM  
Tithi August 11, Sun   10:52 AM
Parana Time August 12, Mon 06:18 AM 08:46 AM

Significance of Putrada Ekadashi: Why a male child not Female?

‘Putrada’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Putr’ meaning ‘son’ and ‘ada’ meaning ‘bestowing or giving’. The Vedas consider Lord Vishnu who in a sense is Brahma and Rudra Himself, to be the bestower of the benedictions. One may have a question regarding the significance of this Ekadashi and consider it partial toward female child. It is to be understood that it is celebrated by the married couple who have no son after marriage for a quite long time. In the ancient times, when all the daughters were given in marriage to the families worthy of worship, the aging parents who had only daughters needed a son for support as a son with his wife would then take care of their parents. Old homes never existed during Vedic period. Old men after ensuring the safety of their families usually renounced everything. Their wives either joined them in spiritual pursuits or remained at home under the care of her son and daughter-in-law. Therefore this Ekadashi should not be misunderstood to stress preference of a male child over the female one. Also, the Vedas prescribe rituals such as Shradha for sons to perform for the departed souls and their liberation.

How to Celebrate Putrada Ekadashi: Fasting, Prayers and Puja Vidhi

  • One can fast during this Ekadashi on two consecutive days. If not possible, one can observe fasting on first day only. However, fasting on both days is suggested for higher devotees who completely dedicate themselves to the service of Lord Vishnu.
  • You may visit a Vishnu/Krishna temple and offer prayers. If a temple is not around, you may offer prayers at your home in the morning. The idols of Lord Vishnu should be worshipped with sandalwood, flowers, fruits and dhoop.
  • Vishnu Yantras are the best ways to worship Lord Vishnu.
  • You can be in a quiet room and meditate on Lord Vishnu with His mantra: ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’. This powerful mantra was given by Sage Narada to Dhruva Maharaja as described in the Bhagavat Purana (4.8.54).
  • You can also chant the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra on the Tulasi bead.
  • You can offer flowers and chant Vishnu Sahasranamam (Thousands name of Lord Vishnu). Chanting thousand names of Vishnu or Vishnu Strotram has a purifying effect on the mind and the body. You can also play it in the morning while you engage in daily works. More details here.
  • You can also perform a Vishnu Sahasranama Puja under qualified Brahmins. It is a highly recommended activity on this day. The puja includes Vishnu- Lakshmi Abhishek and Pujan, Vishnu mantra Japa- 1100 times, Vishnu Sahasranama Strotra followed by Homa and Aarti.
  • You can wear a Ten Mukhi and a Nineteen Mukhi Rudrasksha beads for they are ruled by Lord Krishna and Narayana, respectively. Wearing these Rudraksha beads on this day purifies your inner self and strengthens your will power. They work like a shield on one's body and the wearer gets immense protection from negative energies, evil eye and psychic attacks.
  • Donate clothes, food grains, umbrellas, hand-fans, pitchers filled with water and any other items to Brahmins.

Putrada Ekadashi Katha: History/Legend behind Putrada Ekadashi:

The story is recounted in the Bhavishya Purana narrated by the Lord Himself to King Yudhishthira. A childless King Mahijit of the Mahishmati Kingdom asked learned sages and saints for recommending a way to have a child. A highly learned sage Lomesh with his divine vision reminded the king about an event in his previous birth. The king in his previous birth was a mercantile who on a professional tour stopped by a pond to quench his thirst. A cow and her calf were there sipping water. The King scared them away and began to drink water himself. Because of this act, he was cursed to be issueless in the next birth. However, his good deeds caused his birth in a royal family. Later, Sage Lomesh asked the king and queen to please Lord Vishnu who is the giver of all benedictions in order to get rid of the curse or sin committed in the previous birth. The royal couple offered gold, jewels, clothes and money to the Brahmins in charity and strictly observed Putrada Ekadashi as directed by the sage. Later, the couple received a brilliant son who then carried on the kingdom after his parents’ death.

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