Fresh Item Kit for Maha Shivratri


INR 1,550


This unique kit contains all the fresh leaves, fruits and flowers needed for performing Shiva puja. Lord Shiva is also called “Ashutosh”, meaning the one who is pleased easily. He is prayed for harmonious family life, for getting the desired life partner, for good health and for spiritual growth. He is worshipped with Abhishekam on a Shiva Linga and is offered fruits and flowers which are favourite to Him. This kit contains all these fresh items which will please Him to bless the devotees with desire fulfilment, harmony, peace and spiritual progress.

This kit contains:
  • Dhatura fruit (Set of 3): It is offered to Shivlingam for removal of all fears and malefics.
  • Bel fruit (Set of 3): This fruit of Lord Shiva’s favourite tree is offered to Shivalingam during puja.
  • Bel Patra (Green 108+1 leaves): They are offered to Shivalingam. They are favourite of Lord Shiva and are believed to destroy sins, protect from diseases and bestow salvation.
  • Aak Flowers (approx. 75 flowers): They are offered to Lord Shiva for blessings of stability, harmony and prosperity.
  • Mango Leaves (Set of 12): They are used for decorating the Kalash or used as a toran at entrance for blessings of wealth and prosperity.
  • Betel Leaf - Pan (Set of 21): It is used for placing betal (supari) fruit on it and offering to Shivalingam. It signifies freshness and prosperity.
  • Banana Leaves (6 pcs): It is used for placing offering like fruits or sweet as Naivaidya to Lord Shiva.
  • Supari fruit (6 pcs): It is to be placed on accompanied Betal leafs and offered to Shivlingam after sweet offering is presented near Shivlingam.
  • Mix season flowers (250 gms): They are offered to Shivalingam during puja.
  • Durva Kanthi (1 pc): It is offered to Lord Ganesha at start of Puja for removal of all obstacles.