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Kusha Mat


INR 2,895


This hand woven mat of Kusha grass is used as a ritual seat and finds mention in as far back as the Vedas, and the Bhagavad Gita (ch. 6).

Kusha grass is considered purifying, and rings woven of it are sometimes worn in worship to keep the hands ritually pure.

It is also a remarkable insulator, both physically and metaphysically and hence most suitable for meditation and japa .

Religious texts state that by doing Japa without sitting on an Asana (a seat), one attains no fruit.

Kusha, whose name signifies sharp in the sense of acute, is the root for the Sanskrit word for "expert," kosala. That is because the edges of the long leaves that grow in pairs along the tall stems are very sharp, so like the sword it is a symbol for discernment or "discriminating wisdom".

Dimension: 1.82 metre x 1.37 metre (72 inches x 54 inches)
Weight: 1.4 kgs
Packaging Weight: 2 kgs

Choice of color: Blue, Black, Yellow, Red and Orange

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