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2 Mukhi hanging for harmony


INR 950

INR 1,320


Hanging Moon Pendant

Beautiful Hanging pendant of 2 Mukhi Java Rudraksha strung with natural pearls, red sandal and bell.

Ideal to be placed in center of your homes / office or for gifting, it helps remove malefic of Planet moon. It lessens fear and anxiety; helps bring Emotional stability, harmony and unity.

No. of Rudraksha: 1
Bead size: 12 mm
No. of Pearl: 3
Pearl Size: 7 mm
Length: 10 Inches

Hanging Unity Pendant

Elegant hanging pendent features 2 mukhi Rudraksha from Java strung with natural Moonstone and green jade beads and a heart shaped Green Jade pendant. This promotes cleansing and soothing energies of love, unity, trust, reliability, peace, protection, creativity, emotional balance and tranquility. Hang it on wall or near entrance door of a room in your home/office for healing energies from planets Moon and Mercury.

No.of Rudraksha: 1
Rudraksha Bead size: 12mm
No. of Pearl: 4
Pearl Size: 7mm
Length: 11 Inches