Ganesh Yantra Pendant on Red Aventurine


INR 1,100.00


Sacred Ganesh Yantra exquisitely printed on sleek Red Aventurine gemstone is stylish spiritual accessory. With durable and washable print, the pendant can be adorned regularly. Red Aventurine has the properties of providing balance, creativity, stability, strength and determination. The combination of Ganesh Yantra and Red Aventurine provides intelligence, concentration, wealth, prosperity, success in new business ventures and eliminates obstacles from life.

Yantras also referred as Mandala Yantra provides a focal point for the convergence of the individual soul with the specific deity or creative energy. Ganesh Yantra represents Lord Ganesha, who is worshiped before commencing any puja or auspicious ritual. The Yantra helps remove all hindrances from life and provides the wisdom to attain success in all spheres of life.

Dimension: Approx 2.2" (H) x 1.75" (L) x 0.7" (W)
Weight: 25 gms

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