Kusha Grass Mat with Thread Work - 72 x 54 Inches


INR 2,895


This hand woven mat of high quality Kusha grass and cotton threads forming beautiful colourful patterns is ideal for meditation, spiritual disciplines and relaxing.

Kusha Grass also known as dharba grass is a remarkable insulator, both physically and metaphysically, it purifies the body and mind and hence is most suitable for meditation and japa. The word Kusha is derived from the Sanskrit word Kosala meaning expert. Kusha, the word also means ‘sharp’ as the edges of the long leaves that grow in pairs along the tall stems are very sharp in nature. So like the sword, Kusha Grass is also a symbol for discernment or discriminating wisdom. Kusha grass is considered purifying, rings woven of it are worn during worship to keep the hands ritually pure.

As per legends, during Samundra Manthan (churning of oceans) Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Kurma (Cosmic Tortoise). Mandara Mountain was kept on His back and with the churning several strands of hair rubbed off and washed ashore and became Kusha grass. Even Maa Ganga was secured on earth by Gowtama Rishi by spreading Kusha grass. Kusha grass is considered as the purest and holiest grass since ancient times, as per scriptures it is considered as a favorite of Lord Ganesh. Mats made with original Kusha grass mats as the base material is considered best for religious and spiritual activities like meditation, Yoga, Mantra japa and even Havans and Yagnas.

The mat is used as a ritual seat and finds mention in as far back as the Vedas, and the Bhagavad Gita (ch. 6). Religious texts state that by doing Japa without sitting on an Asana (a seat), one attains no fruit. Meditation or Puja done on the Kusha Mat helps one connect to earth and spirit at the same time.

  • Handcrafted and Light weight
  • Washable

  • Dimension: 1.82 metre x 1.37 metre (72 inches x 54 inches)
    Weight: 1.4 kgs
    Packaging Weight: 2 kgs

    Choice of color: Blue, Black, Yellow, Red and Orange

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