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Can Women/Ladies Wear Rudraksha?

Yes! Women can wear Rudraksha. Rudraksha is a Holy bead that was formed by the tears of Lord Shiva and this Holy bead can be worn by one and all irrespective of the gender, caste, religion, colour. To support this statement, you can go through Shiva Mahapurana Chapter 25, Vidyesvara Samhita :

सर्वाश्रमाणां वर्णानां स्त्री शूद्राणां शिवाज्ञया।
धार्याः सदैव रुद्राक्षा यतीनां प्रणवेन हि॥ ४७॥

Translation: People of all the Varnas, Ashramas and the women should wear Rudraksha as it is Lord Shiva’s command.
The ascetics also must wear the Rudraksha while reciting the Omkara Mantra.

Many ancient Holy Scriptures and our Vedas mention about women wearing Rudrakshas. Mata Parvati who is Lord Shiva’s consort also wore Rudraksha beads. In the Purvaardha-chapter 4 Arunachala Mahatmya of Skanda Mahapurana it is mentioned that, once Maa Gauri (Mata Parvati) and Lord Shiva were indulged in fun activities, when playfully, Maa Gauri closed Lord Shiva’s eyes. At the very moment the entire world turned pitch black and there was darkness everywhere. This situation led to panic in the whole world. As Goddess Gauri learnt about it, She felt sorry for Her unintentional inconsiderate action. She felt it is Her moral duty to repent for the same and went to Kanchi and performed meditation for a long period of time. It is mentioned that the Goddess set aside all Her precious ornaments including gemstones, Her divine garments and removed rosaries of Rudraksha beads from her neck, head, arms and wrists. She further made garments of two auspicious tree barks and wore them as clothes. This story illustrates that women have worn and can wear Rudraksha.

There is a story of an Asura Women who used to drink Madera (Wine) and was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and used to wear Rudrakshas. There are many Scriptural references which mention Sadhvis (women saints) wearing Rudrakshas.

Wherever there is Shiva there is Shakti. The Ardhanareshwar form of Lord Shiva clearly signify that, men and women are two sides of the same coin. Our rich Hindu culture too celebrates the divine power of Shakti (feminine energy) in the form of Dus Mahavidyas, Nav Durgas and other Goddesses. Some ethnic Hindu groups also have Kul devi (Goddess of the clan) who is worshipped and revered every day. We are all, the creations of the divine energy which treats us equally like their own children without any gender bias, then we believe that we as humans should not make any gender discriminations.

If one looks at the iconographies of Goddess Saraswati, Devi Parvati and many other Goddesses, you will notice them wearing Rudraksha rosaries or Rudraksha mala around their arms and wrists. Many mukhis of Rudrakshas are associated with Women Deities or Devis

2 Mukhi is ruled by Ardanareshwar who is combined form of Shiva & Shakti and is Genderless/Genderfluid
7 Mukhi is ruled by Goddess Laxmi of Wealth
9 Mukhi is ruled by Durga Mata
17 Mukhi is ruled by Katyayani Devi (6th Form of Navdurga)
18 Mukhi is ruled by Bhumidevi (Mother Earth)

Hindu culture has always been inclusive of all genders. Rudraksha is a gift to humankind which offers a wide range of physical, mental, emotional healing benefits and various scriptures prove that people of ALL GENDERS can wear Rudraksha.

Watch Video by Sakhashree Neeta Ji on whether Ladies can wear Rudraksha?


Can Women Wear Rudraksha during periods/menses/menstual cycle?

Can Women Wear Rudraksha During Periods/Menses/Menstual Cycle?

Yes! women can wear Rudrakshas during periods or their menstrual cycle. Well, let us begin by understanding that Rudrakshas are divine natural seeds, which hold immense energies. These Holy beads have the capability to heal, rejuvenate, uplift and change our lives for the better. Rudrakshas are gift from Lord Shiva and if we look back in to the History, none of the Vedic Scriptures mention that ‘Rudrakshas cannot be worn during periods or the Menstrual cycle’. In fact, our Holy Scriptures say that everyone (both men and women) can wear Rudrakshas at all time. It is our belief and faith along with the divine energies of the Rudrakshas which amplify and help us manifest what we desire with a pure heart.

The birth of a human is biologically possible because of the monthly menses or periods that women get. Understand that menstrual cycle is a natural process and it is not at all related to being unholy. Let us take the example of Kamakhya Devi temple which is situated in Guwahati, Assam. Kamakhya devi, a tantric goddess is known to menstruate in the month of Ashaad (June) and devotees are given red wet cloth as prasad. During this period, the river Brahmaputra which is located near the Kamakhya temple is known to bleed. If we as devotees treat the menstrual liquid from Kamakhya temple as Holy then how does wearing a Rudraksha become unholy during periods? According to Brahma Purana Universe is known to be made by Lord Brahma on the behest of Maa Durga.

Many Sects may argue on this point and suggest that Women should not perform household chores or visit a temple or wear Rudraksha during their menstrual cycle however there are many sects which do not believe that Women should abstain from anything or be limited in anyway during their periods. They do not taboo this natural occurring biological phenomena and actually celebrate when girls get their 1st period.

None of text specifically mention that Women should avoid wearing Rudraksha beads during their menstrual cycle, they actually encourage individuals to wear Rudraksha beads 24*7 all the time.

सुप्ते पीते सदाकालं रुद्राक्षं धारयेन्नरः | 19
Srimad Devi Bhagvatam, Book – 11, Chapter – 7
Translation: “सोते समय, पीते समय अर्थात् सभी कालों में मनुष्य को रुद्राक्ष धारण करना चाहिए.”
“One should be wearing Rudraksha even while sleeping, eating, or drinking,
meaning that one should wear Rudraksha all the time (meaning Rudraksha can be worn 24x7).”

The above proves that women can wear the Rudraksha 24*7 even when they are menstruating.

There are no rules related to wearing Rudraksha people can eat what they want, drink what they want and they will still receive benefits of the Rudraksha Beads. Rudraksha are beyond what our society or culture holds to be “pure” or “impure” and will bless they women devotees with its benefits even when they are on their periods. We, at Rudra Centre have so many women clientele who wear Rudrakshas on daily basis even during their periods, we reject the narrative that periods are impure we firmly believe that the menstrual cycle is gift to humankind and is the basis of all creation and should be celebrated as such. We encourage our clients to wear Rudraksha beads 24*7 even while sleeping for best results.

Rudraksha work on chakras and we have designed Rudraksha combination which works on the Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra and provides relief in period related/menstrual issues like PCOD, PCOS, cramps, period pain, irregular periods.

The best combination for these issues is Courage Bracelet.

This Courage Combination invokes self-esteem and flowers self-creativity to enhance one's full potential. It provides emotional balance and courage to protect one's boundaries and control his environment in his favour.

Therapeutic benefits: It gives relief in muscle and lower back pains. It helps cure constipation, gas and intestine ailments and improves sexual health and heals sexual organs. It also provides comfort in kidney related diseases and PCOD, PCOD and uterus related issues for women.

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