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Mahakali Yantra Pendant on Iolite


INR 1,110


Sleek pendant with coloured Mahakali Yantra printed on Iolite gemstone for protection. The washable shimmering print on Black Iolite gives the pendant a very enticing appearance. The beautiful combination of Mahakali Yantra and Iolite provides strength, understanding, good health, alertness, stability, harmony and wealth. It also provides protection from adversaries, negative energies and bad influences and brings spiritual progress.

Yantras also known as Mandalas are geometric diagrams representing various mantras or deities that resonate positive vibes and creative force for wish fulfillment. Mahakali Yantra represents Mahakali, one of the forms of wisdom Goddess- Mahavaidyas. Goddess is known to liberate devotees from limitations that cause hindrance in attaining materialistic and spiritual success.

Dimension - Approx. 2.2"(H) x 1.4"(L) x 0.5'(W) Inches
Weight - 14 gms

Blessed and Energised