Abhishekam pot with tripod stand in German Silver


INR 3,625

INR 3,450


This traditionally designed Abhishekam set comprising Jaladhara pot and Tripod (three legs) stand, is beautifully crafted in pure and original German silver. The aesthetic set with brilliant shine is used for performing Shivlingam Abhishekam. The Jaldhara pot with embossing of ‘Swastika’ and intricate floral pattern looks very elegant. And the curvy pattern at bottom of Tripod legs makes it convenient to perform abhishekum ritual. Shivalingam is placed under the tripod stand holding the Jadhara pot.

Abhishekam is the process in which various Deity Idols or Shivalingam are worshipped by offering various holy items such as gangajal, honey, juices, sandal paste and milk along with chanting of hymns and mantras. Lord Shiva loves Abhishek and that is the best way to revere Him. You may worship Him every day or every Monday with mantra 'Om Namah Shivay'.