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3 Mukhi hanging for health


INR 450

INR 1,335


Hanging Serene Pendant
Enticing 3 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Hanging pendant threaded with Red Sandal, Yellow Citrine and Bell. This Pendant releases peaceful vibes that relaxes the mind, body and relieves from stress, anger and fear. It can be placed in cars,corners or walls of your house/office or can be gifted to near and dear ones.

No.of Rudraksha: 1 (3 mukhi)
Bead size: 12 mm
No.of Gemstone bead: 4
Gemstone Size: 7 mm
Red sandal Bead size: 12 mm
Length: 10 Inches

Hanging Power Pendant
3 Mukhi Nepal with Yellow Citrine and Cowry.

Sleek Hanging Pendant of 3 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha strung with Yellow Citrine and Cowry. Ideal to be placed at center of home/office or door, it dispels anxiety, guilt and stress and invites abundance, prosperity and success.

No.of Rudraksha: 1
Bead size: 14mm
No.of Gemstone bead: 6
Gemstone Size: 7mm
Length: 10 Inches