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Tuning to Life lessons from Corona Virus

It is time to come out of lockdown

Now that slowly Govt is easing restrictions and people are also becoming restless to resume operations, one thing has become total clear and that is
“We have to face the Virus”.
Fearing it is not going to work. So it is better we go into the battlefield fully armed. The armors you have to carry are
Mask, gloves and eye glasses to protect yourself.
A strong immunity. This can be achieved by healthy lifestyle which in turn needs good food, exercise, timely sleeping habits and meditation.
Make work from home a way of living. This lockdown has shown us that we can do quite a bit from home also. This not only saves us from the hassles of travelling but it gives us some free time for ourselves.
The healthy ones have to handle the fort. Life has to go on. Economy has to roll. The kitchen fire has to burn.
Become responsible. At the end, we are responsible for our health and safety.
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Our Health is in our Hands

Today we are living in a state of uncertainty. It is difficult to believe that we are being shown the truth. Logic says something else. We are standing on the verge of an economic collapse due to lockdown.

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My take on the fast spreading Coronavirus

I have some views of mine to share which may seem quite distressing for some. But we have the right to express what comes from within. Is this lockdown and social distancing really going to work long term?

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Sudarshan Gayatri mantra Japa and Yagna

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A very powerful Homa for invoking Lord Sudarshan for blessings of victory, health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

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Trust life in time of Coronavirus

Today the world is gripped by the fear of Corona Virus whose name itself embodies the Crown Chakra of our thought process. We cannot think anything other than running away from it and locking ourselves. Where will we escape? For how long?. Today the need of the hour is to

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Lesson of Thymus Chakra for Immunity

Mantras for Health and Healing

Gayatri Mantra
Hanuman Chalisa
Bhagwat Gita
Immunity Booster Kit

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Puja for Restoration of Health from Diseases:

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Article Written by Neeta Singhal

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