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Bajrang Baan Paath



INR 13,901


Bajrang Baan is a powerful devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Reciting the Bajrang Baan on Tuesdays and Saturdays is considered as one of the best methods to worship and revere Lord Hanuman. Bajrang Baan literally means arrow of Lord Bajrang (Hanuman). It is believed that Bajrang Baan never fails to deliver and that reciting the Bajrang Baan with full devotion is a potent way to fulfil intentions and also to get rid of problems that are coming in way of one’s goal. By reciting Bajrang Baan a devotee becomes fearless; he is blessed with courage and power and is propelled on the path of success by blessings of Lord Hanuman.

Bajrang Baan is similar to Hanuman Chalisa in many ways but with Bajrang Baan, the Vajra Roop of Lord Hanuman is worshipped. Reciting the Bajrang Baan is considered a tantric form of worship of Lord Hanuman and thus it is believed that devotees should follow strict rules of worship and recite Bajrang Baan without any errors. Bajrang Baan Paath is done on Tuesday or Saturday with an Akhand diya and offerings of five grains namely wheat, rice, moong, urad and black sesame.

  • Blessings of fearlessness, confidence, courage and power
  • Relief from diseases, ailments and health issues
  • Supreme protection against all types of negativities
  • Relief from all Planetary Doshas
  • Fulfilment of a desired intention
  • Divine grace and blessings of Lord Hanuman

  • Puja Services Include: Sthapana (Ganesh, Devi, Navgraha, Kalash, Brahma), Navagraha Mantra Japa (1 mala of each planet), Rudra Kalash Pujan, Shodus matrika Pujan, sarvatobhadra mandal pujan, Chetrapal Pujan, Chatukasti Yogini Pujan, Invocation of all Gods and Goddesses, Ramdarbar Pujan, Hanuman Idol and Yantra pujan and abhishek, Hanuman Kavach recitation, Hanuman Ashtak recitation, Mantra Japa 2100 times, Bajrang Baan Paath – 108 times, Homa and Aarti and Pushpanjali.

    Mantra: Om Namo Bhagwate Hanumate Namah ||

    No. of Priests: 4
    Duration: 1 day

    A short Video of the Sankalpa and mantra chanting would be sent to you along with the photographs of the Puja ritual. You may connect with the priest during the puja (video or phone call) on WhatsApp or Skype and watch the rituals live. Puja Tokri having prasad, energized Rudraksha, silver tabeez and yantra would be sent along. Rudra Centre priests will perform Bajrang Baan Paath as per Vedic rituals based on birth details.Please mention your birth details (name, date, place, time), & Sankalp (your wish) at checkout. This is an individual Puja (you may do puja on individual name or include your near and dear ones in the puja).