Gangajal Carton


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Ganga is the sacred river of india which originated from gangotri in the himalayas. The river ganga has a deep association with indian history since the time of mahabharata and ramayana. People consider ganga water as holy and believe that the river ganga is the river from heaven to earth. Ganga is the river of gods and anyone who takes bath in the river will be released from the eternal cycle of rebirth.

Use of Gangajal:
  • Gangajal is for cleaning rudraksha beads.
  • Gangajal is inevitable for pooja, for cleaning deities.
  • It has the spiritual power to dispel all diseases, cleanse from sin and to achieve salvation. It has all disease-dispelling medicaments.
  • Gangajal gives material prosperity and spiritual growth.
  • Doing Abhishek on Shivlingam by holy gangajal gives the fruits of visiting all pilgrimages.
  • Gangajal is used in all types of Yagna.

    Quote from Rig Veda 1.23:
    Darshanaat Sparshanaat Paanaat Tatha Gangeti Kirtanaat!
    Punaatyampunayaan, Purushaartchatshodat Sahashraah!!

    Translation: Useful for the upkeep of our body, so that we may live long to enjoy the bright Sun. That there is ambrosia in water, there is healing balm in them, and there are medicinal herbs, and by its proper use man becomes wiser.