3 Mukhi Yellow Citrine & Jade Wind Chime For Vitality


INR 1,800


This meticulously crafted wind chime combines the power of 3 mukhi beads, natural yellow citrine, yellow jade, and cowry shells to create an uplifting atmosphere. The wind chime features silver-colored pipes that produce soothing melodies when touched by the breeze. Hanging from the pipes are wooden pendants delicately painted with the sacred symbol OM. The 3 mukhi beads, originating from Java, are known for their ability to release individuals from the bondage of past karma, clearing the path for success and growth. The yellow citrine gems attract good luck and prosperity, infusing your environment with positive vibrations. Additionally, the yellow jade stones contribute to the overall energetic balance and harmony of the wind chime. By hanging this wind chime in your home or office, you invite a powerful aura of strength, power, name, and fame..

The ideal placement for this Wind Chime is South East corner of your dwelling. It blesses the members with vitality and youthfulness.

3 Mukhi Java: 12 mm (1 Bead)
3 Mukhi Java Small: 8 mm (12 Beads)
Yellow Citirine Faceted: 8 mm (16 Beads)
Yellow Cowrie: 12 mm to 15 mm (1 Bead)
Yellow Citrine Rock: 23 mm (1 Bead)
Yellow Jade Round Lokcet: 25 mm (1 Bead)
Length: 20 inches