Elaichi Cardamom Mala - Design III


INR 11,925


A grand fragrant elaichi (cardamom) mala made by skilled and experienced artisans for offering to Deities during prayer ceremony. Mala made with 1 kg of natural elaichi woven together can also be used in wedding ceremonies to welcome guests. The fragrance of the mala will fill up your altar with divine fragrance and vibrations. Colourful shimmering ribbons are appended in the between to give it a royal look. It is offered to Deities for fulfilment of a wish desires. Related to planet Shukra(Venus), the mala also helps attract materialistic pleasures and happiness. Cardamom mala is specially offered to Lord Hayagriva for blessings of memory and improvement and progress in field of education.

Length: 34 inches
Weight of cardamom: 1 Kg