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Gangajal bottle


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The holy water of the Ganges in Himalayas is unique for its crystal purity and sacred herbs with multi-minerals. To reach you in its pristine state, the bottles are sealed hermetically, untouched by human hand keeping all the natural qualities of digestivity, sweetness, coolness and high tonic properties of the water.

Use of Gangajal:
  • Gangajal is inevitable for pooja for abhishek of dieties.
  • It has the spiritual power to dispel diseases and negativity.
  • Gangajal gives salvation from human birth.

  • Quote from Rig Veda 1.23:
    Darshanaat Sparshanaat Paanaat Tatha Gangeti Kirtanaat!
    Punaatyampunayaan, Purushaartchatshodat Sahashraah!!

    Translation: Gangajal is useful for the upkeep of our body, so that we may live long to enjoy the bright Sun. This is an ambrosia which is healing with medicinal herbs, and by it's proper use, man becomes wiser.