Holi Dahan (Holi Burning) Kit


INR 2,100.00

INR 6,575.00

INR 4,350.00


Holika is burned to conquer fear and gain power, prosperity and wealth for the family.

Kit Ingredients:
Mango sticks - 500 gms
Cow dung cakes – 5
Kapur – 50 gms
Ghee- 100 gms
Jau grains (handful)- 50 gm – roasting Jau indicates burning of negative energies and diseases
Sea salt –100gm for absorbing negativity
Gangajal – 100ml offered to the burning Holika while making 7 rounds of the pyre
Dry fruits- 50 gms
Dry coconut
Akshat – 50 gms
Roli colour powder- 50 gms
Betel nuts, cardamom, cloves – 5 each
Puffed rice
Turmeric sticks – 5 pcs offered for wellness and long life of kids
Red thread (mouli) – 3 pcs. Is tied around the Holika pyre, while making 5,7 or 11 rounds of the pyre


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