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Swastika - An auspicious symbol signifying Good Luck, Well Being & Purity

Religious symbols play a significant role in all religions across the globe. These religious symbols are believed to be auspicious and each symbol is believed to have a specific energy. These symbols form the medium to strengthen the relationships between human beings and the Supreme. In Hinduism, there are many sacraments some of which are the Om, Shiva Lingam, Tilaka, Vibhuti, Swastika, Rudraksha, Sri Chakra Yantra, The Lotus, etc. One of the most prominent and auspicious symbols that has been used extensively since ancient times in all the Hindu rituals is the ‘Swastika’.

The Hindu Swastika symbol has one notable feature that makes it stand out. If you view this symbol from any angle it appears to be the same. This is the reason it is considered to be the symbol of the sun. It is also believed to be the hundred and eighth (108th) symbols of Lord Vishnu.

According to the Hindu belief, the way the sun rises every morning without fail and then sets in the evening is similar to the way the Swastika symbol never loses its form as it is a symbol of infinity. The Swastika is a symbol that signifies continuous progress and holds the ability to never change.

Popular and Effective Swastika products

Om Swastik deity throne in pure silver

Magnificent Om Swastik Deity Throne made in pure silver to place your deity idols in it. The intricate work gives it an elegant touch while the Swastika symbol on the base surface represents good fortune. The “Om'' symbol at the back symbolizes the union of positive energies in the Universe and the beautiful design makes it a wonderful piece. You can place this throne in your puja altar and it is also suitable for placing Shri Shaligram, Yantra, and other deity idols.

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Shubh Labh Sticker with Swastik

Shubh Labh Sticker with Swastika is a perfect set of three stickers to use on a festival like Diwali. It contains two stickers of diya(oil lamp) with “Shubh'' and “Labh'' text and one sticker of the Swastik symbol with Lord Ganesha’s face stuck on the top. This set of stickers in green and red color looks vibrant and adds a festive touch to the decorations. It symbolizes good luck and is appropriate to stick at the entrance of your home, office, or near the puja altar.

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Swastik Ring

Swastik Ring in pure silver is made with sheer perfection and it can be worn on a daily basis to feel the excellent changes. The Swastik symbol inscribed in the middle part of the ring is a sign of auspiciousness and brings good luck. The beautiful and modish design of the ring is suitable for western as well as ethnic attire. You can also gift it to your dear ones as the ring is associated with positivity and well-being.


Swastik Pyramid in copper

Swastik Pyramid in copper is a Swastik symbol made of 153 pyramids and it carries the energies of both the elements. While the Swastika sign represents the creation and expansion of the Universe, the pyramids energize the surrounding area and this combination makes the pyramid a powerful tool to get rid of Vastu Dosha or defects. This piece is designed to hang on a wall so you can either hang it or mount it on the wall near the entrance of your home or office.

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What is a Swastika?

The word ‘Swastika’ is a Sanskrit word (‘svastika’) which means ‘It is’, ‘Good Existence’, ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Well Being’. The word Swastika means pure and auspicious according to the Sanskrit translation. Thus, a person who regularly makes use of this symbol during daily puja rituals or who worships this symbol is said to invite good luck, wellbeing, and positivity. The symbol of Swastika resembles a cross but has four arms that bend towards the right angle.

  • The four branches of the Swastika are believed to represent the fourfold principles of divinity that include:
  • The four-faced Lord Brahma who is known to spread the holy knowledge in all four directions.
  • The four Vedas are the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda.
  • The four aims of life or Purusharthas, that are Dharma (sacred duty or righteousness), Artha (get wealth), Kama (fulfill desires), and Moksha (liberation from cycles of birth and death).
  • The four stages of life namely Brahmacharya (life of a student), Grihastha (House-holder), Vanaprastha (retired), and Sannyasa (life of renunciation).
  • The four Varnas, or Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra.
  • The four arms of the Swastika also represent the four main directions, namely North, South, East, and West. The central point of the Swastika is believed to represent the navel of Lord Vishnu from which Lord Brahma originated.

Use in Puja rituals:


The Swastika symbol is generally drawn with the right-hand ring finger with the kumkum paste or other holy powders on the wall, on the Kalash (pot), on the floor where the puja is done, and also on the human vessel. The religious Swastika symbol is drawn before the puja begins. Some people also make dots between the arms of the swastika whereas some don’t. This symbol is also crafted in the form of lockets and bracelets with the belief that it will bring good luck to the person wearing it.

The meaning of this symbol and its most prominent use is found in Hinduism only. This auspicious symbol is used in every puja ritual in the Hindu household. It is mostly made of sindoor or kumkum as mentioned above. The symbol of the swastika is believed to bring power and Shakti to the house. This symbol signifies life on earth and is one of the most important marks of Indian culture and civilization.

Significance & importance of Swastik in Vastu Shastra:


The swastika symbol is usually drawn before starting any religious ritual and it also has a lot of great effects according to Vastu Shastra. It helps ward off negative energies and brings peace to the home. It is one of the many Swastik benefits. This auspicious sign helps in gaining positive results in any ritual that you are about to begin.

What is the meaning of Indian swastik sign:

In 1979, a Sanskrit scholar Mr. P. R. Sarkar said that the deeper meaning of the word Swastika is ‘Permanent Victory’. He also further stated that there can be positive and negative meanings behind the Swastika depending on the way it is drawn. According to Hinduism, the swastika that has four arms that bend towards the right angle is a symbol of the God Vishnu and the Sun, while the arms that bend towards the left symbolize Kali and Magic.

Where did the Swastika originate?

The history of the Swastika sign dates back around 3000 BCE during the Indus Valley Civilization according to some archaeological records. This is how old the Swastika sign is. A lot of ancient texts have mentioned Swastik symbol importance.

What does the Swastika stand for? / What does the Swastika represent?

The Swastika also represents well-being for all, and the four arms that bend towards the right angle represent the never-ending birth cycle. If a circle is drawn around the Swastika, it symbolizes the Sun God who is the ultimate source of light, heat, and the energy of this entire universe.

How to make Swastik at home?

  • The Swastik sign is drawn using kumkum paste so the first step is to make 3x3 dots on the surface where you want to draw the symbol.
  • Start by drawing a line joining the right corner dot in the top row with the middle dot in the same row.
  • Bring that line down to connect with the middle dot. Make a horizontal line connecting the middle dot in the second row with the right dot in the same row.
  • Further, draw it down to connect it with the right dot in the bottom row.
  • Now draw a vertical line to connect the left dot from the top row to the left dot in the middle row.
  • Draw a horizontal line from the left dot to the middle dot in the middle row and bring it down to the middle dot in the bottom row to further connect it with the left dot in the same row.

What does a Swastika look like?


A Swastika is an equilateral cross with arms bent at 90° right angle in the same rotary direction clockwise.

Where does the Swastica come from?

The origin of the Swastika is related to the Sanskrit word “स्वस्तिक” meaning “Good Fortune”. This symbol is associated with good luck and was widely used in Europe in the 20th century.

Where to place Swastik on the main door?

The Swastik symbol can be drawn near the entrance of your home or at the place where you worship. It is a symbol of auspiciousness and is considered to bring good fortune. The power of the Swastika symbol lies in its balance and simplicity. Thus, it is drawn during Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals.

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